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"This is the 1st Halloween special,some of these events may or may not be canon.[]


Today in this year's horrible holiday special,Schmoob tells Yarp and LIR about a trip he took to a certain space orphanage. Afterwards Schmoob shows his newest totally-not-stolen invention: A machine that simulates computerized alternate realities. 

 List of horror stories[]

  • 2 Weeks with the Orphans(Canon)

Menami finds a group of poor children that are former slaves to the empire. She soon finds a remote,secret orphanage run by fugitive vortians,and keeps them there. However,she soon becomes suspicious of the facility,and decides to apply herself and her friends there as night security guards to investigate. They soon find out the orphanage is not what it seems.

2 Weeks with the Orphans[]

    • *One horrible miserable day on Planet Uobob-2*
    • 12:09Invader JibSome random Irken Elite: Boy this is one horrible miserable day
    • 12:10YourFavoriteFangirl(*standing, waiting for more people for a factory run*
    • (hHHH.
    • 12:10Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob's ship hovers over a beach,landing slowly*
    • *The ship suddenly jerks around vilently,then crash lands,catching on fire*
    • violently*
    • (vilently
    • *Schmoob jumps out,covered in burns*
    • 12:12Invader JibElite1: Hey you hear something? Elite2: Nah
    • 12:12MysteriousjillguySchmoob:..Maybe I should've repaired the engine a bit more.
    • *The ship engine explodes,sending shrapnel everywhere*
    • Elite3:Hey..Lookie over's one of them splosions..
    • 12:14Invader JibElite1: ...oh
    • Elite: Wait a minute...
    • 12:14MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*looks around*
    • 12:14Invader JibElite: *Grabs a pair of binoculars, and adjusts it several times...eventually seeing Schmoob near the ship
    • 12:14MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*Sees the elites and activates holodisguise quickly*
    • 12:15Invader JibElite1: HOLY MOTHER OF-Wait who is that
    • 12:15Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob transforms into IBT*
    • 12:15Invader JibElite1: HOLY MOTHER OF
    • 12:15MysteriousjillguySchmoob:OH YOU STUPID PIECE OF JUNK! *Strangles the remote*
    • 12:15Invader JibElite: LOOK EVERYBODY IT'S IBT *points at Schmoob in the distance*
    • *Several Irken Elites run after Schmoob*
    • 12:16MysteriousjillguySchmoob:GAHH!
    • Schmoob:*bangs head on the remote,causing it to glitch*
    • 12:16Invader JibElite2: WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED-
    • Elite2: Uhh...
    • 12:16Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob shapeshifts into different disguises*
    • 12:17Invader JibElite2:...*scratches head*
    • 12:17Mysteriousjillguy*The remote sparks,Schmoob transforms into a hideously deformed vortian*
    • *The vortian disguise is incredibly fat with tiny finger less arms*
    • Elite2: Uh he's not moving so...*puts handcuffs on Schmoob
    • 12:19Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob's mouth extends,revealed hundreds of tiny sharp teeth and a long segmented tounge*
    • 12:20YourFavoriteFangirl(menami would like
    • (cat slash those elites in an instant
    • 12:20Mysteriousjillguy*A bunch of spikes sprout from his back*
    • 12:20Invader JibElite1: HOLY MOTHER OF
    • 12:20MysteriousjillguySchmoob:TGDFHFYHJYFGHV *slaps an elite with tiny arms*
    • 12:20Invader JibElite1: OW
    • Elite1: *falls to the ground dramatically*
    • 12:21YourFavoriteFangirl(MEDIIIIC
    • 12:21Long Time(octoberfest
    • 12:21YourFavoriteFangirl(MEDIC!!
    • 12:22Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob waddles away quickly*
    • 12:22Long Time(yes
    • 12:22Mysteriousjillguy(NEIN
    • *An Irken medic walks over*
    • Medic:What seems to be the problem.
    • ?*
    • 12:23Invader JibElite2: HE GOT ATTACKED BY THAT...THINGY
    • INVADER VEX has joined the chat. 
    • 12:23Invader JibElite1: Uggh
    • 12:23INVADER VEX(Hi)
    • 12:23YourFavoriteFangirl(Yo
    • 12:23Long Time(hi
    • 12:23MysteriousjillguyMedic:Oh dear.
    • 12:23YourFavoriteFangirl(*Goes back to tT*
    • just slapped him-
    • 12:24INVADER VEX(PM with plot stuff and where you are now?)
    • 12:24MysteriousjillguyMedic:NEIN
    • Medic:He will require extensive face surgery and may never have functioning limbs ever again! Quickly,get him to a medical facility!
    • Elite 3:But-
    • 12:25Invader JibElite2: WOAH SERIOUSLY
    • 12:25Mysteriousjillguy*More elites come and drag him away*
    • *The medic marches with them*
    • Elite3:..So uh...where'd that blubber thingy go-
    • 12:27Invader JibElite2: Uh................ohh....
    • Elite2: Well uh.....
    • 12:28MysteriousjillguyMedic:BE QUIET.
    • *Meanwhile,Schmoob is waddling away in a nearby forest*
    • 12:29Invader JibElite2: *Silently looks around*
    • *oh whoops nevermind
    • 12:29MysteriousjillguySchmoob:HNGGHG GGAUGH GAUGH
    • Schmoob:*paincing,Schmoob takes out a remote and presses it*
    • *A firey red portal opens,the sound of laughing children eminates from it*
    • 12:31Long TimeMario: *Gets dragged through*
    • Mario: FPrghhh-
    • Mario: *lands right beside Schmoob*
    • Mario: ...
    • Mario: Why?
    • 12:32MysteriousjillguySchmoob:WE need to find Menami.
    • 12:32Long TimeMario: Huh? Why?
    • 12:32MysteriousjillguySchmoob:The universe,IS IN DANGER!!!
    • *dramatic music*
    • Schmoob:Yesterday,I discovered a HORRIBLE,HORRIBLE secret.
    • 12:33Long TimeMario: Hmmm?
    • 12:33MysteriousjillguySchmoob:And only MENAMI CAN FIX IT! CUZ SHE"S THE CHOOSEN ONE,N STUFF
    • Schmoob:MENAMI....MUST
    • *Schmoob stares intensely at Mario*
    • 12:34Long TimeMario: Yeah... uh huh. Mario: This is a joke, right?
    • 12:34MysteriousjillguySchmoob: I forgot my extra Fionna doll in her supply bag.
    • 12:36Long TimeMario: Well, don't you have thousands of other Fionna dolls?
    • Mario: Considering you pretty much worship that girl.
    • 12:36MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Uh..If we don't get it..then the marshmallow mutants will have the power to finally conquer Irk.
    • Schmoob:Thousands? I have much more than tha-NO.
    • 12:38Long TimeMario: Yeah, whatever. I'll go along with your game this time... but next time bring someone else. Mario: Ok?
    • 12:38MysteriousjillguySchmoob:This isn't a game! THE MUTANTS
    • 12:39Long TimeMario: *Sigh* Yeah, yeah mutants blah blah blah. Mario: Let's just get this over with.
    • 12:39MysteriousjillguySchmoob:They're only getting stronger Mario. Every single second...with their horrible sticky arms..
    • 12:39YourFavoriteFangirl(Got done with a factory
    • 12:39MysteriousjillguySchmoob:YAYYYY
    • 12:39YourFavoriteFangirl(So I can refrain from ranting about the community---
    • (So what happened
    • 12:39MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Oh wait a mintute.
    • minute*
    • 12:39Long Time(mintute
    • 12:40MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*takes out a fionna doll wearing a red shirt with a heart on it*
    • *Schmoob hugs it*
    • 12:40Long TimeMario: Soo, you found it?
    • 12:40Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob puts it on his shoulder*
    • Schmoob:Ok,now we can go.
    • Schmoob:NO! This is my stress doll.
    • 12:40Long TimeMario: Thank goodness, this place is giving me a weird vibe-
    • 12:41YourFavoriteFangirl(hh
    • 12:41Long TimeMario: Wait a minute, why do you need the other doll, when you already have that one. Mario: Aren't they all the same?
    • 12:41YourFavoriteFangirl(Schmoob: you dont understand that was my sex fionna doll
    • 12:42Mysteriousjillguy( LOL-
    • 12:42Long Time(pff
    • 12:42MysteriousjillguySchmoob:No. This is my Stress doll,Menami has my STRESS STRESS doll,which I only use when I feel like I'm going to vicously slaughter someone.
    • Schmoob:To think of it,I think I left my stress stress stress doll with her too.
    • 12:43Long TimeMario: Can't you just use your stress doll as your stress stress doll?
    • Mario: I honestly don't understand why the other one is so important.
    • 12:43MysteriousjillguySchmoob:No. That's not how it works.
    • Schmoob:That's what my REPLACEMENT stress doll is for. *Pulls out another*
    • 12:44Long TimeMario: What? Did you make some kind of weird doll system based on your mood?
    • 12:44MysteriousjillguySchmoob:The ones menami has are irreplaceable though.
    • Schmoob:......Maybe
    • 12:45Long TimeMario: Orrrr you could stop obsessing over a girl who you've never met.
    • 12:46YourFavoriteFangirl(i know how Schmoob feels
    • 12:46MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*Schmoob's disguise sparks and shuts down*
    • 12:46YourFavoriteFangirl(*had crushes on so many fictional characters*
    • 12:46Mysteriousjillguy( what
    • ( Oh-
    • 12:46YourFavoriteFangirl(note: ha
    • d
    • (..porkydoesntcount
    • 12:47Mysteriousjillguy( i used to cry about the fact that katara from avatar doesnt exist-
    • ( i could not watch avatar until i was 11-
    • 12:47YourFavoriteFangirl(oh
    • 12:48MysteriousjillguySchmoob's eye shines suddenly become slightly thinner*
    • 12:49Long TimeMario: Well, do you have any idea where Menami is?
    • 12:49MysteriousjillguySchmoob:I AM NOT OBSESSING OVER HER YOU TWIT.
    • 12:50Long TimeMario: Jeez... no need to be rude.
    • 12:50MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*Growls*
    • 12:50Long TimeMario: It's not like I yell at you and insult you when you bring me on unwanted adventures.
    • 12:51MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Gngh...Nevermind..L-lets just find Menami..*Schmoob's eye shines return to normal*
    • 12:51Long TimeMario: ... Mario: Any idea where she might be?
    • Mario: *pokes Schmoob on the shoulder* Mario: Hellooooooo?
    • 12:55MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Dunno..
    • Schmoob:Hmm
    • 12:56Long TimeMario: Welp, I guess we'll just have to explore.
    • Mario: *Starts walking*
    • 12:58YourFavoriteFangirl(because obviously shes on another planet and not at her apartment
    • 12:59Long Time(lurgic
    • 1:00Mysteriousjillguy( elite duty
    • (#burn
    • ( *failed attempt
    • 1:01Long TimeMario: Also, are you sure she's around here?
    • Mario: Like, 100 percent sure?
    • 1:01YourFavoriteFangirl(gdi
    • 1:01MysteriousjillguySchmoob:She's an elite! It's a weekday,she has to work SOMETIME.
    • Schmoob:Wait uh..don't Irkens work every day..?
    • 1:02YourFavoriteFangirl(wait why would she on
    • (Uobob-2??
    • (Elite duty doesnt specifically Say why
    • 1:02Mysteriousjillguy( Uobob-2's a war planet
    • 1:02Long TimeMario: Well, it depends on the job.
    • 1:02Mysteriousjillguy( They're fighting off those rift creatures,remember?
    • 1:04Long TimeMario: Well, did you bother checking her apartment first?
    • 1:07MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Of course,I check there every night and afternoon-
    • 1:08Long TimeMario: ...That's just weird.
    • 1:08MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Uh.
    • Schmoob:OH LOOK! A FORTRESS!
    • 1:08Long TimeMario: Huh?
    • Mario: Where?
    • 1:08Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob points to a conveniently located fortress nearby in the jungle*
    • Schmoob:How convenient.
    • *Schmoob walks over to it*
    • 1:10Long TimeMario: Well, it's a good thing I brought a weapon with me. *follows Schmoob*
    • 1:10Mysteriousjillguy*A fluffy purple hairball with 2 giant shiny eyes scurries over to Schmoob*
    • *It stares at the two,curiously*
    • *The creature rubs up against Schmoob and purrs*
    • 1:11Long TimeMario: Eww.. what is that thing?
    • 1:11Mysteriousjillguy*The creature's pupils shine*
    • 1:11Long TimeMario: :l
    • 1:12MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*blinks*
    • Creature:Mama
    • *The creature waddles over to Mario*
    • Creature:Mama!
    • 1:12Long TimeMario: stahp
    • 1:13MysteriousjillguySchmoob:It looks so cute though.
    • 1:13Long TimeMario: I look nothing like you, how could you possibly mistake me as one of your own.
    • 1:13MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*blinks*
    • 1:13YourFavoriteFangirl(mario ur so mean
    • 1:13MysteriousjillguyCreature:Hungy
    • 1:13YourFavoriteFangirl(animal abuse11!!
    • 1:13Long Time(call peta
    • 1:13MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*Takes out plasma cannon and fires it at the creature,roasting it into a charred skeleton*
    • 1:14Long TimeMario: Meh.
    • 1:14Mysteriousjillguy*It screams for a few seconds*
    • Schmoob:TOO CUTE. We're lucky it didn't transform into a horrible chub bison demon.
    • *Schmoob walks through the forest,killing countless ridiculously cute creatures*
    • 1:15Long TimeMario: Let's keep moving. *follows Schmoob*
    • 1:15Mysteriousjillguy( *PETA ATTACKS RP PAGE*
    • ( "u sick btdrds!111"
    • ( "CALLED MOM"
    • ("omg i am getng the fbi over here
    • ( i r gona hack u!11!!!
    • ( reported
    • 1:17Long TimeMario: Looks like we're getting close to the fortress.
    • 1:17MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Yeeep.
    • *Schmoob walks over to the fortress*
    • *They're at the side of the forttress,at it's metal walls*
    • Schmoob:Oop. Looks like we'll need an entrance.
    • Schmoob:Hmm...Think of the easiest way to get in..
    • Schmoob:I KNOW!
    • 1:19Long TimeMario: Just blast a way through.
    • 1:19Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob takes out a remote and presses it,a horrible blue flaming portal appears under them*
    • Schmoob:GAAAAAHHHH *Falls through*
    • 1:20Long TimeMario: GFgdtd-
    • 1:21Mysteriousjillguy*They both enter a dimension filled with horrifying floating clown faces,blobs of flesh covered in various orifices and eyes scream at them in high pitched voices*
    • *The dimension is pitch black and filled with tons of glowing lights*
    • 1:22Long TimeMario: Ugh... where are we?
    • *They're falling sideways*
    • 1:23Long TimeMario: o_o Ffffffffffff-
    • 1:23YourFavoriteFangirl(..sounds like zik/yukari's gaps
    • 1:24Mysteriousjillguy*A constantly shapeshifting decaying human head stares at them from above*
    • 1:24YourFavoriteFangirl(tmi
    • 1:25Long TimeMario: Wheeeeeeen is this gonna end?
    • 1:25Mysteriousjillguy( i can make more-
    • *They both fall through another portal leading to the inside of the fortress*
    • *Schmoob lands on Mario*
    • 1:26Long TimeMario: Ugh my head... get off me.
    • 1:26MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Oh ok.
    • *Schmoob gets up*
    • 1:27INVADER VEX*there's several flickering red lights and there's a scratching sound coming from down the hall
    • 1:27MysteriousjillguySchmoob:That dimension just created new nightmares for me to experience.
    • Schmoob:ISSA GREAT,ISN"T IT?
    • 1:27Long TimeMario: Well.. at least Vok isn't here.
    • 1:27MysteriousjillguySchmoob:? *Turns around,atennae perk up*
    • 1:28YourFavoriteFangirl("atleast zik isnt here" "atleast vok isnt here"
    • (you screw yourself every time you say that, mario
    • 1:28Long Time(he will never learn
    • 1:31INVADER VEX*They see a dead Irken elite with a hole blasted straight through his chest slumped against a wall, another Irken with a similar hole in its head, grey matter dripping out and parasites crawling throughout*
    • 1:31MysteriousjillguySchmoob:What was that noise. It sounded spooky0
    • Schmoob:GAAAH!
    • Schmoob:OH MY IRKUS
    • *Schmoob looks at his doll,dusting dirt off of it*
    • Schmoob:That's better.
    • Schmoob:Oh look corpses. That's not new.
    • 1:32INVADER VEX*he sees a shadow moving on a wall of an alien with four arms and a glowing weapon scouting the area*
    • 1:32MysteriousjillguySchmoob:....?
    • Schmoob:...Mario..I don't think we're the only ones here..
    • 1:33Long TimeMario: dun dun dunnn...
    • 1:33INVADER VEX*its moving towards them, and the only way out is an unsealed blast door leading deeper into the base
    • 1:33MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*looks around,sees the blast door*
    • 1:33Long TimeMario: Then uh... er... shoot it?
    • 1:34MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*Spider legs come out,they flick Mario to the blast door*
    • 1:34Long TimeMario: Or we could-- HEY!
    • 1:34INVADER VEX*they hear a buzzing and humming noise, and a searing bolt of something flies past them, making their skin dry and flaky in parts despite not having even hit them *
    • 1:34Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob takes out cube grenades and chucks them near the alien*
    • Schmoob:HNGH! *Feels skin*
    • Schmoob:What the..
    • *The grenades explode,sending smoke and shrapnel verywhere*
    • every*
    • *Schmoob runs to the blast door*
    • 1:35INVADER VEX*the alien appears to be injured but not dead, and he begins calling for reinforcements*
    • 1:36MysteriousjillguySchmoob:GAGH! The Alien's voice sounds like Earth Pop culture music! Quick,Mario,we gotta uhh..GO SOMEWHERE SAFE..
    • Schmoob:Quick,let's go further into that deep,dark creepy hall leading deeper into the base!
    • 1:37INVADER VEX*The grenade explosion appears to have triggered an automatic closure of the blast doors*
    • 1:37Long TimeMario: Yeah, um... you go first.
    • 1:37Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob jumps past the door before it closes*
    • 1:37INVADER VEX*they still hear the weird scratching noise
    • 1:37Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob's spider legs retract,he hits the ground headfirst*
    • 1:37Long TimeMario: *quickly follows Schmoob*
    • Mario: *falls on Schmoob's head*
    • 1:38MysteriousjillguySchmoob:OW!
    • 1:38Long TimeMario: Sorry.
    • 1:38MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*pushes Mario off*
    • 1:38INVADER VEX*multiple shots of energy hit the blast door! heating it up but not breaking the seal
