Discussion on the features of Irk for those interested.


How can Irk's atmosphere be similar to Earth's if the planet lacks water vapor or H2O-based oceans?


I think we need to explain why the Irkens are so expansionistic, militaristic, technologically developed and why they are unified.

My personal theory is that Irken society went into an arms race of various cold and hot wars which saw the foundations of Irken society develop.

Eventually, only a few states remained. The final war unified the planet, but at the price of mass deaths within the ecosystems, leading to famine. This development forced initial outward expansionism.

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IC Fanon 'Air Density = Strength' Edit

Yeah, uh, if your atmosphere is denser and thicker, that doesn't mean that if you went to a place with less gravity and a thinner atmosphere you'd have 'incredible strength' because of that.

Granted, you may seem like you have it, but that'd probably be because there's less freakin' gravity, not because the air's thinner and not as packed.

In fact, you'd probably be working harder and getting tired more because of the differences in atmosphere.

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