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Tarul Zechiel
Homeworld Xavier
Age 369 [Human Years]
Race Seraphim
Gender Male
Eye Color Solid White Iris, Black Sclera

HEAVY WIP, Still figuring this character out.

Art commissioned by me, done by Chickenly

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Appearance Edit

Tarul stands in at an impressive 7'1, towering above most people. His skin is a pinkish-white complexion, and seems to be very aged. He has wrinkles on his face and hands, as well as brown and black patches across his body that Seraphim develop when older. These are all hidden by his black and grey whole bodysuit that ends at his neck and wrists. Made out of a silk type material, and padded with a mix of rubber and solid rock like plates. The suit has four purple pads on his shoulders and thighs, it is unknown if these are decorative or serve a purpose. On the left side of his upper chest, their is a small purple dot that appears to emit a light that breathes in and out. The neck area of his suit arches down to make a small formation, allowing you to see some of his body. His entire build appears to be very thin, his collar bones being incredibly visible.


Tarul as he appears from the back.

The back of his suit is most interesting, it holds a much more complex design then his front. Showcasing a large device that extends from the back of his neck down to the middle of his spine. Several pipes and tubes come out from the sides of this device, as well as flowing into a rubber padded section with an engraved symbol on it. The large circle lights on the machine breathe a bright purple glow similar to the small dot on his chest. Not much is known about this device, but it is most likely some sort of breathing apparatus. Overall Tarul is very humanoid, two arms, two legs, five fingers, etc. However his internal structure is very complicated and differs greatly from an Irken's or a Human's.


A Closeup of his scar

Tarul has one very notable feature on his face, that's his scar. His left eye is completely blind, and is a solid white, with only a shadow of his iris left faded. Some of the area above and below his eye is an unusually light and smooth, unlike the rest of his skin.

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