    • 1:38YourFavoriteFangirl(Im rly tired Ima sleep, aight guys You go and have fun rping XD Put Menami in later on so you wont need me for a while
    • 1:38MysteriousjillguySchmoob:!!!!!! *Looks at shoulder*
    • 1:38Long Time(brb
    • 1:38Mysteriousjillguy( darn
    • 1:38Long Time(bye
    • 1:39INVADER VEX(AAAH... You're gonna be back, though?)
    • 1:39YourFavoriteFangirl(..>Sleep
    • 1:39Mysteriousjillguy(Nope. She's sleeping
    • 1:39INVADER VEX( oh wait, Miz is leaving...
    • 1:39Mysteriousjillguy(Yeah
    • 1:40INVADER VEX(I misread, I thought you were referring to Mario's brb
    • 1:40YourFavoriteFangirl(Bye
    • 1:40Mysteriousjillguy(Bye
    • 1:40Long Time(back
    • 1:40INVADER VEX(Bye
    • 1:40Long Time(eh, I'm gonna go too
    • (night
    • 1:41INVADER VEX(NOOOOOOO. Schmoob, can you record it?
    • 1:41Mysteriousjillguy(Yeah
    • ( We could try to continue an rp..
    • 1:41INVADER VEX(Eeh. If jib is still active we can do UNIverse.
      • *there's more scratching and grumbling coming from deeper in the base... The hall is almost completely dark and there are strange black hivelike structures growing on the walls and floors*
      • 12:27Long TimeMario: Okay.. don't freak out.. we're only being chased by creepy aliens in a creepy place and that we could potentially die..
      • 12:28MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*sees left shoulder,his sleeve now has a burnt hole in it,the sky there is dry and flaky*
      • SKIN*
      • (frdhrtdfg)
      • 12:28INVADER VEX*the aliens start stabbing the door with their bayonettes and some wander off to get a bunker buster*
      • 12:28MysteriousjillguySchmoob:I can see this death won't be quick or painless. So uh,THAT"S HORRIBLE!
      • 12:28Invader Jib(there's a sky under his sleeve?)
      • 12:29Mysteriousjillguy(yes
      • 12:29Long Time(he's magic
      • 12:29Mysteriousjillguy( every irken has one
      • ( duh
      • 12:29Long Time(maaaaaagic
      • 12:29YourFavoriteFangirl(LOL
      • 12:29Mysteriousjillguy(mugik intinisfiys
      • 12:29YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: .. o n o; We cant die in the FIRST place
      • 12:30Mysteriousjillguy( Uh
      • 12:30Long Time(wa
      • 12:30Mysteriousjillguy( Menami wasn't there
      • 12:30INVADER VEX(Wasn't Menami not there...
      • 12:30Mysteriousjillguy( They're looking for her
      • 12:30Long TimeMario: Do you have ANYTHING that could possibly help us escape??
      • 12:31INVADER VEX*a small light turns on at the end of a long hallway but soon goes out*
      • 12:32MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Hmmm..Well,there's the LSD.
      • Schmoob:*takes out remote*
      • 12:33Long TimeMario: Go ahead. It can't be worse than this situation, right?
      • 12:33INVADER VEX*the door behind them partially explodes, sending a piece of metal into Schmoob's hand and makes him drop the remote into a black mushy hive spot*
      • 12:33Mysteriousjillguy*A glowing floating irken head phases through a wall and grabs it with it's mouth,it phases through the floor*
      • ( Oh nvm
      • 12:34YourFavoriteFangirl(oh
      • (im so confused-
      • (sorry
      • 12:34INVADER VEX*the black hive spot envelops the remote quickly, growing on top of it and converting it into its own matter
      • 12:34Long TimeMario: Great...
      • 12:35Mysteriousjillguy( i can explain in PM
      • 12:35Long TimeMario: Welp, I guess the only option is to run.
      • 12:35INVADER VEX*the door continues to be blasted away piece by piece, and they realize that it won't hold much longer*
      • 12:36Long TimeMario: Errr... let's go. *starts running*
      • 12:37INVADER VEX*A set of lights come on once Mario gets a ways down the tunnel and a motor not used in years starts to spin slowly*
      • 12:39MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*runs*
      • Schmoob:I hear the sound of a motor not used in years spinning.
      • 12:40Long TimeMario: Yeah..
      • 12:40MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*antennae go up,curiously*
      • 12:40INVADER VEX*Rusty voice emirates from a speaker above them* Welcome to the archive, Commander. *the voice repeats until the speaker sparks and stops working*
      • *Another light shows, illuminating for a fraction of a second what looks like an eye, but the light flickers and it is gone*
      • 12:42MysteriousjillguySchmoob:What..?
      • Schmoob:THIS MAKES NO SENSE!
      • 12:43Long TimeHatbot: *Eyes flicker on* Hiiiiii Schmoob... and Mario.
      • 12:44Long TimeHatbot: What's going on?
      • Hatbot: Oh
      • 12:44MysteriousjillguySchmoob:GAGH! *Hits hatbot,startled*
      • 12:44Long TimeHatbot: We- OWWwww
      • Mario: ...
      • 12:45MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Oh,it's just hatbot.
      • 12:45Long TimeMario: Every time.. Mario: And I mean EVERY TIME you hurt him when I'm around you :l
      • 12:46MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*runs into him,knocking him away*
      • 12:46Long TimeHatbot: Owwww that hurt >~<
      • 12:46INVADER VEX*They reach a blast door and upon approaching it, it opens automatically, showing a huge chamber with tons of computer data banks in it, and several hallways leading off in different directions, one of which is brightly lit*
      • 12:46MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Eh? Oh,NEVERMIND! We have to find a way out of here before the horrible aliens attempt to digest our squeedly spooches*
      • *
      • 12:46Long TimeMario: *Gently puts hatbot back on his head*.
      • 12:47MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*stops,looking at the chamber*
      • 12:47Long TimeMario: I'm gonna burn a Fionna doll every time you hit him. Keep that in mind.
      • Mario: okay?
      • Mario: *follows Schmoob*
      • YourFavoriteFangirl has left the chat. 
      • 12:48MysteriousjillguySchmoob:NEVER!
      • *Schmoob pulls out a doll covered in fire proof material*
      • 12:49Long Time(pause, miz disconnected (i think
      • YourFavoriteFangirl has joined the chat. 
      • 12:52Long Time(continue
      • Mario: Whatever.
      • 12:53YourFavoriteFangirl(mario will find ways to distress Schmoob anyway-
      • 12:53Long TimeMario: Seems like we have quite a choice; what hallway shall we choose?
      • (yup
      • 12:53Mysteriousjillguy(mario:*scribbles all over fanfics*
      • 12:56Long TimeMario: Schmoob?
      • Mario: Pick a hallway .-.
      • 12:56MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Hmm
      • Schmoob:That one. *Points at a lit hallway*
      • *Schmoob walks down it*
      • 12:57Long TimeMario: Wait
      • 12:58INVADER VEX*all the rooms in the hallway are dark,but one has a flickering light and a table with a dark figure sitting at a table scraping the table with a metal utensil of some kind
      • 12:58Long TimeMario: What if they made that hallway lit on purpose? To make it seem nice, when in reality it'd be a TRAP!
      • 12:58MysteriousjillguySchmoob:That's ridiculous.
      • Schmoob:Ooo,maybe Fionna will be down here! *Runs down the hallway*
      • 12:58Long TimeMario: ..
      • 12:59MysteriousjillguySchmoob:I SEE SOMEONE!
      • 12:59Long TimeMario: Welp, have fun dying.
      • 12:59MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*runs toward the dark figure* THAT MUST BE HER! I JUST KNOW IT!
      • *Schmoob takes out a giant ball of wadded fanfictions,he throws it at the figure*
      • 12:59INVADER VEX*The figure starts jittering and jolting, and then flips over Schmoob and shanks him in the back with the sharpened spoon*
      • 1:00Long TimeMario: *Sigh* You have absolutely no common sense, do you?
      • 1:00MysteriousjillguySchmoob:ACK-
      • 1:00Long TimeMario: *facepalm*
      • 1:00Mysteriousjillguy*The fanfic wad misses*
      • 1:00INVADER VEX*the figure starts laughing and convulsing, looking like he is planning on eating Schmoob*
      • 1:00MysteriousjillguySchmoob:GET OFF ME YOU MAGGOT!
      • 1:00Long TimeMario: *Runs towards them, taking out his flame sword*
      • 1:01Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob's spider legs come out,swiping at the figure*
      • 1:01INVADER VEX*The figure stands up and scurries into a pitch black room
      • 1:01Long TimeMario: Prepare to-
      • Mario: oh okay
      • 1:01MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Argh...
      • 1:01INVADER VEX*they notice that he has an Irken elite tattoo on his forehead*
      • 1:02Long TimeMario: I don't want to be THAT one guy buuuut.... I told you so.
      • 1:02Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob feels his back,his shirt is damp with blood*
      • 1:02Long TimeHatbot: Yeaaaah you should have listened to Mario.
      • 1:02MysteriousjillguySchmoob:That's gonna take one painful,horrible possible hour to heal..
      • Schmoob:Blah blah blah,let's find a way out of here before we get eaten by cannibalistic giant spork monkeys.
      • 1:05Long TimeMario: Yeah.
      • 1:05INVADER VEX*They hear electricity, and feel the air become dry and crisp like it did when they encountered the aliens, and all of the sudden a blast of searing energy flies past them, almost hitting Mario in the PAK but missing sligltly*
      • 1:06Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob ignores the pain from his back,and slowly walks toward the room the insane Irken entered*
      • Schmoob:Woah!
      • 1:06Long TimeMario: !! *Runs into the pitch black room that the Irken entered*
      • Mario: *Ignites his sword, using it as a torch while running*
      • 1:06MysteriousjillguySchmoob:It's the skin dandruff aliens! Run!
      • 1:07INVADER VEX*they see the figure standing in the doorway with a disembodied arm from one of the aliens, a crazy gun attached to it where the hand should be*
      • 1:07Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob takes out a flashlight*
      • Schmoob:GAGH! *sees the figure*
      • 1:07INVADER VEX*the gun is smoking and as they look at him he raises the arm again and points it at them.
      • 1:08MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*Shines the flashlight on the figure*
      • 1:08INVADER VEX*He fires, and in the light produced by the blast, they can see his face, and it's a more crazy looking than normal Scythe*
      • 1:08Long TimeMario: *Slashes his sword towards the figure, sending a line of fire at him*
      • 1:08Mysteriousjillguy(nvm about the flashlight shine
      • 1:08Long TimeMario: *Jumps out of the bullets path*
      • bullet's*
      • 1:08MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*doges the blast as well*
      • 1:08INVADER VEXScythe: *scurries out of the way of the fire*
      • 1:09MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Eh..? Who is that..? Is..that an elite?
      • 1:09Long TimeMario: Looks like it...
      • Mario: Wait a minute, maybe he has been stuck down here for ages.
      • 1:09INVADER VEXScythe: *Screams at them in a demented way and deploys his energy sword hands, sprinting at them
      • 1:10MysteriousjillguySchmoob:What the..this place is infested with horrible skin dandruff aliens,why would there be elites her-
      • Schmoob:GAGGHH!
      • 1:10Long TimeMario: We could try and communicat- nevermind.
      • 1:11INVADER VEXScythe: *rolls between them, slicing their weapons and then turning on his heel back at them
      • 1:11Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob takes out his plasma rifles*
      • 1:12Long TimeMario: Wha- Mario: Aw man... Zik gave me that sword.
      • 1:12MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Argh! *drops his weapon,it's incredibly hot and falls apart*
      • 1:12Long TimeHatbot: Hey weird energy sword guy, do you speak our language?
      • Mario: Errrr Schmoob, do you have a plan?
      • 1:13MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Yes.
      • 1:13Long TimeMario: Because if we don't think fast, we're gonna die.
      • 1:14INVADER VEXScythe: *his eyes seem to go out of focus and back into focus and then he looks at them strangely and crawls into a corner, his blades still active
      • 1:14MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*Takes out his Zapem Cortex Partsiculator,and fires a firey blue bolt at the crazed elite*
      • 1:14Long TimeHatbot: Man... the locals around here have no manners.
      • 1:14MysteriousjillguySchmoob:DIE YOU STINKY MAGGOT! DIE!
      • 1:15INVADER VEX*the bolt hits Scythe's blade and ricochets around the room*
      • 1:15Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob rapidly fires it*
      • Schmoob:GAGGH! *ducks,doging the bolt*
      • Schmoob:LOOK OUT! If you touch it,it'll make your organs go ON THE OUTSIDE! That'll hurt.
      • 1:16INVADER VEX*Scythe dodges the new bolts and grabs Schmoob by the ankle, knocking the weapon out of his hands* *scythe drags Schmoob off into the main archive*
      • 1:16MysteriousjillguySchmoob:ARGGHHH
      • Schmoob:LET ME GO!
      • *Schmoob squirms,screaming*
      • 1:17Long Time(oh, chat lag-
      • Mario: Er...uh.... I either save Schmoob.. the guy who always put me in dangerous situations and hasn't really done anything big for me... or I could keep on going.
      • 1:18MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*Spider legs come out,one of them whack Scythe upside the head*
      • 1:18Long TimeHatbot: Oh man, that's a tough one.
      • 1:18INVADER VEXScythe: *slices the leg off and Ties up Schmoob in a bunch of cables from the archive and then crawls around him*
      • 1:18MysteriousjillguySchmoob:HELP MEEEEEE! I"LL GIVE YOU 200 MONIES I STOLE FROM A HOBO!
      • 1:19Long TimeMario: I don't care about monies- Mario: *looks over to the pitch black room, and then looks back at Schmoob*
      • 1:19INVADER VEXScythe: *inspects Schmoob with a strange look in his eyes, and all of the sudden seems to have a mental snap*
      • 1:19MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*Squirms angrily*
      • 1:20INVADER VEXScythe: *falls off of the wall and scrambles away into the darkness, looking back strangely at Schmoob every once in a while*
      • 1:20Long TimeHatbot: Come on Mario, don't turn Vok for crying out loud. He's your friend.. help him.
      • 1:20MysteriousjillguySchmoob:>_0
      • 1:20Long TimeMario: Uhh ._.
      • turn into*
      • 1:21MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Huh? Why aren't you still trying to eat my face?
      • 1:21INVADER VEXScythe: *ughhnh... *scrambles into a corner and turns his blades off, going into complete darkness
      • 1:22MysteriousjillguySchmoob:=_0?
      • Schmoob:That Irken reminds me a lot of Trox,y'know,but less...calm..
      • Schmoob:*scratches head*
      • 1:23Long TimeMario: I guess the problem resolved itself.
      • Mario: *Goes over to Schmoob, and unties the cables restraining him*
      • Mario: Sorry about before. It's getting harder and harder to well uh... never mind.
      • 1:24MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Not entirely. We still could die horribly here,oh and uh,WE"RE LOST IN AN ABANDONED MILITARY BASE FULL OF IRK KILLING ALIENS-
      • 1:24INVADER VEX*Scythe creeps slowly out of the darkness and points at Mario awkwardly
      • 1:24Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob falls*
      • 1:25Long TimeMario: ... Mario: What?
      • 1:25MysteriousjillguySchmoob:That's creepy.
      • 1:25Long TimeMario: Me? What about me.
      • 1:25MysteriousjillguySchmoob:I wanna chop his finger off.
      • 1:25INVADER VEXScythe: Urghhh... *His neck and limbs snap into normal positions again and he tries to stand up
      • 1:25MysteriousjillguySchmoob:...O_o....
      • 1:25Long TimeMario: You're freaking me out o_o. Mario: S-Schmoob can we keep on moving.
      • 1:26MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Wait,uh,can we kill the elite first so it doesn't follow us?
      • 1:26Long TimeMario: But he let you live.
      • Mario: There has to be a reason for that.
      • Mario: Maybe he's a good guy?
      • 1:26MysteriousjillguySchmoob:He's creepy though.
      • 1:26Long TimeMario: You're creepy too, yet I don't try to kill you.
      • 1:26INVADER VEXScythe: *goes over to a databank system and hits some keys in an awkward way, popping up his file, shown in a flickering and weak hologram
      • 1:27MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Heh,I guess that's true.
      • Schmoob:*looks at the elite*
      • 1:27Long TimeMario: See? He isn't gonna hurt us.
      • 1:27MysteriousjillguySchmoob:What's he doin..?
      • 1:27Long TimeMario: I dunno.
      • 1:27MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Uh,he tried to eat me earlier. WE'll see about that.
      • Schmoob:And stuff.
      • 1:29INVADER VEX*the speakers of the databank begin to talk* Irken elite sc-sc-scythe-e *phhhsh* Commanderrrrrrr Th-th-thressshhh phhhssh battalion... *they continue to spit out data from Scythe's record*
      • 1:29MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Thresh?...Wait..
      • 1:29Long TimeMario: Look? He's trying to give us a clue!
      • Look.*
      • 1:30MysteriousjillguySchmoob:LOOKS LIKE WE"VE GOT A MYSTERY TO SOLVE GAN-Oh,Menami's not here..
      • 1:30Long TimeMario: So his name is... Scythe?
      • Mario: That's a pretty cool name.
      • 1:31MysteriousjillguySchmoob:My name is the definition of stalking people! ISN'T MINE COOL?!
      • 1:31Long TimeMario: No...
      • 1:32MysteriousjillguySchmoob:LIES!
      • 1:32INVADER VEXScythe: *Crawls over to a dead Irken in a corner and smashes his hand into the Irken's neck, getting it covered in blood* *he goes back over to Schmoob and Mario and draws an arrow to several dead Irken elites and then draws the symbol for Menami's legion next to some of them and the symbol for Thresh's next to others
      • 1:32MysteriousjillguySchmoob:My name is awesome.
      • Schmoob:WhOH MY GOODNESS
      • 1:33Long TimeMario: WOAaaaah.
      • 1:33MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Menami..? SHE"S HERE?
      • Schmoob:WE HAVE TO FIND HER!!!!
      • 1:33Long TimeMario: Is that it Scythe? Is Menami here?
