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"Meep!" -The only thing she ever says

Taqueal was once a tiny little baby Pony...That is until Invader DlareDlare abducted her and turned her into a Cyborg Dog Pony. She is now DlareDlare's secondary henchman.


As a Pony, she was very energetic and caring. Once she was turned into a Cyborg Dog Pony, all her emotions were drained. She became similar to MiniMoose. Though she is usually pretty loyal. Like MiniMoose, the only thing she ever says is "Meep!"


As a Pony, she was very tiny. She had cherry blossom pink fur and eyes, and a light purple mane. As a Cyborg Dog Pony, she had her head stitched to the torso and butt of a brown furred dog. She kept her old Pony legs and her tail was replaced with a rocket booster which allowes her to fly. An engine was attached to her back. A brain probe was put on her head to keep her under DlareDlare's influence. One of her eyes was tooken out and replaced with a robot eye.