Terrz is an Invader currently assigned to planet "TOO-BIZY."

She has a standard SIR Unit named EYE. 


Terrz was a shy, often quiet smeet who was often alone... Until one day, when she met Sevn as a smeet, becoming close friends soon after.

After graduating from the Academy, Terrz became an elite after decades upon decades of hard training. Notably, she often visited Sevn during his times as starting scientist. Unfortunately after a horrible incident resulting in the death of Sevn's master, he became distant and isolated himself from his friends. He soon became rather selfish, and often lied to Terrz to get her away from him.

Eventually she discovered a massive lie that Sevn had told her, and became extremely angry, distraught over it. They got in a heated argument, and eventually it ended in Sevn kicking her out of his space station. Ever since then, Terrz and Sevn have often avoided contact with each-other when possible. 

Sometime later, Terrz became an Invader during Impending Doom One and was assigned to Planet Blaarg. Unfortunately, the disaster caused by Zim forced her to wait until impending doom two for his mission. Unfortunately she was late to Impending Doom Two and was instead assigned to Planet TOO-BIZY, much to her reluctance. She was given a SIR unit, and customized it shortly after she landed on TOO-BIZY, naming it E.I.E. (Extraterrestrial Information Extractor). 


Terrz is a very stressed Irken that is often obsessed with being absolutely perfect. She usually makes complicated and intricate plans for almost everything she does. This makes her often ill tempered when things don't go her way, unfortunately, and her foul temper makes her plans to conquer planet TOO-BIZY fail horribly, most of the time. Rather often she can be quite presumptuous with her plans.

She is usually only interested in herself and her own goals. However, she seems to be rather capable of working with others if necessary.

Despite this, she often has trouble getting along with others and has a very short temper due to the stress she often endures, with often the smallest thing setting her off. 

Terrz is incredibly loyal to high-ranking Irken officials, and more often than not does her best to impress them. 

She seems to have a soft spot for her SIR unit, but this doesn't protect him from her horrible rage if he screws up one of Terrz's plans to conquer her assigned planet.


Lurk - She sees him as an idiot and gets dragged along into his adventures often. He often also coincidentally annoys her. A lot.

Invader Jib - She hasn't interacted with him much, but admires his serious yet sarcastic attitude. She thinks he is "okay".

Mario - Doesn't really care about him.

Menami - Terrz doesn't really care about her, but finds her relationship with Zik quite strange and somewhat squicky.

LIR - Finds him extremely annoying.

Sevn - A former friend of hers. They both prefer to not come in contact any longer, and she holds an active grudge against him. 


Terrz has ruby eyes, a standard PAK, and a standard Invader uniform.


Terrz's disguise for planet "TOO BIZY" is a robotic suit that resembles a Task'lonian. It is programmed to replicate the sounds and movements of the Task'lonians. It can teleport Terrz and Kiz to Terrz's base when she is in trouble.


  • She is inspired by Invader Tenn. 
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