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The surface of the storage planet

Various Irken Ships passing by the Storage planet

The Storage Planet was presumably likely once home world to an alien race until they were thoroughly eradicated by the Irkens.

The storage planet was conquered and made addition to the Irken Empire at an unknown point in time possibly even before Operation Impending Doom 1 .


The planet's sole purpose in the Irken Empire is for storing supplies such as stealth weapons,like the megadoomer combat stealth mech . It also stores malfunctioning SIR units. Due to the planet's size it should also likely store other essentials that Irkens use other than warfare weapons. The Storage planet is entirely artificial,like other planets in the Irken Empire such as Callnowia. Its surface is littered in mega skyscraper sized Towers,with giant spheres on top of each of them. The planets surface seems to be out in the vacum of space,hinting that the planets actual natural surface has been built way over into space over time. The planets interior is filled with large storage vaults which can probably only be opened by the use of a laser scanner as seen in episode Megadoomer .

Appearance In the Series []

The Megadoomer, a common weapon inside the storage planet

The Storage Planet is only ever seen once in the Invader Zim series,in the episode Megadoomer. When the 

Almighty Tallest are looking for useful equipment to send to the Invaders to help them conquer their assigned planets,they decide to send Invader Tenn a robot combat stealth mech to help her conquer planet Meekrob. Then they decide to send Zim a dozen malfunctioning SIR units,but due to Smikka Smikka Smoodo,a screwhead,makes a futile attempt to start a rebellion against the Irken Empire. The packages get beamed to the wrong destinations resulting with Zim being sent the megadoomer,instead of the malfunctioning SIR units.

The storage vaults

Eventually,the havoc caused by the malfunctioning sir units caught the attention of the Meekrob . Causing Invader Tenn's base to be discovered by the Meekrob. 



  • If these ships belong to the Armada,the amount of ships surrounding the planet implies that the Armada has enough ships to swarm an entire planet.