      • 1:33MysteriousjillguySchmoob:WHAT IF THIS GUY ATE HER?!
      • 1:33YourFavoriteFangirl(exclamation mark exclamation mark exclamation mark exclamation mark
      • 1:33Long Time(reminds me of cam
      • 1:33YourFavoriteFangirl(yup
      • 1:33Mysteriousjillguy( no
      • (i've been infected
      • ( kill me-
      • 1:34Long TimeMario: Schmoob, don't be so rude.
      • 1:34INVADER VEXScythe: *shrugs* *looks at some of the Irkens, a certain group has been devoured completely and are just a pile of bones and armor
      • 1:34Long TimeMario: This guy helped us out.
      • Mario: Since you helped us out, we're gonna help you escape.
      • 1:35MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*Takes out a tablet device*
      • Schmoob:*Presses buttons,starts scanning for any PAK signals in the area*
      • Schmoob:Menami has to be here somewhere..
      • 1:36INVADER VEX*there are a lot of PAK signals from everywhere, but they all belong to dead Irkens... Menami is out of range of the scanner*
      • 1:38MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Argh!
      • 1:38Long TimeMario: Did you find her signal?
      • 1:38MysteriousjillguySchmoob:No..
      • Schmoob:There's nothing here..
      • 1:39INVADER VEXScythe: *gets another fistful of blood and draws an arrow pointing down into the depths of the archive*
      • 1:39MysteriousjillguySchmoob:..?
      • Schmoob:I don't get it.
      • 1:40INVADER VEXScythe: *facepalms* *picks Schmoob up and throws him down into the depths of the archive*
      • 1:40MysteriousjillguySchmoob:AHHHHH!
      • *Crashing noises*
      • 1:41Long TimeMario: Come on Scythe, let's go. *Jumps down, and falls on Schmoob's arm*
      • Mario: Whoops.
      • 1:42INVADER VEXScythe: *crawls down and also lands on Schmoob*
      • 1:42MysteriousjillguySchmoob:ARGH-DEUGH!
      • *Cracking noises* bones..
      • *Schmoob shoves them off him*
      • 1:44INVADER VEX*on this new lower level, there are more of those black growth thingies and a lot of catwalks with huge generators, fans, and other mechanical devices spinning and working beneath them*
      • 1:44MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*Gets up,stumbling* *looks around*
      • 1:44Long TimeMario: Uhhhh Mario: Scythe should lead the way. After all, he has been here the longest.
      • 1:45MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Yes.
      • 1:45INVADER VEXScythe: *nods head and wanders down a catwalk into the darkness*
      • 1:45MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Lead the way,insane cannibal guy.
      • Schmoob:*Takes out a 2nd flashlight,it has a blue light*
      • 1:46Long TimeMario: *Follows Scythe*
      • 1:47Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob takes out his tablet,desperately searching for PAK signals*
      • 1:47INVADER VEXScythe: *sees another dead Irken and starts thinking really heard about something, then grabs some blood and writes the word "DANGR ALEINS AHED" *
      • *words
      • 1:48MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Aleins?
      • Schmoob:Huh?
      • 1:48Long TimeMario: Welp, my sword is broken.
      • 1:48MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Ohhh. I get it now.
      • 1:48Long TimeMario: And I din't bring any other weapons...
      • didn't*
      • Mario: Because this trip was *cough* unexpected *cough* >_>
      • 1:49MysteriousjillguySchmoob:I thought he was talking about a horrible space parasite. Those cause horribly intense pain.
      • Schmoob:Don''t worry! I have some weapons.
      • Schmoob:*takes out a huge plasma cannon*
      • *Schmoob takes out three thumb sized pink featureless cubes,they're grenades*
      • Schmoob:*hands the cubes to mario*
      • Schmoob:There.
      • 1:51INVADER VEXScythe: *takes more blood and tells them that he means that there are more of those four armed alien things with the burning gun things, of course it is in sort of vague*
      • 1:52Long TimeMario: *grabs them*
      • Mario: Uh thanks..
      • 1:52MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Well,uh...hedge trimmer? Whatever your name is...Where do we go now?
      • 1:53INVADER VEXScythe: *grabs the Irken's heart and tosses it Onto another catwalk a little lower, one that breaks off and seems to go into a tunnel made of that weird black goo stuff*
      • 1:54MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Okie dokie.
      • *Schmoob's remaining spider legs come out,he crawls underneath the catwalk and heads toward the one below*
      • 1:55Long TimeMario: *Uses spider legs to follow Schmoob*
      • 1:57INVADER VEXScythe: *Jumps down and then walks up to Schmoob and pokes him in the throat then, pulls back his collar and reveals a scar where his voicebox used to be* *he writes in blood that the aliens cut it out
      • 1:57Long TimeMario: Aw. That must suck.
      • Mario: When we escape, we could try to build something for you to speak with.
      • 1:58MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Ow!
      • 1:59INVADER VEXScythe*kicks the heart from earlier down into the pit and shoves the two others towards it
      • 2:00Long TimeMario: Seems kinda dangerous... well I trust you. *continues to move forward*
      • 2:00MysteriousjillguySchmoob:This pit smells like your feet Mario.
      • 2:00Long TimeMario: ....
      • Mario: Just wait until we escape. I have things planned for you c:
      • 2:02MysteriousjillguySchmoob:If those things involve anything related to Fionna,I'll kill you and use your skin as a new blanket for LIR.
      • 2:02Long TimeMario: Wowwwwww.
      • Mario: You sure are a great friend.
      • Mario: Thanks.
      • 2:02MysteriousjillguySchmoob:What? He needs a new one and-Hey wait! WEll,you threatened to burn my dolls earlier!
      • 2:03Long TimeMario: Yes because you constantly ABUSE Hatbot.
      • Mario: I've had to repair him over 18 TIMES because of you!
        • Scythe:
        • *Scythe: *nudges both of them towards the pit*
        • (ugh! I cannot type today...
        • 11:43Long TimeMario: Yeah, we know. *continues to move towards the pit*
        • 11:43MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Uh..are you sure Menami's in here?
        • Schmoob:..Alive?
        • 11:44Ametrineskies(..Is that the rp link? I dont really.. aah Im confused. Must've not been in this one.
        • (I'll leave<3
        • 11:44Long Time(You can still join if you want to.
        • 11:45Ametrineskies(I dunno~ I remember times when people really couldn't join at this point.
        • 11:45Long Time(Well we're not that far in.
        • 11:45YourFavoriteFangirl(Guys I gotta brb in a min anyway for a shower
        • (And yeah you can join Misty
        • 11:46Ametrineskies(I know nothing though oao
        • 11:47INVADER VEX(You could if you want, but you don't have to...
        • 11:47YourFavoriteFangirl(Give her a link
        • 11:48Mysteriousjillguy( Spooky tales of doom II
        • ( The 1st one
        • 11:48Long Time(Mario and Schmoob went to save Menami from a mission, then they'd find a creepy orphanage and then the rest unfolds from there.
        • 11:49YourFavoriteFangirl(Gotta brb now
        • (Shower
        • (Ill try to be quick
        • 11:49Long Time(Okay
        • 11:53Mysteriousjillguy( they're in an abandoned irken base on Uobob-2 with a creepy insane irken elite
        • 12:01Ametrineskies(*arms.*
        • (Hmm~
        • (No activity? Strange.
        • 12:12Mysteriousjillguy( h
        • Schmoob:Maybe Menami's dead already..
        • 12:14Ametrineskies(*zik rushes in like NO MY BAE*)
        • 12:14Long Time(XD
        • Mario: Maybe... but we can't assume that.
        • 12:14YourFavoriteFangirl(So wait I cant rm
        • (Where are they why are they looking for Menami and wh Somebody explain
        • (XD
        • 12:15MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Well,she's probably dead. I'd better look for a new dimension to live in to escape Zik's boundless horrible genocidal rage.
        • 12:16Long Time( Spooky tales of doom II 1st recording ( She went missing during a mission, so Mario and Schmoob went searching for her.
        • Mario: Dude... stop saying she's dead.
        • Hatbot: Schmoob has a point, she probably is!
        • Mario: ..
        • Hatbot: :3
        • 12:18MysteriousjillguySchmoob:But...SHE IS! She probably got EATEN ALIVE by the aliens! Or they shoved their secret cream cheese into her throat until she choked to death!
        • 12:18Long TimeMario: ... SHUT UP. I told you to STOP!
        • Hatbot: woa calm down
        • 12:19INVADER VEX*a shadow with four arms can be seen in the pit below them, and scythe moves back a few steps*
        • 12:19MysteriousjillguySchmoob:?
        • 12:20INVADER VEX*They hear some quiet alien chatter below them in strange semi mechanical voices*
        • 12:20MysteriousjillguySchmoob:They're probably trying to choose what seasoning to put on Menami.
        • 12:21Long TimeMario: I'm starting to think you shouldn't be apart of this. Y'know someone like Zik wouldn't slow us down and say negative things like that.
        • Hatbot: pffffffft
        • 12:21INVADER VEXScythe: *grabs a gun from a dead soldier and continues on into the pit, scouting the situation*
        • 12:22MysteriousjillguySchmoob:That's because Zik would save her in seconds. He can shoot LASERS from his HANDS for Irk's sake!
        • 12:22Long TimeMario: So? There's nothing wrong with that.
        • Mario: It'd save a lot of time... we should have called him in the first place.
        • 12:23MysteriousjillguySchmoob:He'd used his magical voodoo powers and save Menami by coming in here with a magical portal thingy! ~(0_0~)
        • Schmoob:But we're probably too late..
        • 12:24Long Time(i read that as (He'd use his magical weeaboo powers and save Menami-
        • 12:24MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*takes out tablet device*
        • ( LOL
        • 12:24Long TimeMario: Whatever, just try and call him.
        • 12:25Ametrineskies(ACCURATE
        • 12:26YourFavoriteFangirl(weamaku
        • 12:26MysteriousjillguySchmoob:No! Well uh..he'd save HE'S ANNOYING! But..Menami..GAH! Fiiinnnee.
        • 12:26Long TimeHatbot: Nooooooo
        • 12:27Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob takes out his communicator*
        • Invadervax has joined the chat. 
        • 12:27Long TimeMario: I don't understand why all of you guys hate him so much.
        • (Hi Vax
        • 12:27INVADER VEX*after about five minutes Scythe comes back out the tunnel with blood on him*
        • 12:27Invadervax(Hi.
        • 12:27MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Uh oh. Looks like I removed his ID from my number list. MY BAD!
        • 12:28Long TimeHatbot: Woh, did that mime kill people in that tunnel?
        • 12:28INVADER VEXScythe: *throws a chunk of alien head at Schmoob and points down the tunnel
        • 12:28Long TimeMario: You're joking right...?
        • 12:29MysteriousjillguySchmoob:AHHH!
        • *Schmoob throws it off him*
        • 12:31Long TimeMario: Uhgg.. wait, Hatbot, do you remember his ID Hatbot: Hmmmm lemmie see..
        • 12:31Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob takes out a scanner and begins scanning himself for parasites*
        • 12:31Long TimeID?*
        • 12:31INVADER VEXScythe: *groans and shoves Schmoob down the tunnel trying to hurry things up*
        • 12:31Long TimeHatbot: Yeah!
        • Mario: Be patient Scythe. We're trying to do something here..
        • 12:31MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Gaugh1
        • 12:32Long TimeMario: Oh, really? That's great.
        • Mario: *walks over to Schmoob* Hatbot: *whispers it to Schmoob*
        • Mario: There, can ya call him now?
        • 12:33MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*Puts in number*
        • *Calls Zik*
        • Schmoob:Hello...ZIK...
        • 12:34AmetrineskiesZik: ..*picking up com* Whot- ...Schmoob.
        • Zik: Ey'll hang up right now, thank ye very much.
        • 12:34MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Your girlfriend is probably gonna die.
        • 12:35YourFavoriteFangirl(*just lost to yuyuko on pcb*
        • (.....*menami gif*
        • 12:35AmetrineskiesZik: ..Yeah? Tootally real.
        • 12:35MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Unless you get over here.
        • 12:35AmetrineskiesZik: Gimme proof maybe?
        • 12:35Long TimeMario: He's being serious, Zik.
        • 12:36MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*thinks of the memories of him and Mario coming to the abandoned base*
        • 12:36Long TimeMario: and if you dare think I'd lie to you about something like that...
        • 12:36AmetrineskiesZik: ..*antennae droop*... Awright.. Eyl come.. I know y'wouldn't lie, Mario.
        • Zik: ..*he can't catch the memories from here*.. *gaps in front of Mario*.. *eyes widen, shocked at his surroundings*
        • 12:37Long TimeMario: Hi!
        • 12:37MysteriousjillguySchmoob:...Hello Zik..
        • 12:37AmetrineskiesZik: ..Look, whot is this?
        • 12:37Long TimeHatbot: AAAAHHHHH-- I'm tired of yelling o:
        • Mario: Lots of death and fear... mostly death.
        • 12:38MysteriousjillguySchmoob:We're in an abandoned base full of bloodthirsty aliens that have guns that give people skin dandruff.
        • 12:38AmetrineskiesZik: *reluctantly staring at Schmoob*.. .. .. Oh..
        • 12:38Long TimeMario: Yeah and uh... the sword you gave me... it kinda got destroyed.
        • 12:38AmetrineskiesZik: ...We gotta find her, NOW. *looking around frantically* She don' dese-- YOU WHOT?
        • 12:38Long TimeMario: Sorry.
        • 12:38AmetrineskiesZik: How?! DX
        • 12:38MysteriousjillguySchmoob:It was the aliens.
        • Schmoob:They broke one of my guns too.
        • 12:39Long TimeMario: I tried to keep it protected, I'm really sorry! >n<
        • 12:39MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Wait no..that was Scythe..
        • 12:39AmetrineskiesZik: ..Gosh, I basically ran out of weapons, too. My originals are all given away.
        • 12:39INVADER VEXScythe: *walks over and does a bit of a double take, pointing a gun at Zik nervously*
        • 12:39AmetrineskiesZik: ...*turns, stares at Scythe*..
        • 12:39Long TimeMario: It's okay Scythe, this is our friend.
        • 12:39MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Oh yeah,that's Scythe..he's an insane Irken who's been helping us..
        • 12:40AmetrineskiesZik: ...*looking him over*.. Kay..
        • 12:40Long TimeMario: So.. APPARENTLY she's around her somewhere.
        • here*
        • 12:40MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Uh..there's also a lot of aliens here Zik..their thinking might get out of hand.
        • thoughts*
        • 12:41AmetrineskiesZik: ...*nods*.. Yeah.. Hopefully I don' go b'zerk by th'time I leave here.
        • (aPPOSTROPHIES.
        • 12:41Long TimeHatbot: Why are you talking like that?
        • 12:42AmetrineskiesZik: ..GAHD does nobody get me accent.
        • Zik: ALWAYS had this. ALWAYS.
        • 12:42Long TimeHatbot: Irkens can have accents o:?
        • 12:42MysteriousjillguySchmoob:It's this weird Earth language he keeps talking in.
        • 12:42Invadervax(Tak does.
        • 12:42INVADER VEXScythe: *walks down the tunnel into the room of dead aliens and tries again to signal them to come down*
        • 12:42Mysteriousjillguy(gfhtfjg we know that-
        • 12:42AmetrineskiesZik: ..*following Scythe*.. ..
        • 12:43Long TimeMario: *Follows Scythe*
        • 12:43MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*follows*
        • 12:44Long TimeHatbot: So where does that accent originate from?
        • 12:45INVADER VEX*they see all the dead aliens Scythe killed, most of them have bites in their necks or chests. There is a small portal and computer in the corner of the room, and it looks like it was used earlier as a makeshift interrogation system for now dead Irkens, of which there are now a pile of in the corner
        • 12:45AmetrineskiesZik: New Yoik. Th'place I live in on Earth.
        • 12:45Long TimeHatbot: You live on EARTH!? I feel bad for you .o.
        • 12:45AmetrineskiesZik: ..*looks at the dead, nerved*... Ye.
        • 12:45Long TimeHatbot: and WOAH-- That'd a lot of dead people!
        • that's*
        • 12:45MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Not exactly our Earth..Zik is from another dimension..or something
        • 12:45YourFavoriteFangirl(I can imagine there are tons of Irkens with accents though It doesnt specifically come from Earth, Zik's just probably using it to pinpoint
        • 12:46Ametrineskies(Probably what he's familiar with owo
        • 12:47Long TimeHatbot: Whaaaaaat? Is Zik some kind of God!?
        • 12:47Invadervax(Most of my characters have accents.
        • 12:47MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Fortunately NO.
        • 12:48YourFavoriteFangirl(..Hey
        • 12:48AmetrineskiesZik: In me dreams I could be, eheh... *frowns, disliking the atmosphere*
        • 12:48YourFavoriteFangirl(How DID Menami and Zik meet?
        • 12:48Ametrineskies(...*static*
        • 12:48YourFavoriteFangirl(I frogot
        • (*Forgot
        • (FROGOT
        • 12:48Long TimeHatbot: When are we gonna find Menami?
        • 12:48Invadervax(I'm gonna use that as a character name.
        • 12:48Long TimeHatbot: Is she one of these dead bodies?
        • 12:48Mysteriousjillguy(Uh...they met in some random rp..I don't think we recorded it..
        • 12:48INVADER VEXScythe: *checks the pile of bodies, not finding her
        • 12:49Ametrineskies(..Well Zik gapped in And Interrupted every thing)
        • (And he found Menami And clung to her-
        • 12:49Mysteriousjillguy( then thy fel in luv
        • 12:49YourFavoriteFangirl(Oh yeah1 XD
        • 12:49Mysteriousjillguy( credits
        • 12:49YourFavoriteFangirl(XDDD
        • (wait vax
        • (frogot: character name
        • (wh
        • 12:50Ametrineskies(Ribbit. Wanna Save?
