One of the latest armor systems of it's class available to Irken Infantry, the T52B is part of the standard loadouts available to personnel such as Marksmen and Specialists in the Irken Armed Forces.

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Then-Lieutenant Averii, wearing a near-complete set (minus the facemask or helmet).

Consisting of a Thoracic Cage (or Torso Shell), pauldrons and a neck-guard, as well as more heavily padded/armored gauntlets, the T52B is designed for mobility and cost-effectiveness.

It's shrunken pauldrons and neckguard allow for a nearly full range of arm (and head) movement, and the gauntlets have little to no effect on the speed of arm movements with a high reduction in cost versus the old T51F series.

Used with it, most of the time, is a heat-resistant facemask, or the recommended helmet. A communications headset is invariably seen.

Total weight of the armor is 2.011 kilograms (approx), or 5.47 pounds (approx).

Specifications Edit

Thoracic Cage Edit

1 inch thick in the back (2.5 centimeters approximately), and 1.2 in the front (approximately 3 cm), the Thoracic Cage is constructed from a lighter and more easily produced version of light (C-grade) Irken Battle-Alloys. In total, three plates, with the front two quarters and the single back half.

Inside, it is lined with low-cost, high-effectiveness insulation to help mitigate temperature-based injuries sustained in combat, such as laser burns that penetrate the resistant flash-coating on the Alloys.

Angular and simple in design, it has a respectable chance to deflect or at least stop debris and shrapnel, and in human terms, small-scale rounds such as the .22 bullet. Against Plasma-Based weaponry, however, the deflection of the gasses (if one is lucky enough to get it) can still seriously harm the user and those around them.

That said, Plasma Weapons tend to boil through with a solid hit.

In total, it weighs about 3.6 lbs (1.63 kilograms).

Pauldrons/Neck-Guard Edit

0.5 inches thick (1.25cm approx) all around and designed with standard-issue (B-grade) Battle Alloys, the Pauldrons and Neck-Guard are more for resisting, deflecting, and reducing the overall impact/shock of strikes.

However, they are much, much smaller than the previous T51F, and their reduced stature makes them more a decorative element than protective item.

Weight: 1.2lbs/0.41kg.

Gauntlets Edit

1 centimeter to 1 millimeter thick, the Gauntlets are a hybrid of flexible Alloy and high-performance weaves, designed to resist head, tearing, and cutting.

Weight: 12oz/340.14g

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History Edit

Designed in the aftermath of Horrible Painful Overload Day part two, the T52B was part of a universal effort to reduce the strain on resources as Irk rebuilt, and has remained in service to this day.

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  • Article made 6-23-2015.
  • Named based on the M52B armor seen on Halo's marines.
  • Cravitus made most of the article up as he went.

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