Tees is a female Irken mercenary and partner of Promon. She currently is under the service of Nightmare Vax. She and Promon were currently on a mission to find and kill Invader Vax, but now she continues the mission alone. In an assassination attempt on Vax while on Irk, Invader Vex shot Tees with a Tesseract powered handgun that destroyed her body, but her consciousness somehow escaped and her whereabouts are unknown.


She is very cruel and determind. She shows hatred and intense anger for her enemies, especially to Vax. Though she has an intense love for Promon, and vowed to kill Vax in the most brutal way possible after Vax killed him.


She had purple spec-ops uniform, purple eyes, sharp eyelashes, curled antennae, and a 3 eyed Irken symbol on her forehead, but since her body was destroyed by Vex, her appearance has not been documented.


  • Promon-She has a huge love for Promon. They have worked with each other for years.
  • Invader Vax-She has an extreme hatred for Vax, and has tried to kill him multiple times.

Trivia of DoomEdit

  • Tees is named after a female pseudo-goth from Jhonen Vasquez' comic, Johny the Homicidal Maniac.
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