        • 12:50Long TimeHatbot: R.I.P. Menami - "She liked to clean"
        • 12:50YourFavoriteFangirl(OMG
        • (XDD
        • 12:50AmetrineskiesZik: ...*stares at Hatbot*...
        • Zik: ..Oh, ye wanna go THERE, don't ye.
        • 12:50Long TimeHatbot: wat
        • 12:50AmetrineskiesZik: Thinkin she DEAD?
        • Zik: Oh, you'll gedda load a'me.
        • 12:51Long TimeHatbot: calm down man Hatbot: i don't want this
        • 12:51AmetrineskiesZik: And you'd THINK ye'd be SMARTER.
        • 12:52MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Hey. Let's not try to break hatbot like you did last time.
        • 12:52Long TimeHatbot: Okay, maybe that joke wasn't good for this moment.
        • Hatbot: because Zik can't handle it-
        • 12:52MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Hmm
        • 12:52AmetrineskiesZik: Eyl break 'im if he says another thing about Menami like that. OR me.
        • 12:52Long TimeMario: *Sigh* Let's just keep moving.
        • 12:53Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob looks at the portal*
        • 12:53Long TimeHatbot: So I'm not allowed to say your name? ZIK ZIK ZIK ZIK ZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIK
        • 12:53AmetrineskiesZik: Like ye know my real name~
        • 12:53Long TimeHatbot: Hahaha
        • 12:53MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*walks over to it*
        • 12:54YourFavoriteFangirl(Count: *peeps in* kiziklu Zik: !!!!!!!
        • 12:54MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*sees a big red button with "START" on it*
        • Schmoob:...
        • 12:54Long TimeHatbot: Is it Zikkichan?
        • 12:54MysteriousjillguySchmoob:...*Presses it*
        • 12:54AmetrineskiesZik: ..It'd be Zik-san, to you. - -;
        • 12:54Mysteriousjillguy*Lights on the portal starts up*
        • Schmoob:Uh..
        • 12:55Long TimeHatbot: Zik-sand?? HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA
        • 12:55AmetrineskiesZik: ..Whotever. ...Schmoob, whot are ye tryin to PULL?
        • 12:55YourFavoriteFangirl(zik is true super sand
        • 12:55AmetrineskiesZik: Or in this case, PRESS.
        • 12:55Long Time(XD
        • 12:55INVADER VEXScythe: *looks over at Schmoob while still messing with the bodies*
        • 12:55MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Tried? I already pressed it-Uh...
        • *The portal's warpgate sparks*
        • 12:56Long TimeHatbot: Zik-sand, what shall we do next? Build a sand castle?
        • Mario: :l ...
        • 12:56Mysteriousjillguy*A blue energy ball appears in the middle of it,opening a portal*
        • 12:56AmetrineskiesZik: ....
        • 12:57Long TimeMario: Woah...
        • 12:57YourFavoriteFangirl(so i found this in suggested
        • (
        • (much dbz
        • 12:57Ametrineskies(omfg
        • 12:57Mysteriousjillguy*The portal shows an alien beach with jungles and volcanoes nearby,a clam looking thing with a mouth full of teeth poking out and tentacles roars at the portal*
        • 12:57Ametrineskies(ITS SUPER SAYAN THREEEEEEEEE
        • 12:58Long Time(please don't tell me dbz used to be a part of the fanon-
        • 12:58YourFavoriteFangirl(in the old days apparantly it was
        • 12:58Mysteriousjillguy*The sky is light blue with dark blue clouds,three moons are in the sky*
        • *THe creature charges at the portal*
        • Schmoob:GAHHH!
        • 12:58Long TimeMario: Weird..
        • Mario: !
        • 12:58MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*slams down on the button*
        • 12:59Long TimeHatbot: Zik-sand seems angry. I wonder why...
        • 12:59Mysteriousjillguy*The warpgate emits smoke and sparks,the portal closes*
        • Schmoob:Hmm...I wonder why the aliens have a warpgate..
        • 12:59AmetrineskiesZik: ...Eym.. about t'have a panic attack here..
        • 1:00Long TimeHatbot: Why?
        • 1:00AmetrineskiesZik: DID YOU JSUT SEE-
        • 1:00Long TimeHatbot: No
        • 1:00Ametrineskies(omg the typo it fits
        • 1:00MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*takes out tablet device,saves the location of this place in a file*
        • 1:00Long TimeHatbot: ye ye ye... singing because I'm confused yeyeee
        • 1:00MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*Takes a picture of the portal*
        • Schmoob:OK,lets go look for Menami.
        • Schmoob:*mind* If she isn't dead.
        • 1:01INVADER VEXScythe: *finishes with the bodies and looks around the room, seeing no doors or other tunnels
        • 1:01AmetrineskiesZik: ..*SLAMS cane into Schmoob's back* D<
        • 1:01MysteriousjillguySchmoob:OW!
        • 1:01Long TimeMario: WOAH! That was uncalled for..
        • 1:02MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*Holds head,smirking*
        • 1:02Long TimeHatbot: That was rude.
        • 1:02MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*mind* *Thinks of an image of a chubby stinky Zik with Menami eating ice cream*
        • 1:02AmetrineskiesZik: ....- -;
        • Zik: ...Ey.. will crush you. <<
        • 1:02MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Really?
        • 1:02Long TimeMario: Schmoob, what ever you're doing, stop it.
        • whatever*
        • 1:03MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*A thought of Mario and Zik in a romantic situation begins to form*
        • Schmoob:HA! HAHAHAHA!
        • 1:04Long TimeHatbot: Well, what are we gonna do now?
        • 1:04INVADER VEX*scythe punches the wall, smashing throu
        • gh the wall and hitting another button, and the portal sparks to life again, showing more catacombs of the archives*
        • 1:04AmetrineskiesZik: ...REALLY, MATE..
        • Zik: ..Shippin me with Mario?? Whot kinda-
        • 1:04Long TimeMario: ._. ..
        • 1:05YourFavoriteFangirl(zik: ... you sick monster mario: ene Schmoob: ..|D
        • 1:05INVADER VEXScythe: *walks into the portal and looks around, then gestures for everyone else to come through*
        • 1:05Long TimeMario: W-Well, let's follow Scythe.
        • Hatbot: Dat's weirrrd. Schmoob, you seem like some kind of pervert thinkin' of that stuff.
        • 1:06MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*mind* *An ear scraping loud version of the Green hill zone tune forms,along with a horrifying fear inducing image of a poorly drawn hedgehog version of zik running while randomly shooting danmaku*
        • 1:07Long TimeHatbot: Like seriously man, I wouldn't be surprised if Mario and Zik weren't your friends after this.
        • 1:07MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Oh I don't think of that kind of stuff..well not about any of YOU..but-
        • 1:07AmetrineskiesZik: ...*shivering, grabbing Schmoob's antennae and PULLS*
        • 1:07MysteriousjillguySchmoob:ARGH!
        • 1:07AmetrineskiesZik: GET OUT OF MY HEAD! D<
        • 1:07MysteriousjillguySchmoob:YOU WANT MORE?! I AN THINK OF LOTS OF THING!
        • CAN*
        • Schmoob:*Images flood* LOTS OF THINGS.
        • 1:08Long TimeMario: Schmoob, STOP.
        • Mario: You... idiot.
        • 1:08INVADER VEXScythe: *looks into multiple forking tunnels and looks for the best option*
        • 1:08AmetrineskiesZik: *screaching, continues to pull and kick*
        • 1:08MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Let go of my antennae then!
        • *Schmoob's PAK spiderlegs come out,whacking Zik off*
        • 1:08AmetrineskiesZik: *pulls out a card, stepping back*.. *a hakkero floats in front of him, FIRING a giant laser as he's whacked away*
        • 1:09Long TimeHatbot: bakka bakka bakka bakka bakka
        • 1:09MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*jumps out of the way,into the portal*
        • 1:09Long TimeMario: *Sigh* ... Sorry about that Zik.
        • Mario: Schmoob is being an idiot right now.
        • 1:10Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob quickly gets up with his PAK legs and follows Scythe*
        • 1:10AmetrineskiesZik: *hakkero disappears, panting*... And eym forced to listen to these thoughts, an' he's usin them to torture me.
        • 1:10Long TimeMario: If he does it again, I'll be sure to try and stop it.
        • 1:10AmetrineskiesZik: ..Yer pretty carin'. I like ye, really.
        • 1:10Long TimeMario: *Follows Scythe*
        • 1:11MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*pants* Hey uh..Scythe..When do we find Menami?
        • 1:11AmetrineskiesZik: *following* Certainly ain't the type'a guy I'd try to hurt after this.
        • 1:11MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*looks back at the portal,seeing Zik coming through*
        • 1:12AmetrineskiesZik: ...Oh really.
        • 1:12Invadervax(LOL
        • 1:12Long TimeMario: Schmoob, I told you to stop.
        • 1:12MysteriousjillguySchmoob: >_0
        • 1:12AmetrineskiesZik: S'like you WANT to put me in a panic attack.
        • 1:12Long TimeMario: Do it again and I'll attack you.
        • 1:12AmetrineskiesZik: Or.. for me t'KILL ya. D<
        • 1:12Long TimeMario: I'm not kidding.
        • 1:12MysteriousjillguySchmoob:What? It what self defense! He was hitting me with his cane!
        • was*
        • (h
        • 1:13INVADER VEXScythe: *looks around, seeing some footprints in the black goop stuff that look like the alien footprints* *taps Mario on the shoulder and points to the footprint and then points down the tunnel *
        • 1:13AmetrineskiesZik: 'Cause you started som'in I didn' like.
        • 1:13Long TimeMario: Obviously you did something to get him angry.
        • 1:13YourFavoriteFangirl(because mentally scarring zik
        • 1:13Long TimeMario: Don't play dumb with me.
        • 1:13YourFavoriteFangirl(is appropriate
        • 1:13Long TimeMario: Seems like we're getting close to the aliens..
        • 1:13MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Well,maybe he should pay attention to his own thoughts and ignore everyone else's.
        • 1:14AmetrineskiesZik: ...Schmoob.. I CAN'T.
        • 1:14Long TimeMario: He CAN'T
        • 1:14INVADER VEXScythe: *activates one blade arm to light the way and walks down the tunnel *
        • 1:14Long TimeMario: He's mentioned that like 8 times.
        • 1:14Ametrineskies(i ship these two
        • 1:14MysteriousjillguySchmoob:I know,thats why I said he could try to ignore it.
        • 1:14Long TimeMario: -_- HE CAN'T
        • 1:14AmetrineskiesZik: ..Yknow I can't, really. I can't shut it off as much as ey'd like to.
        • 1:15MysteriousjillguySchmoob:It's not like we can completely control what we think...well I dunno about you guys..
        • 1:15AmetrineskiesZik: Jus' a backstab in me powers, don'tcha know.
        • 1:15Long TimeMario: *continues following Scythe*
        • 1:15MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Can't you just forget someone thought about it then?
        • 1:16INVADER VEXScythe: *looks back to the others and cuts into the wall with his sword "quiet" in Irken
        • 1:16AmetrineskiesZik: Noh. 'Specially with ye-- ...
        • Zik: ..*confused look at the cuts*
        • 1:16Long TimeMario: Guys, be quiet.
        • 1:16MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Gaurgh. Forget it..
        • 1:16AmetrineskiesZik: I cain't read that-.. *whispers*: Okay..
        • 1:16Long TimeMario: You can't read irken...? >_o
        • 1:17AmetrineskiesZik: Noh.. *shakes head* Eym jus' now only learnin t'read English.
        • 1:17MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*mind* Man Zik's voice is annoying..I wonder what LIR is doing right now..Ok I'm bored.
        • 1:17AmetrineskiesZik: ...Schmoob, I can HEAR you.
        • 1:17Long TimeMario: *whispers* Oh, okay..
        • Mario: *punches Schmoob in the head* >_> Stop it..
        • 1:18INVADER VEXScythe: *turns off blade, making it absolutely dark, and continues down the tunnel in silence*
        • 1:18MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Fine. I'll try not thinking then...Wait is that possible?
        • 1:18Long TimeMario: ... *continues walking*
        • 1:18AmetrineskiesZik: ..*using telepathy to Schmoob's mind, transporting ALL of what he hears for a brief moment*
        • 1:19MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Hngh..Grgh..?
        • Schmoob:*takes out a flashlight*
        • 1:20Long TimeMario: Schmoob, put that away.
        • Mario: He turned off the lights for a reason.
        • 1:20AmetrineskiesZik: ..*keeping quiet for now, antennae down*.. ..
        • 1:20INVADER VEXScythe: *is all of the sudden right in front of Schmoob, snatches the flashlight and puts it in his own PAK*
        • 1:20MysteriousjillguySchmoob:OH! Oh right-
        • Schmoob:*continues walking*
        • 1:21INVADER VEXScythe: *Continues walking, and eventually
        • *eventually sees a huge factory like room with hundreds of those aliens
        • 1:22MysteriousjillguySchmoob:0_0
        • 1:22AmetrineskiesZik: *eyes wide*.. ..
        • 1:22Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob slowly takes out his plasma cannon*
        • 1:22Long TimeMario: o_o
        • 1:22INVADER VEXScythe *creeps along the edge, making sure to be stealthy
        • 1:22Long TimeMario: *Snatches Schmoob's cannon*
        • Mario: >_>
        • Mario: *Follows Scythe along the edge*
        • 1:23MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*Grabs it back,putting it his PAK*
        • Schmoob:*follows*
        • Schmoob:*stares at the aliens,curious*
        • 1:24AmetrineskiesZik: ..*making sure to keep quiet, following*...
        • 1:25INVADER VEXScythe: *makes an incredible jump over a set of pistons and water heaters and onto another platform with a ladder leading into another catacomb*
        • 1:25InvadervaxGTG...
        • 1:25INVADER VEX(Bye)
        • 1:25Long Time(bye
        • 1:25Ametrineskies(Bye~
        • 1:26Long TimeMario: >-< *Unsure of the jump* ...
        • 1:26AmetrineskiesZik: ..*grabs Mario by his sides, pulling into a gap*
        • 1:26MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*Takes out the remote for his disguise,it's repaired*
        • 1:26AmetrineskiesZik: *appears next to Scythe*.. uvu
        • 1:26Long TimeMario: c:
        • 1:27MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*presses a button on it,Schmoob becomes invisible*
        • 1:27AmetrineskiesZik: *closes the gap as he continues walking*..
        • 1:27Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob's PAK jetpack comes out,he quietly hovers to the platform and lands*
        • 1:28Long TimeMario: *follows*
        • 1:28INVADER VEXScythe: *sneaks up a set of metal stairs and into another catacomb, looking for more clues *
        • 1:28AmetrineskiesZik: ..*telepathic>Mario*: Suppose his little ship aint too far off, but I think we're more best frien's than anythin. Ey'v got a goil, you probably ain't interested.
        • 1:30Mysteriousjillguy*3 shadows of young vortians appear on the wall next to the group*
        • 1:31Long TimeMario: *mind* Yeah, I know you have a girlfriend. You're just a nice and awesome person, of course I'm gonna be happy when you're around.
        • 1:31AmetrineskiesZik: *mind*: Heh.. And a whoile back we couldn't have thought this.
        • 1:32Long TimeMario: *mind* Yeah, we've come a long way..
        • 1:32Mysteriousjillguy*The vortian shadows look at the group with empty stares*
        • 1:32YourFavoriteFangirl(i ship the bromance
        • 1:32AmetrineskiesZik: *mind*: Yeah...
        • (same
        • (caught in a bad bromance
        • 1:32YourFavoriteFangirl(omfg
        • 1:35MysteriousjillguySchmoob:..?
        • Schmoob:*turns around,seeing the shadows*
        • 1:35Long TimeMario: *looking over, seeing the Vortian shadows* *eyes widen* !!! >~< *Taps Zik's shoulder, then points at the shadows*
        • 1:36Mysteriousjillguy*The shadows fade away*
        • 1:36AmetrineskiesZik: ? ..*stares at the shadows*..
        • Zik: ...Mmh. *had a quick glimpse*
        • Zik: ..*grabs Mario's hand, thinking it'll help him feel better*
        • 1:36Long TimeMario: ...*Feeling a little more secure now*
        • 1:37Ametrineskies(the bromance is strong with these two
        • 1:37MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*whispers* Maybe the aliens are making us hallucinate with a hidden device.
        • Schmoob:Or maybe we're one of them...
        • 1:38AmetrineskiesZik: ..*rolls eyes*..
        • 1:38Long TimeMario: :l
        • 1:38MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*pokes Mario*
        • 1:38AmetrineskiesZik: <o<?
        • 1:38MysteriousjillguySchmoob:I was seeing if it was you..
        • 1:39AmetrineskiesZik: ...Hm. Idiot.
        • 1:39Long TimeMario: ..
        • 1:39INVADER VEXScythe: *walks along the catacomb and sees another shadows of a person coming towards him, activating a plasma blade and silently sprinting at it until he tackles the person and holds the blade to the person 's throat* *that person is another Irken elite wearing green armor, and unlike the others it is still alive*
  • Long TimeMario: Wait Scythe! He looks like another Irken elite.
        • 1:40INVADER VEXScythe: *confused, scans his records and realizes that is is Menami*
        • Scythe *retracts the blade and gets off of her
        • 1:41Long TimeMario: Soo, who are you?
        • 1:41AmetrineskiesZik: !! *drops cane and tries to RUN to her out of excitement.. however falling right at her arms*
        • 1:41YourFavoriteFangirl(BRB sorry
          • Mysteriousjillguy( brb too
          • ( back
          • 1:46INVADER VEX(I gtg... Did you record, Schmoob?
          • 1:47YourFavoriteFangirl(i need to say one last thing so i dont forget
          • Menami: *SQUEEAL-* ..!! ZIIK! *Grabbing him and hugging him, so he doesnt hurt himself*
          • 1:47Ametrineskies(Double ship~
          • 1:48Mysteriousjillguy( yes
          • 1:49Long Time(bye Vex
          • 1:49Mysteriousjillguy( and * File:Lir.gif *
          • 1:50INVADER VEXBye... Hopefully we can continue tomorrow...
          • 1:50Mysteriousjillguy( bye

