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Tallest Slyzor is a red Tallest who ruled before the Irk-o-pocalypse and is also known as the most dangerous Irken criminal ever known.


Slyzor was chosen as a tallest right before the Robloxian Invasion. Unfortunately he was soon brainwashed by a malfunctioning Control Brain and made a suicide plot to destroy Planet Vertec. He had all the A.I. on the planet programmed to destroy every irken they see. Their plot was unfortunately sucessful. They managed to shutdown the portal connecting the Brick Dimension and z-14. Once their plan was finished the Control Brain set itself to self destruct and decided to make Slyzor his "successor".

Ever since then Slyzor waited on Planet Vertec, waiting for new irkens to slaughter. Afterwards he was soon defeated by the combined efforts of Zeerk,Menami, and their friends. He was killed after the battle detonated explosive cargo in a damaged irken bunker on Vertec. 


He was a very stubborn ruler that demanded constant respect and was often incredibly serious. He also often was very controlling and demanded things go exactly his way. 

After being corrupted by the Control Brain on Vertec, he was driven mad and became fiaxted on every irken he sees. Believing the Irken Race to be "Impure". He became sadistic and killed any surviving irkens on the planet that came near. 


  • Slyzor looks similar to Tallest Spork, but with normally shaped eyes, light red eyes, and longer antennae.
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