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(GIR Walks into Zim’s house, sucking a SuckMunkey. Zim is laying on the couch staring blankly into space)

GIR: Want a slurp? Do ya? Huh?

Zim: I just, don’t understand.

GIR: What do ya mean?

ZIM: The Brains,

(Shows flashback of Zim’s memories being sucked out by the Control Brains)

ZIM: they told me. Something.

GIR looks out the window as a Dog chases a mailman who’s chasing a clown.

GIR: I like clowns.

ZIM: I just don’t understand, defects aren’t supposed to know they’re defects.

GIR: Do you like clowns?

ZIM: GIR, am I a defect?

GIR: Clowns are funny.


GIR: Huh?

ZIM: Am I a-


ZIM: No GIR, never. (Stares forward angrily)

(Shows flashback of Smeet ZIM. A clown smiles at him, ZIM cries)

ZIM: Now am I a-

GIR: I like doggies.

ZIM: (Sighs) (Walks to to kitchen) (Goes into trash can) Computer! Take me to the cleansing room!

Computer: But ZIM-

ZIM: No talking Computer! I must DEPART!

(Zim is lowered down deeper into his base)

GIR: G-BYE! G-BYE! G-BYE! (ect.)

(Cut to Gir looking down the trash can.

(Doorbell rings)

GIR: Answers doorbell, finding Dib at the door. Dib is holding a slice of pizza) Hi!

Dib: Can you- (GIR takes his pizza) (Dib sighs) I guess you can have it.


Dib: What? (Shakes head) N-Never mind. Do you know where Zim is?

GIR: Oh, he gonna take a bath.

Dib: Zim takes baths?

GIR: Nope.

Cut to: Cleansing room

(The cleansing room is a giant sperical room. In the back is the dock. The area you exit the elevator with a half circle surface of 3" height. Below the dock is a pool of brownish-yellow liquid known as Cleanser)

ZIM: (Exits tube) "Goodbye defective life. But wait! The tallests must be worried. I reported NOTHING in the past three days. Computer! Call the tallests.

(Minimoose floats over to Zim he has a screen between his antlers)

Minimoose: (Excited 'squeal')

(Static appears on the screen, it clears to show the tallest)

Purple: (Annoyed) Oh, hello Zim. What is it- (happilly) your in the cleansing room!

Red (Offscreen): (happiy) He's where?

ZIM: Yes, you are right I, mighty Irken Invader! Is a defect. This, is my last transmission.

Cut to: The Massive (Main Interior Room)

(The screen turns off and everyone starts partying)

Cut to: ZIM's Elevator (Interior)

(Gir and Dib are standing in the elevator. Gir's smiling at Dib)

GIR: Do 'ya like clowns!

Dib: Well-

GIR: I like walruses! (Imitates walrus)

Dib: (facepalms)

(Elevator 'dings' as the door opens) (Dib walks towards Zim, who's preparing to jump)

Zim: Goodbye life.

Dib: I'm not falling for that Zim.

Zim: You win Dib human. I will no longer be any threat.

Dib: What?

Zim: I am a humiliation to my race! I must be DESTROYED!

Dib: But Zim, what about your mission?

Zim: THIS! Is my mission!

Dib: Why?

Zim: (Shamefully) I, am no Irken, I'm a defect.

Dib: But, how can a defect create a perfect temporal object displacement machine?

Zim: Well, It was a work of- WAIT! You are trying to spank me with stupidness! I will not be fooled!

Dib: I didn't say anything about-


Computer: Sir, now you know you're a defect, you can change it.

Zim: (Evily) Yes, I can. GIR! Dispose of the Dib-garbage!

(Battle Mode Gir pushes Dib off the dock. Wait a beat, Dib flies out on a jetpack and up the elevator)


Cut to:

Massive INT.

(The party is still going)

Irken: Sirs, Zim is calling.

Red: Zim, didn't he stop living?

(Zim appears on screen)

Purple: Zim, why are you alive?

Zim: I have decided to stop being a defect,


Zim: Yes, but now I have to get Moofy out of Robodad's mouth.

(Episode fades)

(End episode)

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