Brain of Doom[]

  • *ONE DAY IN Nin'S APAR-......LAB*
  • Nin:Dee doo doo deedy diddly doo doo DOO DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo
  • 11:35Invadervax(So, what's goin' on?)
  • 11:36Mysteriousjillguy( Halloween rp,Brain of Doom,yadadadadah
  • 11:37Invadervax(Ah.)
  • 11:40MysteriousjillguyYarp:*Walks into the room randomly*
  • Yarp:Hiya Nin. Watcha DOIN?
  • Nin:How did you get in here?
  • Yarp:Oh I've been here for several hours in your closet after I got my leg stuck in a coat hanger.
  • 11:41YourFavoriteFangirl(as we watch the Schmoob rp with himself
  • (it seems very entertaining
  • 11:41Invadervax(Ah.
  • 11:42Mysteriousjillguy( really? You can see MoRe if you look at my recent documents-
  • 11:42YourFavoriteFangirl(o h
  • INVADER VEX has joined the chat. 
  • 11:42Invadervax(Hi, Vex.)
  • 11:43INVADER VEX(Aaah! Is this a new RP or an old one?
  • 11:43YourFavoriteFangirl(vex: to confuse or annoy
  • (has entered the room
  • 11:43Mysteriousjillguy( viewer discretion highly advised in the rps of course-
  • (oh uh hi vex
  • 11:44Long Time(hi Vex
  • 11:44YourFavoriteFangirl(*Casually plays CtC on hard mode* *While about to go into rp*
  • (pro mlg touhou skills
  • 11:45Mysteriousjillguy( misty get the camera
  • 11:45Long Time(@vex (new
  • 11:46YourFavoriteFangirl( day one: hard mode starts to get intense-
  • 11:47Mysteriousjillguy( Schmoob's log:suffered 12 seizures,raging on first level,preparing fionna relaxation doll
  • 11:49YourFavoriteFangirl( it begins
  • 11:49Mysteriousjillguy(>relaxation
  • (>fionna
  • ( Schmoobxdoll headcanon confirmed
  • 11:50YourFavoriteFangirl(gdi
  • (hh
  • 11:59Long Time(..
  • 11:59Invadervax(The Universe.
  • (It sucks.
  • (The Universe sucks.
  • 12:00Mysteriousjillguy( sure does
  • ( but
  • ( in the end
  • ( everything is fine
  • 12:01Invadervax(LOL
  • 12:01Mysteriousjillguy( *sips coffee casually*
  • 12:03Invadervax(So true.
  • 12:09Mysteriousjillguy( continue?
  • 12:09Long Time(yes
  • 12:10MysteriousjillguyNin:That still doesn't answer my questio-
  • Schmoob:So uh,what horrible device of doom are you creating today?
  • Yarp*
  • ( hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Nin:Well..
  • Nin:I'm working on a device that slowly increases an Irken's intelligence.
  • Yarp:Eh?
  • 12:13YourFavoriteFangirl(i made touhou-esque titles for the wiki characters not themes, but actual titles
  • (anyone want to see them???
  • 12:14Long Time(sure
  • 12:15MysteriousjillguyNin:Uhh..It generates random information each night,eventually the user will become incredibly,HORRIBLY,SMART.
  • Nin:It also makes your head smell funny.
  • Yarp:I ...don't understand.
  • Nin:It makes you intelligent.
  • Yarp:....uh
  • Nin:It makes you have more smartyness in your pathetic hopeless brain.
  • Yarp:Oh.
  • Nin:*Walks toward a robotic arm holding a small oval shaped metal object covered in red lights*
  • Nin:*takes it*
  • Nin:You wanna test it out-
  • Yarp:YES
  • *Yarp bites the object and puts it in his PAK*
  • Nin:Well uh,tell me if it works. Now get out of my space station or I'll be forced to electrocute you until you suffer terrible skin damage.
  • *meanwhile at menami's doomed apartment because we are all terrible roleplayers*
  • 12:21YourFavoriteFangirl*yup*
  • 12:23Mysteriousjillguy*The doorbell rings*
  • *It rings again*
  • *There is violently banging on the door*
  • 12:29Long TimeMario: *Waiting patiently with Schmoob* Soooo... anything interesting lately?
  • 12:29YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ..*Puts down whatever she was doing and stares at the door like *
  • 12:29Long Time(pffff dat gif
  • 12:29Mysteriousjillguy( lol
  • *slamming intensifies*
  • *horror music cue*
  • *doorknob shakes*
  • 12:31Long TimeMario: Woah... calm down Schmoob o_o
  • 12:31YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ..*FACE GIF INTENSIFIES* SHUT UP!!
  • 12:32Mysteriousjillguy*A laser blasts through the door,destroying it*
  • *Schmoob puts his cannon away*
  • 12:32YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: *Walking to open it*.. !
  • 12:32MysteriousjillguySchmoob:SEE?! This is why I HATE doors!
  • 12:32YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ........*STARES AT Schmoob*
  • 12:32Long TimeMario: ...
  • 12:32YourFavoriteFangirlMenami:
  • 12:33MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Oh hi. *waves casually*
  • 12:33InvadervaxKivi: *Holding her ears, traumatized*
  • 12:33Long TimeHatbot: That was unexpected... >n<
  • 12:33Mysteriousjillguy*A large boom is heard outside*
  • 12:34YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: YOU will FIX my door. *Glares*..
  • 12:35Mysteriousjillguy*Smoke comes from outside,going up to the window*
  • 12:35InvadervaxKivi: I'd fix it if I were you.
  • 12:35YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: Schmoob, get in. NOW.
  • 12:35MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Uh..Ok.
  • Schmoob:*takes out repair tools from PAK*
  • 12:36YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: >.>
  • 12:36Mysteriousjillguy*Another explosion is heard from outside,the apartment shakes*
  • Schmoob:HNGH-
  • 12:36Long TimeMario: *Quietly walks in* Hatbot: Just wait for her to answer the door next time, Jeez...
  • Mario: We-- WOAH, what was that??
  • 12:37MysteriousjillguySchmoob:IT"S THE POTATO MUTANTS!
  • 12:37InvadervaxKivi: GHAH! *Holds ears again*
  • 12:38YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ! *Grabs the couch, almost falling*
  • Menami: Is it an Irkquake?!
  • *Schmoob takes out his cannon and opens the window*
  • 12:39Long TimeHatbot: I'm scaredddd ono *waves arms around*
  • 12:39Invadervax(WB, Vex.
  • 12:39Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob punches the open window,shattering it*
  • *Schmoob looks below*
  • Schmoob:Oh,it's just Yarp.
  • 12:39Long TimeMario: Dude... stop breaking Menami's stuff :l
  • 12:40YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: .......ARE YOU BREAKING MORE OF MY PROPERTY-
  • Menami: I'm not paying for that! DX
  •*slaps duct tape on window*
  • 12:40Long TimeMario: You're uh, starting to get more... aggressive.
  • 12:40Mysteriousjillguy*A pink laser flies by*
  • Schmoob:*Shines become thinner* I'm perfectly FINE.
  • 12:41YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: Duct tape doesnt fix anything. Buy me a new door and a new window glass pane.
  • 12:42MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*twitches* I'll repair them. Simple. Now let's figure out what the idiotic Yarp child is doing.
  • 12:42Long TimeMario: Hmmm... weird. Hatbot: Yeah uh Mario, we've gotta talk when we're back home.
  • 12:42Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob's PAK legs come out,he crawls down*
  • 12:42Long TimeMario: Mmkay.
  • 12:43Mysteriousjillguy*outside
  • 12:43InvadervaxDlareDlare: *Running by and notices Menami's apartment*
  • 12:43Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob cloaks into a foodcourtian alien,then puts on a hood*
  • 12:43Long TimeMario: *Crawls down with PAK legs*
  • 12:44InvadervaxDlareDlare: *Walks near it* What the proton happened here?
  • 12:44YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: *Sighs*.. Atleast this is safest apartment complex around here.. I wont get robbed. *Crosses arms and follows* I'll be back, Kivi.
  • 12:45Mysteriousjillguy*A black taxicab like ship with a pair of fusion cannons is crashed into the apartment under,the words "Yarp" and "PANCAKES" is spraypainted on the sides*
  • *Yarp is on top of it,covered in scratches and burns*
  • 12:45Long TimeMario: ...
  • 12:45YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ... ._.
  • 12:45Long TimeMario: Really?
  • 12:46MysteriousjillguyYarp:OH HI GUYS! Uh..Sorry about the structural harm to your apartment...and possible involuntary Irken slaughter..
  • 12:46YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: *Noticing DlareDlare nearby*.... Schmoob broke my apartment door and windows, and.. then this happened.
  • 12:46InvadervaxDlareDlare: Makes sense.
  • 12:47MysteriousjillguyYarp:I'm a pretty good's just..uh...I wasn't used to this ship...yeah...
  • Yarp: I also accidentally pressed the fusion cannon button a few times on accident. *Points to a smoldering hole in the apartment above menami's*
  • 12:48YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ... >.o The people who own the complex are gonna give you a HUGE fine for this, Yarp.
  • 12:49InvadervaxDlareDlare: HEY! I live up there! *Points to the apartment with the hole in it*
  • 12:49Long TimeHatbot: Yeah. I don't remember how fines work, but they sound pretty problematic!
  • 12:49MysteriousjillguyYarp:Not if they're dead. Heh...*eye twitches*
  • Schmoob:*stares suspiciously at Yarp,with narrow pupils*
  • 12:50Long TimeMario: Woah, woah, woah. Don't freakin' kill him.
  • 12:50YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: .... They werent UP there.
  • Menami: And you're not killing anyone!
  • 12:50MysteriousjillguyYarp:I know..
  • 12:50Long TimeMario: You feeling alright? You seem kinda.. different.
  • 12:51InvadervaxBIR: *At DlareDlare's side* I wish I was up there.
  • 12:51YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ..Dlare. You wanna stay in my room until you can get a new one?
  • 12:51Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob's pupils become normal*
  • Schmoob:..Hngh..Just forget it Yarp..come in the apartment.
  • 12:52InvadervaxDlareDlare: Oh, I'll just have a friend of mine fix it.
  • 12:53MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Tell your friend to fix the ship n stuff too. Oooh,and there's a giant squid mutant I saw on the roof last night. Tell him to kill it with fire,and lasers,and LASER PIGS.
  • 12:54YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: Its a giant hole though.. everything's decimated. I wouldnt be surprised if there's going to be a commotion up here in a few minutes.
  • 12:54InvadervaxDlareDlare: *Activates communicator watch* Jiggerz, I'm gonna need you to come over. I have some favors to ask of you.
  • 12:54Long TimeHatbot: Schmoob you seem preeeeetty angry today. How about a song? I love songs! ♫ That ain't the way, you've gotta impale my slave doo doo da da.. ♫
  • 12:54MysteriousjillguySchmoob:STOP SINGING!
  • 12:55Long TimeHatbot: But I like to sing! ♫ Doo da da doo doo dooo daaaaaaaaaaaaaah ♫
  • 12:55MysteriousjillguySchmoob:or a space clown.
  • 12:55YourFavoriteFangirl(hatbot is the incarnation of vlad impaler
  • 12:55InvadervaxDlareDlare: *To Menami* It may take a while for him to fix it, so I guess I'll stay with you until it's done.
  • 12:55YourFavoriteFangirl(i knew it
  • 12:55Long Time(lol
  • Hatbot: ♫Schmoob is da coolest guy ever nanananananaaaaa!!♫
  • 12:56MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*Grabs hatbot with a casual straight face,throws him back into the apartment*
  • Schmoob:Ok uh,let's go back into the apartment.
  • 12:56InvadervaxDlareDlare: Songs need music to go with them. *Takes out bagpipe*
  • 12:56Long TimeMario: *Sigh*--- Hey! Don't THROW him like that, he's fragile.
  • 12:57Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob's PAK legs come out,he crawls back up*
  • 12:57InvadervaxBIR: Master, PLEASE don't.
  • 12:57Long TimeMario: *Antenna twitch* *Crawls back up too*
  • 12:57MysteriousjillguyYarp:Y'know,my head suddenly smells funny.
  • *Yarp's legs come out as well*
  • 12:58InvadervaxDlareDlare: Well, I don't want Schmoob to destroy my bagpipe, so... *Puts it away*
  • 12:58Mysteriousjillguy*Meanwhile,at the bottom of the apartment*
  • 12:58Long TimeMario: You okay Hatbot? Hatbot: Yeah.. my arm is kinda moving slow though. Mario: Huh you feel pain..? I din't know that.
  • Hatbot: Yeah! I feel pain, but at sloooow speeds and at GREAT intensity!
  • 12:59MysteriousjillguyIrken:*listening to headphones and pressing buttons on a console,ignoring the debris falling down*
  • 12:59Long TimeHatbot: Like right now-- ow OW OWWWWW
  • 12:59Mysteriousjillguy*back at the apartment*
  • 12:59Long Timedidn't*
  • Mario: *Puts Hatbot back on his head*
  • 1:00Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob goes back to fixing the door*
  • Yarp:*yawns*
  • Yarp:All that mindless button pressing and guide to piloting book page flipping made me tired n stuff.
  • *Yarp walks to the visitor bedroom,and gets in bed*
  • *Yarp falls asleep almost immediately*
  • 1:02Long TimeHatbot: Yeah I'm tired too. Oh wait, I can't get tired.. awwww.
  • Mario: :l
  • 1:02INVADER VEXI gtg.
  • 1:02Long Time(bye
  • 1:02Mysteriousjillguy( Bye Vex
  • 1:02Invadervax(Bye, Vex.
  • 1:03YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: .. . - .
  • 1:03MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Doo dee doo doody,fixin doors,doody doo DOO DOO.
  • 1:03Long TimeHatbot: I'm bored. Mario: *Antenna twitch*...
  • Hatbot: Borrreeeed. Bored. B o r e d. Capital B and a capital O and a capital R and a capital E-- Mario: Could you please SHUT UP!?
  • Hatbot: O-oh.. I'm sorry.. yeah I'll just shut up.
  • *Schmoob struggles violently with singing*
  • 1:07InvadervaxBIR: And what is next?
  • 1:07Mysteriousjillguy*The door Schmoob is repairing busts open,slamming Schmoob into a wall*
  • Trox:HMMM...YES
  • Trox*
  • (hgfhfghfgg>j,,,ujggj,j>JGbnbb,.utjg.iyykh
  • *Door slowly opens* Schmoob:Auugh..ooh..augh...
  • 1:09Long TimeMario: *Has an extremely irradiated look on his face*
  • oops)
  • (brb
  • 1:10Mysteriousjillguy( irradiated
  • ( mario mutant conspiracy theory confirmed
  • 1:10Long Time(back
  • (oh (irritated*
  • (i'm tired don't judge-
  • 1:12Mysteriousjillguy( i am kept awake by draining your soul energies
  • ( *stares*
  • 1:12Long Time(oh
  • 1:13Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob gets up and continues repair*
  • Trox:Oh Hello Menami. *shuffles feet and turns around,with arms curled*
  • Trox:I see you are having a bad day.
  • Trox:Yessirrrrr
  • 1:16InvadervaxDlareDlare: Well, Jiggerz should be here any moment to repair my apartment, so...
    • Long TimeMario: ...
    • Welcome to the Irken Empire Wiki chat 
    • 1:18YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: Why dont you leave that to the owners??
    • seems you are angry. I apologize. Mhmm.
    • 1:20InvadervaxDlareDlare: Okay.
    • 1:20MysteriousjillguyYarp:Here,have some candy. *Takes out wrapped mint and shoves it in her face* Take it,so the cheesecake gods may be pleased and donot strike us with satanic space elephants.
    • 1:20YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ..o o
    • 1:20InvadervaxDlareDlare: *Activates communicator watch* Nevermind, Jiggerz.
    • Jiggerz: Okay.
    • 1:21MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Um...the owners aren't as competent as they seem..they do pretty crappy construction jobs..
    • *The visitor bedroom door falls over*
    • *Once it hits the ground,it falls apart*
    • 1:22InvadervaxDlareDlare: Oh. *Activates watch* Jiggerz, I actually am going to need you to come over.
    • Jiggerz: Okay, make up your mind.
    • 1:23Mysteriousjillguy*Yarp peeks out of the door*
    • 1:23YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ..*Sighs*
    • 1:23MysteriousjillguyYarp:I have awaken from sleep activity.
    • Yarp:*walks over to the room*
    • 1:23YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: I'm going out. *Stands up* I'm buying new materials to fix the damages.. with what I have.
    • 1:24Long TimeMario: Okay.
    • 1:24MysteriousjillguyYarp:Greetings fellow friendly carbon based organisims.
    • 1:24Long TimeMario: *Sigh* Hey Yarp.
    • 1:24MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Hurh?
    • Schmoob:WAIT! Menami,I've repaired the door!
    • 1:24YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: You did? *Looks over*..
    • 1:25MysteriousjillguySchmoob points to a square shaped magenta warpgate,insectoid legs are coming out of it*
    • 1:25Long TimeMario: Woah!
    • 1:25MysteriousjillguySchmoob:With an INTER DIMENSIONAL TRAVEL SETTING!
    • 1:26YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ! Woah-
    • Menami: Well if anything else in the house breaks, I'll fix it myself. *Walks over*.. That's so cool though
    • 1:26Mysteriousjillguy*A hideously deformed ant like head covered in slimy eyes that resemble jelly sacks comes out of the portal*
    • 1:27YourFavoriteFangirl(can i sleep im tired-
    • (am i going to break the roleplay cycle-
    • 1:27Long TimeMario: Although that'd be extremely inconvenient if it malfunctioned.
    • ( no u r our slave
    • 1:27YourFavoriteFangirl(nu
    • 1:27Long Time(yeah, go ahead
    • 1:28Mysteriousjillguy( and yes,if you do SATAN WILL VISIT YOU TONIGHT,COPY AND PASTE THIS ON 12 RANDOM FORUMS TO NOT DIE-
    • 1:28Long TimeMario: I knew something like that would happen.
    • 1:28YourFavoriteFangirl(but i want to see satan
    • 1:28MysteriousjillguyYarp:Oh Schmoob. Simple,deranged Schmoob.
    • 1:28YourFavoriteFangirl(wait before i go and end the rp-
    • 1:28MysteriousjillguyYarp:*walks over to the warpgate*
    • 1:28InvadervaxDlareDlare: *Looks up* Well, there's Jiggerz.
    • 1:29Long Time(bye
    • 1:29Mysteriousjillguy( then you'll see nicholas king nark cage satan with a wad of fanfics
    • 1:29Invadervax(Bye.
    • 1:29YourFavoriteFangirl(,d.aWw
    • 1:29Mysteriousjillguy( and
    • ( cold milk
    • 1:29Long Time(ppffft XD
    • 1:30Mysteriousjillguy( NICHOLAS CAGE IS COMING
    • ( with bees
    • 1:31YourFavoriteFangirl(satan, satan, satan-
    • (okbye
    • 1:32Long Time(bye
    • 1:32Invadervax(Come again sometime.
    • (*Waiter voice*
    • 1:32Long Time(i'm gonna go too (bye guys
      • well,who wants to piss off vex even more and start a new rp to end our hellish boredom
      • 1:33Long Time(lol (bye
        • LIRLIRLIR: ...
        • 6:58Invadervax(Also, Trox fixed the door.
        • Darzz*
        • (I keep getting their names mixed up.
        • 6:59LIRLIRLIR: DOOOOR!
        • 7:00YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: *Sigh*..
        • Welcome to the Irken Empire Wiki chat 
        • 7:00InvadervaxDlareDlare: Seriously, Menami, do you have a TV?
        • 7:01Long TimeHatbot: TVs are overrated.
        • 7:02YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: Yeah, infront of the couch.
        • 7:02InvadervaxDlareDlare: Okay.
        • 7:02Mysteriousjillguy*seconds later,the warpgate is transformed into a sliding door*
        • Yarp:Finished.
        • 7:03LIRLIRSo are doors ª_ @
        • 7:03InvadervaxDlareDlare: *Notices he's sitting on the couch* Oh, yeah.
        • 7:03MysteriousjillguySchmoob:HUH?!
        • Schmoob:I was gonna use that to help me sleep forever!
        • Yarp:Well uh,it's dangerous. So I fixed it.
        • Yarp:It was simple really.
        • 7:04InvadervaxBIR: Don't forget me. I want to die, too.
        • 7:05MysteriousjillguyYarp:I also added an anti laser forcefield door setting.
        • 7:05InvadervaxKivi: THANK YOU.
        • 7:05YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ..>n> Nobody here is dying. Got it?
        • 7:06InvadervaxBIR: Fine...
        • 7:06LIRLIRLIR: I can arrange that *to BIR*
        • 7:06MysteriousjillguySchmoob:What do you mean?
        • 7:07InvadervaxDlareDlare: Please don't. *To LIR*
        • 7:07MysteriousjillguyYarp:Hm..
        • 7:07InvadervaxKivi: *Hugs Yarp* YOU HAVE SPARED MY LIFE.
        • 7:08MysteriousjillguyYarp:I require organic matter to fuel my soul's vessel.
        • Yarp:*pushes kivi off*
        • 7:08InvadervaxBIR: FINALLY someone who GETS IT.
        • 7:08YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ...There are NO GERMS in this house, I assure you. *Insert sparkly walls here*
        • 7:08Long TimeMario: I'm surprised, I haven't seen Vok in quite awhile. I'm not saying that's a bad thing... but he's usually so persistent on stalking me, I wonder what happened.
        • 7:09MysteriousjillguyYarp:*takes out some high tech goggles*
        • 7:09YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: Don't jinx yourself, bruh.
        • 7:09Long TimeHatbot: Yeah, I'm pretty sure there are germs in here.
        • 7:09MysteriousjillguyYarp:There are exactly 4,280,200 germs in this room.
        • 7:09YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ........
        • 7:09Long TimeMario: I'm not, I'm just wondering.
        • 7:09MysteriousjillguyYarp:Oop. Schmoob just sat down,that's another 3000.
        • 7:10InvadervaxBIR: I think I like this guy. *Points to Yarp*
        • 7:10Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob is on the floor,staring at a wall*
        • 7:10YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ....*Speeding around the room with cleaning bucket, shoving a sponge in everyone's mouthes and scrubbing*
        • 7:10LIRLIRCan I get the bleach?
        • 7:10MysteriousjillguyYarp:*spits out the sponge*
        • Schmoob:YES YOU CAN LIR.
        • 7:10LIRLIRHey! A sponge
        • 7:10MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*Reaches for a cup in his PAK*...
        • 7:11LIRLIR*Chews the sponge*
        • 7:11InvadervaxDlareDlare: Sponges. What's with these things?
        • 7:11Long TimeMario: *Spits out the sponge*--- Don't do that ever again. This stuff stings :l.
        • 7:11MysteriousjillguySchmoob:BLAUGH,THE SPONGE,IT FEELS LIKE FIRE!
        • 7:11InvadervaxDlareDlare: GHYGHYHY
        • 7:12MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*spits out the sponge,it's covered in plaque and filth*
        • 7:12Invadervax(LOL
        • 7:12Long TimeMario: Ew...
        • 7:12MysteriousjillguyYarp:Your cleaning supplies are heavily outdated.
        • 7:12YourFavoriteFangirl(Schmoob omg
        • Menami: .. -- *Stops to stare at Yarp*
        • 7:13LIRLIRGOTTA GET DA BLEAccch *Zooms off, not considering that he could use laser conversion to make some, and returns with tons of bleach and a store clerk, as well as a barrel of pickles*
        • *LIR:
        • 7:13MysteriousjillguyYarp:You realize they invented laser cleansers,right? They can vaporize germs.
        • Trox:Yes,Bleach,HMM DELICIOUS.
        • (chat delay fhgnb
        • 7:15InvadervaxDlareDlare: *Embarrassed* Yes. Yes I do.
        • 7:15MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Uh...*Takes the bleach*
        • Schmoob:*puts it in his PAK*
        • Trox:Where'd da delicious freedom juice go?
        • Schmoob:It had to go to..the store.
        • Trox:Oh ok,that makes SENSE.
        • 7:17LIRLIR*starts lathering bleach on everything*
        • I've got a lot more
        • 7:17Long TimeMario: ..
        • 7:17LIRLIRThe checkout guy was generous ^^
        • 7:18MysteriousjillguyYarp:I hope you realize that bleach can cause severe intense horrible pain if ingested.
        • 7:18InvadervaxDlareDlare: *Thinking* Thank proton, no one's reacting.
        • 7:18MysteriousjillguyYarp:*Takes out a control panel*
        • *Yarp presses buttons*
        • 7:19LIRLIR*LIR:
        • 7:20MysteriousjillguyYarp:Alright,I've ordered state of the art highly advanced cleaning supplies for this location. I've paid for it already.
        • 7:20YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: .. *Stops scrubbing* Oh, you have? That's... actually really generous! >w<
        • 7:20LIRLIRLIR: BUT WHYYY
        • 7:20MysteriousjillguyYarp:I'll be taking a nap. *Walks over to the visitor bedroom again*
        • 7:21LIRLIRLIR: They must suffer
        • 7:21Mysteriousjillguy*Yarp closes the bedroom door and goes to bed*
        • Schmoob:Yarp seems...slightly different..Did he swallow a brain parasite?
        • 7:21Invadervax*DlareDlare's communicator watch rings*
        • 7:22Long Timebrb)
        • 7:22InvadervaxJiggerz: Your apartment's finished.
        • 7:22YourFavoriteFangirl*Smiling*.. Whatever it is, it's alright with me!
        • 7:22LIRLIRLIR: Eh. Oh well. * starts dumping all the bleach on a single spot of the floor*
        • 7:22InvadervaxDlareDlare: Thanks.
        • 7:22Mysteriousjillguy( the plumber has to rescue the princess
        • 7:22InvadervaxJiggerz: Nothing was decimated, fortunately.
        • (Okay.)
        • 7:26LIRLIR*Soon all the bleach is gone*
        • 7:26YourFavoriteFangirl(i have so much swag playing hopeless masquerade-
        • (aka touhou game where everyone punches and kicks eachother
          • LIR: *picks up the store clerk and sets him on the couch, pats his head, and returns to Schmoob*
          • 7:29InvadervaxBIR: *Looks at LIR* What are you doing?
          • 7:30LIRLIRLIR: What you always do with nice store clerks. Put them on a couch, pat their head, and return to normal duties ^^
          • Welcome to the Irken Empire Wiki chat 
          • 7:31LIRLIRStore Clerk: ;[
          • LIR: *standing by Schmoob*
          • 7:42Invadervax(*Sees the people with beards* Yay! There are males in Touhou!
          • 7:43Mysteriousjillguy( what
          • ( no those are our slaves silly-
          • 7:44YourFavoriteFangirl(oh-
          • (yeah there are actually a ton of males
          • (they just dont tend to play an important role in most danmaku fights
          • 7:45Invadervax(Village citizens usually?
          • 7:45YourFavoriteFangirl(Mhm
          • (You did fight one guy named Shingyoku in the first game though
          • 7:46LIRLIR(And then there's this chef dude)
          • 7:46MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Eh? I thought you just ate them LIR.
          • 7:46LIRLIR(Can we continue)
          • 7:46Invadervax(Yes.
          • 7:47YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: *Relaxing for a little bit*..
          • 7:47InvadervaxDlareDlare: Well, I'm off.
          • 7:47YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: See you around.
          • 7:48LIRLIRLIR: Ate what? Oh, no, that's after they've marinated
          • 7:48MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Oh.
          • 7:48InvadervaxDlareDlare: *Leaves and goes upstairs*
          • BIR: *Follows*
          • 7:49Mysteriousjillguy*The bedroom door slowly opens by itself*
          • *creak*
          • *A spooky blue light is coming from it*
          • 7:49Invadervax(SLITHEEN
          • 7:49Long TimeMario: Uhhh...
          • 7:49MysteriousjillguySchmoob:*turns around toward the light* ?
          • *suspenseful music*
          • Schmoob:It must be a POSSESSED CLAY MONSTER.
          • *Schmoob takes out a jar of pig hair*
          • 7:51InvadervaxKivi: Maybe it's friendly.
          • 7:51Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob slowly walks to the door*
          • 7:51Long TimeHatbot: What's in that jar?
          • Hatbot: It looks gross.
          • 7:52InvadervaxKivi: I don't know, nor do I want to know.
          • 7:52YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: O o?
          • 7:53MysteriousjillguyTrox:Maybe a friendly wrinkly alien that smells like feet with a glowing blue finger,that just wants to feed us meat while slowly massaging our lower body.
          • 7:53Long TimeHatbot: ... ._.
          • 7:53LIRLIRLIR: Pig hair.
          • 7:53InvadervaxKivi: *Hides in a coffee maker*
          • 7:54MysteriousjillguySchmoob:SSSH! We have to be quiet if we want to destroy it's horrible non toxic material!
          • *Schmoob slowly goes up near the door entrance,and stands next to it,on the wall*
          • Trox:*Chews on a cucumber*
          • 7:55LIRLIRLIR: *Watches Schmoob*
          • 7:56Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob slowly moves his head toward the entrance*
          • *Trox chews harder*
          • 7:56Long TimeHatbot: You don't even know what it is yet... for all we know it could be a night-light.
          • 7:56Mysteriousjillguy*Horror music*
          • *Schmoob is inches away from the door*
          • 7:57InvadervaxKivi: *Comes out of coffee maker* Chances are it's what-his-name.
          • 7:57Mysteriousjillguy*Trox chews faster and makes slurping noises*
          • *Schmoob peeks out*
          • Trox:*CHEWING INTENSIFIES*
          • 7:57LIRLIRLIR:
          • LIR:
          • 7:58InvadervaxWhat's*
          • Kivi: The really smart guy.
          • 7:58YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ..*Peeks over*
          • 7:58Long TimeMario: *yawn*
          • (oh
          • Welcome to the Irken Empire Wiki chat 
          • 8:03MysteriousjillguySchmoob:It's Yarp..
          • 8:03InvadervaxKivi: Knew it.
          • 8:03Mysteriousjillguy*Schmoob sees Yarp at the end of the bed,turned around*
          • 8:03Long TimeHatbot: As expected..
          • 8:03MysteriousjillguySchmoob:...Why is his head glowing?
          • 8:04Long TimeMario: Huh? That's strange.
          • 8:04MysteriousjillguySchmoob:That's normal right?
          • 8:04LIRLIRLIR: I wish it was
          • 8:04Long TimeMario: No.
          • Mario: Hmm, try waking him up?
          • 8:05MysteriousjillguySchmoob:He's seems..
          • 8:05InvadervaxDlareDlare: *From upstairs* LET ME GUESS, Yarp'S HEAD IS GLOWING?
          • 8:05LIRLIRLIR: make the store clerk do it!
          • 8:05Mysteriousjillguy*Yarp is sitting at the end of the bed,staring at the wall,turned around*
          • Schmoob:Uh...Yarp? Hello?
          • 8:06LIRLIR*Walks to the door*
          • 8:06Mysteriousjillguy*Yarp's head pulsates*
          • Schmoob:Um..uh..well that's..uh..neat.
          • DlareDlare: IT'S PULSATING, TOO, ISN'T IT?
          • 8:07LIRLIRLIR: yeah
  • LIR:
  • Poke him
          • 8:30Long TimeHatbot: Good idea! Poking solves everything. Well, not everything... but you get the point.
          • 8:30InvadervaxDlareDlare: PLEASE FIX IT. THE LIGHT IS ANNOYING ME.
            • LIR: *stares at Yarp*
            • 9:26Long TimeHatbot: Poooke him, poooke him, poooooooooooooke him.
            • 9:28MysteriousjillguySchmoob:Uh..
            • 9:29YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: .. o o; Just do something.
            • 9:29Mysteriousjillguy*Yarp turns around quickly,revealing glowing,blue eyes*
            • 9:29Long TimeHatbot: NO! Poking is the solution! Viva la poke---
            • Hatbot: oh
            • 9:29Mysteriousjillguy*Numbers and code reflect off his eyes,his veins are visible*
            • Yarp:HELLO FELLOW IRKENS.
            • 9:30Long TimeHatbot: Haiii.
            • 9:30MysteriousjillguySchmoob:HUH? Yarp,WHAT"S WRONG WITH YOUR HEAD?! And..why does it not glow RED instead of BLUE?!
            • 9:30InvadervaxKivi: Uh...Hi?
            • 9:30LIRLIRLIR: HI
            • 9:30MysteriousjillguyYarp:SILENCE,SHARPLY HAIRED CHILD.
            • 9:31YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ..... o.o;;; Uhhm..
            • 9:31Long TimeHatbot: Oh snap, you got burned!
            • Mario: Er...
            • 9:31Mysteriousjillguy*Yarp's head pulsates faster,a nearby lamp glows and flies at Schmoob,smashing into him*
            • Schmoob:GAH! *Hits ground*
            • 9:31InvadervaxDlareDlare: IF IT WAS GLOWING RED, HE'D HAVE PORXAX.
            • 9:31MysteriousjillguyYarp:I HAVE TRANSCENDED NORMAL IRKEN BRAIN CAPACITY.
            • 9:33Long TimeHatbot: Not you, I'm talking about Yarp.
            • 9:33InvadervaxDlareDlare: OKAY THEN.
            • 9:34YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ?! HEY!
            • 9:34LIRLIRLIR: So you're all smart
            • 9:34Long TimeHatbot: I like your voice when you yell. But when Yarp yells... jeez.
            • 9:34LIRLIRLIR: now what will you do
            • 9:34InvadervaxDlareDlare: OKAY THEN.
            • 9:35MysteriousjillguyYarp:HMMM
            • *Yarp's head inflates,becoming gargantuan*
            • 9:35YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ..._. Don't mess with my stuff Yarp. I don't know what's up with you all of a sudden, but this isn't funny.
            • (jimmy nutrin
            • (i knew it
            • 9:36MysteriousjillguySchmoob:AHH! LOOK OUT,HE"S GOT DEVIANT INFLATION SYNDROME!
            • 9:36Long TimeHatbot: I didn't know Yarp was a balloon. Mario: ...
            • 9:36MysteriousjillguySchmoob:QUICK,GET SOME GAS MASKS!
            • 9:36Long TimeMario: Why?
            • 9:36Mysteriousjillguy*Yarp floats out of the room,glowing blue*
            • 9:36YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: DX eee, this is creepy
            • 9:37YourFavoriteFangirl(Schmoob im suing you
            • 9:37MysteriousjillguySchmoob:We'll catch deviant inflation syndrome!
            • ( omg
            • 9:37YourFavoriteFangirl(COPYRIGHT JIMMY NEUTRON
            • 9:37LIRLIRUh oh
            • 9:37Mysteriousjillguy( imma call my fathr he works at nint3nd0
            • 9:37LIRLIR*LIR:
            • 9:37Mysteriousjillguy( he wil ban u
            • 9:39Long TimeHatbot: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaario. Mario: ...*Sigh* What? Also, can't you say my name normally for once? Hatbot: This is gettin' weird, if it gets worse can we leave? Also, no. Mario: Maybe. If things get dramatic I may need to help out.
            • 9:39Mysteriousjillguy*Yarp floats into the kitchen*
            • *Various machines in the apartment fly toward him,wires burst out of the walls and ceiling and wrap around his head*
            • 9:40LIRLIRLIR: *follows him into the kitchen*
            • 9:40Mysteriousjillguy*The machines shapeshift and connect to his body*
            • 9:40YourFavoriteFangirl(spoiler alert
            • (gtg
            • 9:40Long Time(oh
            • 9:41Invadervax(Awwwww...
            • 9:41Long Time(Bye.
            • 9:41LIRLIR(Noooo)
            • (Bye)
            • 9:41YourFavoriteFangirl(Byeee
            • 9:41Invadervax(Bye.
              • 8:02InvadervaxDlareDlare: BECAUSE HE IS.
              • 8:02Long TimeHatbot: YELLING IS FUN.
              • 8:02InvadervaxDlareDlare: INDEED.
              • 8:02YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ..Yarp! STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!!
              • 8:04LIRLIRLIR: YAY YELLING
              • 8:04Long TimeHatbot: REALLY? WHAT HAPPENED?
              • 8:04InvadervaxDlareDlare: YA DON'T WANNA KNOW.
              • 8:04Long TimeHatbot: YA I DO.
              • 8:05InvadervaxDlareDlare: YA REALLY DON'T WANNA KNOW.
              • 8:05YourFavoriteFangirl(The Mobian Heroes: OOC: Anyone have their New Year resolutions set? 8:01 PM The Mobian Heroes: OOC: One, be a better person. Two, be a better roleplayer. Three, be good enough for May! 8:03 PM
              • (like thats gonna happen-
              • 8:06LIRLIR(eygheg)
              • LIR: AAGH
              • 8:06Invadervax(LOL
              • 8:07Long TimeMario: Um... Yarp? Are you still conscious?
              • Hatbot: HELLO BIG HEAD GUY? YOU STILL THERE!?
              • 8:09Mysteriousjillguy( memes causing lag-
              • 8:11LIRLIRLIR: Yarp. do things
              • 8:12Long TimeHatbot: I guess he's a statue now.
              • 8:12Mysteriousjillguy*The machines fuse into his body,making his forehead even larger and cybernetic*
              • 8:12LIRLIRLIR: HE'S GOIN BORG
              • 8:12YourFavoriteFangirlMenami: ..*Eyes widen* Yarp!
              • 8:13InvadervaxDlareDlare: PLEASE TELL ME HE'S NOT HEADED FOR MY APARTMENT.
              • 8:13LIRLIRLIR: RUN!! AHHH *runs around straight into a wall, falls over, waits a moment, and repeats* 

Trials and Errors[]

2:36 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Well uh.. 2:36 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Hm 2:36 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( LETS BEGIN 11:38 PM

Averii: (The silence! It returns!) 11:38 PM

Averii: (Yeah, I'll just get this rolling) 11:38 PM

Averii: -The Majestic. A simple name, not unlike that of another in the Irken Fleet. 11:39 PM

Averii: -Rivalling the size of that ship, The Massive, it's primary decks rest well protected beneath not immodest armor. 11:40 PM

Averii: -Yet unlike that ship, it's purpose is not for power. 11:40 PM

Averii: -Commissioned by the newest Almighty Tallest, the dual rulers insisted on the creation of a class of ship that would seem quite far from the minds of most Irkens. 11:41 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( mario,check pm 11:42 PM

Averii: -The Majestic; the first Irken Cruise Ship in years. With entire decks dedicated to habitation, recreation, and more, despite it's very military appearance. 11:42 PM

Quote: (back 11:42 PM

Averii: -However, now embarks one suited more for military. 11:43 PM

Averii: "...Now tell me again, just why can I not take my equipment onboard?" Averii sighed in frustration, his left hand meeting his forehead. 11:44 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Technican: Tallest's orders. 11:44 PM

Averii: "For Irk's sake, I am an Invader!" He looked to the two guards flanking the pair of technicians; a bit shorter than he, but well armed. 11:45 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Technican: You don't need weapons on a cruise ship anyway,the last time we let someone on board with weapons on a ship like this..well..uh..very few survived. 11:45 PM

Averii: His eye twitched for a moment. 11:45 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Technican2: It was HORRIBLE. 11:45 PM

Averii: "But the last time we had a ship like this was years ago! Besides, THEY get to keep their weapons!" 11:46 PM

Averii: He gestured to the guards behind them in frustration. 11:46 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Technican: They're guards,guards need weapons to poke people with. So they can. 11:46 PM

Averii: (Feel free to jump in here, guys; generic guardsman, frustrated passenger, protocol bots, etc)

Averii groaned in frustration, and he glanced to the imposing figure beside him as BLU's metallic antennae hovered quietly. 11:47 PM

Hitchhiker: (Okay. 11:48 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Technican: OH UH-I almost forgot,no SIR units unless their weapons are completely removed. 11:48 PM

Averii: "ALL THEIR WEAPONS?!" Averii barked, laughing harshly as BLU stood silent and monolithic. 11:48 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Technican:Uh..Yep. 11:49 PM

Averii: "Do you have any idea how long we'll be here if I have to unload him?" He growled, recomposing himself. 11:49 PM

Averii: "Just let me have my robot, damn it!" 11:49 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Technican: Well then,I guess you'll have to keep him in your ship. 11:49 PM

Averii: The machine's antennae twitched suddenly, and it turned to Averii, it's single eye drawing a monotone glare at the Technicians. 11:50 PM

Hitchhiker: "Excuse me," said a voice behind them. "Am I allowed to take my club on board?" 11:50 PM

Averii: (Brb, sorry) 11:51 PM

Hitchhiker: (Okay. 11:52 PM

Averii: (Back, had to manage a grill) 11:52 PM

Vex Entered the Massive 11:52 PM

Averii: Averii turned, and narrowed an eye at the voice's owner 11:52 PM

Vex: Hey 11:52 PM

Averii: (Greetings) 11:52 PM

Vex: (Oh, RP?) 11:52 PM

Hitchhiker: (Hey, Vex. 11:52 PM

Quote: (Yup 11:52 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Yeah 11:52 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( It's non canon 11:53 PM

Averii: (Yeah, I have a Google Doc with the information on it, someone can PM you that) 11:53 PM

Vex: (Ok, sounds good 11:53 PM

Averii: (I could, if I took the time to find that command here) 11:53 PM

Vex: (You need premium, I think 11:53 PM

Vex: (You can PM it to me on the IEW chat 11:53 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( We don't have any other RPs to do right now,unless Jib comes 11:53 PM

Averii: (It's posted there now) 11:54 PM

Hitchhiker: The source of the voice was a plumb Irken with somehow three heads. His body was extended to fit all three, and he had three sets of organs, and three PAKs. 11:54 PM

Quote: (Schmoob, PM 11:54 PM

Averii stared for a moment, then turned as BLU prodded him. 11:54 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Btw,how long are you going to be here Vex? 11:54 PM

Vex: (It actually makes a lot of sense that Vex would be in this RP... Well, depending on when it takes place 11:55 PM

Vex: (And I'll be here a while 11:55 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Oh good 11:55 PM

Averii: BLU: "Recommend compliance with regulations, Commander." He droned. "I serve no purpose at this time." 11:55 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Btw,are you gonna be at school tommorrow? 11:55 PM

Averii looked to the plump, multi-headed Irken once more, then the waiting technicians before shaking his head reluctantly. 11:55 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Averii,Mario,Vax,and I are going to be home 11:55 PM

Vex: (As long as this RP takes place after the season two finale or before the one where Vex disappears, he can be in it 11:55 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Well,it's non canon,so it doesn't matter that much 11:56 PM

Vex: (I'll be home the latter half of the day. I'm at robotics the first half 11:56 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( ok good 11:56 PM

Averii: "Alright. BLU, restore the gear on the Chrysalis," He sighed, crossing his arms, "Then go into sleep mode." 11:56 PM

Averii eyed the technicians with a half-hearted glare as the Machine saluted, then marched off with a bag bristling with telltale weapon-like bulges. 11:57 PM

Averii: "NOWm may I come aboard?" 11:57 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Technican: OH MY IRKUS,YOUR HEAD-WHAT...HOW DO YOU HAVE 3?! 11:57 PM

Vex: (Real quick, where are they right now? 11:57 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Technican2: *Vomits in a bag of donuts* 11:57 PM

Averii winced at the outburst, and sighed 11:57 PM

Averii: (Currently in the docking bay of... One moment 11:58 PM

Averii: ( ) 11:58 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The technicans run away horrified of the 3 headed mutant irken* 11:58 PM

Averii: (Averii's getting hassled by ship security, can't bring his weapons or robot onboard) 11:58 PM

Vex: (Ok. Can I have them see a ship landing in the bay right now for the reveal party thing? 11:58 PM

Averii: (Sure.) 11:58 PM

Hitchhiker: The strange Irken Averii had seen had a rare condition, making him the way he was. A scientist had said the chance of him surviving was 976543689 to 1. When he did survive, the scientist was thrown into a pit of vicious flesh-eating seagulls. 11:59 PM

Vex: *the blast doors of the hangar open and a huge ship glides into the bay.* 12:00 AM

Averii turned, watching the ship slide in as the two technicians left the area. He made note to file a complaint about them later. 12:01 AM

Hitchhiker: Curiously enough, although they even decided to name him Trinthrax, everyone always seemed to ignore the fact that he was so strange. With the exception of the technicians of course. 12:01 AM

Vex: *the ground vibrates and pneumatic blasts come out of tubes as the ship decompresses and a docking walkway extends to meet it* 12:01 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Is it the Plauge Runner? 12:01 AM

Vex: (yep 12:01 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( oh 12:02 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( just incase 12:02 AM

Vex: *the docking tunnel lights up as passengers get off of the ship descend into the hangar bay* 12:03 AM

Vex: *and descend 12:03 AM

Vex: Typo 12:03 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *One the passengers is a light blue eyed Irken scientist,his right eye is replaced with a robotic eye* 12:04 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( ) 12:04 AM

Averii eyed the ship with a bit of curiousity as the passengers marched out, then glanced to the guards as they continued to stare ahead blankly. 12:04 AM

Vex: *two other passengers get out, one of them a very tall Irken wearing a formal military scientist uniform and the other a purple eyed mathematician 12:05 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Nin: Ah good to see the ship isn't in flames,the Not-To-Be-Mentioned-Defe​ctive Invader must've missed this celebration. 12:06 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( i'm guessing the tallests give zim horribly incorrect instructions to the cruise ship 12:07 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: gave* 12:07 AM

Averii glanced to the guards again. 12:07 AM

Vex: And it's good that he did. I donated a free power core for the creation of this ship... 12:07 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( not that he'll appear or anything 12:07 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Nin: Yep. 12:07 AM

Vex: Er.... Not to mention all the innocent lives on the ship.... That too... 12:07 AM

Hitchhiker: A strange SIR Unit who was told to guard the ship walked out pass them. 12:08 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Guard:HEY! 12:08 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Guard: All SIR units must have their weapons removed before entering. 12:08 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Guard2: Tallest orders. 12:08 AM

Hitchhiker: "He would be dead," spoke the strange SIR Unit. He looked over to the guards. "I was sent here to guard ze ship." 12:09 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The 2nd guard points to a rusty metal sign that says "NO WEAPONS ALLOWED",the sign falls onto the floor* 12:09 AM

Averii eyed the sign with annoyance, then looked to the guards again, suddenly realizing his pointlessness in standing around. 12:09 AM

Averii: "Guardsmen! I'll be passing through now, if there are no more problems." 12:10 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *A loud noise is heard from the plauge runner* 12:10 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Guard:Yes sir. 12:10 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Nin:? What's that noise... 12:10 AM

Averii turns at the strange sound, and eyed the large ship suspiciously as he pauses midstride. 12:10 AM

Vex: What was that? *glances at the plague runner* 12:10 AM

Hitchhiker: The SIR Unit's head opened up, and several drills came out. 12:11 AM

Vex: Hm. *calls a crewman onboard and asks if he knew what the noise was* 12:11 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *A hole on the plauge runner's hangar door bursts open,and a small version of a spittle runner flew out of it* 12:11 AM

Averii dives for cover along with a guardsman 12:11 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *arguing voices come from the ship* 12:11 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The ship widly flies around out of control* 12:12 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Nin: Look out! 12:12 AM

Vex: Whoa! *sprints over to a control panel and uses the tractor beam to slow it down 12:12 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The ship haults from the tractor beam* 12:12 AM

Averii grabs the guard's discarded Shock-Spear and waves it around jerkily in panic as adrenaline fills him 12:12 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Familar voice:"GAURGGHHH! NO! STOP! QUIT PRESSING BUTTONS" 12:12 AM

Averii suddenly eyed the halted ship, and then the weapon he held. 12:12 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: " YOU QUIT POKING ME THEN!" 12:13 AM

Hitchhiker: The SIR Unit lowered its drills. 12:13 AM

Vex: Whew, that was close... And I almost don't have to ask who that is... *turns off the beam and let's the ship fall to the floor* 12:13 AM

Averii handed the weapon back to the guardsman, still getting back on his feet, and dusted his jacket off a bit as he continued to eye the debacle 12:14 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The ship crashes onto the ground,smoking* 12:14 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The cockpit window opens,three Irkens come out* 12:14 AM

Hitchhiker: The SIR Unit walked over to the Irkens. 12:15 AM

Quote: Hatbot: Man, you always crash. 12:16 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The three irkens are: a rage filled female Invader,an Irken wearing strange clothes and a robotic tophat,and a generic red eyed irken wearing weird clothes* 12:17 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( 12:17 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri: YOU IDIOTS! 12:17 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The female Invader was filled with horrible unmerciful rage,she shrieked at the two other irkens* 12:18 AM

Quote: Mario: *Sigh* Coming with you guys was a bad idea, wasn't it? 12:18 AM

Vex: Ugh. *walks up to the three* Why were you in my hangar? 12:18 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: HEYYYY,I WOULDN'T HAVE CRASHED THE SHIP IF YOU DIDn'T STOP POKING ME. 12:18 AM

Quote: Mario: *shrugs* Ask Schmoob. 12:18 AM

Vex: I swear, this happens every time I go anywhere... 12:18 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: Well,I assumed you wouldn't let me in your ship after...past incidents. 12:19 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: So I decided to stay in there. 12:19 AM

Quote: Mario: I wasn't poking ya! I was trying to adjust Hatbot's arm.. 12:19 AM

Averii stood idly with the two guards, watching from a distance. 12:19 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri: It doesn't MATTEr...who is...the...POKING POKERER 12:20 AM

Vex: Mmm.... Alright, well, you're here now, so you should all calm down and try not to wreck the maiden voyage of this very new and very expensive ship 12:20 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri: You two damaged my ship and made my entrance look HORRIBLE! 12:20 AM

Averii: "There's a point where I will have seen everything. This has gotten me a fair amount closer." Averii remarked neutrally. 12:20 AM

Hitchhiker: "Monsieur Schmoob?" said the SIR Unit, clearly having hoped for someone else. 12:20 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri:Especially YOU Schmoob. 12:20 AM

Quote: Hatbot: Angri, could you be quiet? You're reaaaaally annoying... and that's coming from me. 12:20 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Eh? Oh C'mon,I do this stuff all the time! 12:21 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri:EXACTLY. 12:21 AM

Quote: Mario: I didn't damage your ship. 12:21 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri:GAurgh....Sorry about this Vex,I'll pay for any damages these two fools have caused. 12:21 AM

Averii turned to a guardsman, shaking himself from a trance. 12:21 AM

Averii: "Guardsman, what and where do you get to eat here, anyway?" 12:21 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angrih and uh...let's not mention this to the high ranks..*whispers to Vex* 12:21 AM

Quote: Mario: *Sigh* I ain't a fool. You just want somebody to blame, don't ya? 

Vex: Alright, sounds good... Now, if you don't mind, let's proceed to the festivities. Id like to get out of this hangar before anyone else falls out of my ship 12:22 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Angri turned around,grinding her teeth and angrily glaring* 12:23 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:..0_0 12:23 AM

Quote: Hatbot: Awww MAN! We should have stayed home, we could of done something fun with Kiziklu.. or anything really. 12:23 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Trox falls out of the hangar hole* 12:23 AM

Quote: Mario: Eh.. 12:23 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Trox:Deuuuuagghh,did somedeh call ME NAME?! 12:23 AM

Averii poked the guardsman a few times, trying to shake them from their stupor. 12:24 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Trox,stay in the hangar until the celebration is over. If you do,I'll give you a COOKIE. 12:24 AM

Vex: Oh, whatever.... *walks up to where Averii and the guards are* those three back there are with me... That other one, maybe you shouldn't let him out of the hangar. *shows an ID card to the guards and proceeds to the elevator lift that they are guarding 12:24 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Trox:OH BOY! GFHFTGHFGHFG *Flails around horribly and falls back into the hangar screaming* 12:24 AM

Averii follows, shrugging at the silence 12:24 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri:*Follows Averii and Vex* 12:25 AM

Quote: Mario: *Follows Angri* 12:25 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob follows as well* 12:25 AM

Hitchhiker: The SIR Unit followed them. 12:25 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *A SIR unit followed them as well* 12:26 AM

Vex: Now, this is a really formal event, so you guys need to take it down a notch... We all have reputations, despite how low they might be... *glances back at Trox* 12:26 AM

Averii shifted uncomfortably, and distanced himself from the group in the small elevator. 12:27 AM

Vex: *The elevator door closes and begins to ascend to the upper levels of the ship 12:27 AM

Hitchhiker: ( So you know who the SIR Unit is. 12:27 AM

Quote: Hatbot: Uhggg this sounds boring. 12:27 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: At least Trox is in your hangar Vex..I wonder what he's doing. 12:27 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Meanwhile* 12:27 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Trox: *Pulls out a stick and lights it on fire* 12:28 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Trox: Imma bake me some guud snacks with a microwave. Mmhmm. 12:28 AM

Vex: *about twenty Irken guards are circling him with fire extinguishers and riot shields 12:28 AM

Averii: -Suddenly, an automated message in the elevator begins playing!- 12:28 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Trox:GDGDRHTHTFHHF NOO I ONLY WANTED TO BAKE COOKIES- 12:28 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Back at the elevator* 12:29 AM

Averii: AI: "Hello, and welcome to the Majestic." Came a feminine, automated voice. 12:29 AM

Vex: Huh, AI in the elevators too... Fancy. 12:30 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri: Vex is right,you two are supposed to be supporting me as an invader. Do NOT screw this up,the Almighty Tallest will be here,along with other high ranks. 12:30 AM

Averii: AI: "You are currently: Inbound, from the: Docking Bay. Destination is: Food Court Four." 12:30 AM

Averii suddenly perks up, his antennae standing up 12:30 AM

Averii: "Actually, the Tallest will not be attending this voyage." 12:31 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: This ship is boring,but I'm horribly terrified of you,so ok. 12:31 AM

Quote: Hatbot: "You two"..? So that means I can screw it up? YAY! 12:31 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob takes out a poster of a crudely drawn picture of Angri,words under her read "Angri IS DA BEST"* 12:31 AM

Averii eyed the group for a moment, then resumed staring ahead as the elevator continued it's ascent. 12:31 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri: *sighs* 12:31 AM

Vex: Yeah, admiral shiv will be here, the Tallests, invaders, elite commanders... Everyone who is everyone, pretty much. 12:31 AM

Vex: So everyone on their best behavior 12:31 AM

Quote: Mario: Well you're a pretty rude person, who insulted me a few minutes ago. Sooo I don't really care. 12:32 AM

Quote: (that was to Angri 12:32 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Kiz: Angri,I'm afraid I will have to agree with Mario..a bit. 12:32 AM

Averii taps his foot impatiently, the elevator continuing it's ascent. 12:32 AM

Averii: "Tallest, why would they make these things take so long?" He muttered, crossing his arms. 12:33 AM

Hitchhiker: "I heard there's going to be a visitor," spoke JIR. "From Smalvada." 12:33 AM

Vex: *looks at Averii* *whispers* who is that guy? 12:33 AM

Quote: Hatbot: I dunno. 12:34 AM

Quote: Hatbot: *looks at Averii* HEY DUDE, WHO ARE YOU? 12:34 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Kiz was a SIR unit with a yellow color scheme,his head was dome shaped with 3 eyes on the left of his head,and one huge telescopic eye on the right connected by wires,his mouth was a strange square shaped object with 3 sideways slots,he spoke with a built in microphone* 12:34 AM

Averii eyed the machine cautiously as it completed it's shout, and stared back neutrally. 12:34 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri: *sigh*..I guess I could calm down a bit Kiz. 12:35 AM

Averii: "Senior Invader-Class Averii." 12:35 AM

Hitchhiker: "Namiwar will be there," JIR said. 12:36 AM

Quote: Hatbot: You're a senior citizen? Okay. 12:36 AM

Vex: An invader? Which op did you serve in? 12:36 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri: But if they do something,and I mean anything,I SWEAR,I'm going to kick their as- 12:36 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Kiz: Calm down Angri. 12:36 AM

Quote: Mario: PFFF- What, you're not joking? Do you honestly think you could fight us... and win? 12:36 AM

Averii: "I'm not sure if the rank is made up or not," He sighed, "But I'm here in any case to represent the Tallest and all that, since they're off doing... Something." 12:36 AM

Averii: Averii shrugged, and his arms went to his sides as the elevator suddenly began to slow. 12:37 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Kiz: Mario,please. I would not advise suggesting that. 12:37 AM

Quote: Mario: Whatever. She doesn't scare me.. 12:37 AM

Vex: They aren't here? Hm. Oh, looks like we are almost to the food court 12:37 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Kiz:*whispers* She has serious anger issues,she can get destructive. 12:37 AM

Averii: "They better have nachos." He grumbled. 12:37 AM

Quote: Mario: Yeaaah.. I noticed that. 12:37 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri:*grumbles to herself* 12:38 AM

Averii: -The elevator chimed, and the door slid open to reveal a mostly empty cafeteria.- 12:38 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: You look like a rouge fruit blender. *Pokes Kiz's head* 12:38 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Kiz:*Sighs* 12:39 AM

Averii walked out apprehensibly, and strode over to the counter as the small machine behind the counter flickered to life. 12:39 AM

Quote: Hatbot: *looks at Schmoob* HAAAHAAAHEAA! That's a pretty good joke.. 12:39 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri: Why the heck is this place empty? Is there food posioning spreading through the ship or something? 12:39 AM

Averii: FRI-0451: "Greetings," It droned, twitching a few times as a blue light filled it's eyes; resembling the top-half of a SIR unit, it was bolted to a machine behind the counter. 12:39 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri:*walks out* 12:39 AM

Vex: Hm. *walks over to the machine* 12:40 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob and Kiz walk out as well,along with Nin* 12:40 AM

Quote: Mario: *walks out* 12:40 AM

Averii: FRI-0451: "Welcome to Food Court FOUR!" It beamed, flailing it's arms for a moment. "What may I get you, fleshbag?" 12:40 AM

Averii eyed it strangely, then leaned forward. 12:40 AM

Averii: "I'll have some nachos, I guess." 12:40 AM

Hitchhiker: JIR: *Follows Vex* 12:41 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Nin: I can't wait to show the other scientists and high ranks my newest inventions,they will be FAS-CI-NATED! 12:41 AM

Quote: Mario: Nah. 12:41 AM

Averii: The machine nodded, and turned for a moment. Then, after a loud humming from behind another counter, a robotic arm appeared from the ceiling, reaching down behind said counter. 12:41 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: Did you invent a coffee machine that can shoot pig corpses at enemies? 12:42 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Nin:....What purpose would that even serve? 12:42 AM

Averii: FRI-0451: "Doughnut Spaghetti with cheese bits, just as you asked!" It beamed, spinning around as a mass of noodles and sugar suddenly went flying. 12:42 AM

Quote: Mario:*Glares at Nin* Oh by the way, you got rid of those blueprints about Zik, righhht? 12:42 AM

Averii jumped, and with a yelp, was knocked onto his back and over a barrier as it collided with his face 12:42 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Nin: I have no idea what you're talking about. 12:42 AM

Quote: Mario: ... 12:43 AM

Hitchhiker: There was a strange, extremely obese creature which resembled a Mongoose was in a floating chair stuffing its mouth with food. 12:43 AM

Quote: Mario: :l 12:43 AM

Averii: FRI-0451: "Have a nice day!" 12:43 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Nin:*Looking at the FRI bot* 12:43 AM

Quote: Mario: Stop lying dude. 12:43 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Kiz: I am detecting severe internal damage,that robot is defective. 12:43 AM

Quote: Mario: Pretty much everyone knows about 'em. 12:43 AM

Averii: Suddenly, the machine vibrated, and with a few sparks as it's eyes came loose, exploded, sending metal and a strange fluff everywhere. 12:43 AM

Quote: Mario: Because of that one time... and yeah, you already know. 12:44 AM

Averii: In the aftermath, a small note saying what could be interpreted as 'Out of Order' drifted down. 12:44 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Nin: OH! You mean THAT blueprint,heh. I was just..uh..I was working on some stuff for Zik to amplify his abilities. Y'know 12:44 AM

Vex: Whoa, that's a problem.... *glancing at the FRI machine 12:44 AM

Averii: (Credit to Schmoob for the idea of a defective FRI-Bot, by the way) 12:44 AM

Quote: Mario: Suuure. 12:44 AM

Averii lay still for a moment, his face covered by an amalgamation of noodle and frosting. 12:44 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Nin: You,Zik,and the others obviously fight inter dimensional threats often,and other horrible stuff,so why not upgrade your stuff? 12:45 AM

Hitchhiker: The strange, overweight mongoose barfed, and then continued to eat. 12:45 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Nin: Speaking of upgrades,here's a cool laser sword,just for you. 12:45 AM

Quote: Mario: >​_>​... 12:45 AM

Averii sat up slowly as he shook his arms, gagging and growling as he began to get to his feet once more. 12:45 AM

Quote: Mario: Yeah okay. If you're lying, you're gonna pay. 12:45 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Nin handed Mario a blue blade sword,it's blade was transparent and made strange distorted noises as it moved* 12:46 AM

Vex: You guys are terrible at formal events, just gonna point that out... 12:46 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Nin: It can cut through most materials,including Irken flesh of course. 12:46 AM

Averii: "...That sucked!" He hissed, his hands flying across his face as he tried to wipe the sugary mess away. 12:46 AM

Quote: Mario: Because I'll be able to tell. Vok owes me a bunch for me doing him a solid favor, and I can easily just tell him to find the blueprints and all your research. 12:47 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Nin: ....0_0... 12:47 AM

Quote: Mario: Thanks for the offer, but I have my own weapons. 12:47 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri:...Who's Vok? 12:47 AM

Quote: Mario: My dad. 12:47 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Nin:*Begins to sweat* Um..Heh.. uh..let's not bring any super natural things into this,ok? 12:48 AM

Averii: The tray clattered to the floor, and after a moment a chamber in the ceiling hissed open, and down descended a service drone 12:48 AM

Quote: Mario: Nope, too late. 12:48 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Nin: I might be forced to..uh...use force. No offense. 12:48 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*whispers to Mario* 12:48 AM

Averii: After a moment of nodding and grunting, the short Irken jumped off of the platform he stood on, and extended a mop as a bucket hovered down after. 12:48 AM

Quote: Mario: *Smirks* Oh but didn't you say that the research was INTENDED to help us? Why are you acting so.. suspicious? 12:49 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: *whisper* Please DON'T,any Irkens that investigate might blame me for it,with me being involved in that kind of stuff. 12:49 AM

Averii: Service Drone Mij: "Hey, you!" He barked, rather loud for his dimunitive stature. 12:49 AM

Hitchhiker: The strange creature floated over to them. "You must be Averii," he gargled. "The Tallest told me you would be here representing them." 12:49 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*whisper* The looney bin was HORRIBLE,plllleeeassseee​. 12:50 AM

Averii eyed the janitor drone, then the mongoose-creature. 12:50 AM

Quote: Mario: *Whispers back* He can't put you back there for no reason.. 12:50 AM

Quote: in there* 12:50 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:NO,not him...the Irken Military 12:50 AM

Averii: "Yeah, though right now I'm a bit busy dealing with this, sorry." 12:50 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*whisper* Pllllllleeeassseeeee 12:51 AM

Averii: The service drone growled in frustration, and kicked Averii softly in the shin, causing the blue-eyed Irken to recoil and stumble back in surprise. 12:51 AM

Quote: Mario: *Sigh* I have to do it Schmoob.. I just have to. 12:51 AM

Hitchhiker: "Very well," said the mongoose. 12:51 AM

Quote: Mario: *Whisper* What if he's planning to harm Zik? 12:51 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*whisper* I'll spend a whole day doing whatever you want,just PLEASE don't. 12:51 AM

Averii: SD-Mij: "HEY, MOVE IT!" He barked again. "I've got a food court to clean, and a FRI to fix!" 12:51 AM

Quote: Mario: I can't have that happen, Schmoob. I'd never forgive myself. 12:51 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*whisper* He's pretty weak,Zik will kill him easily. 12:51 AM

Averii: Grumbling, Averii glanced at the short drone. "Fine, give me a moment." 12:52 AM

Averii: The drone's eyes narrowed. 12:52 AM

Averii: SD-Mij: "I said, MOVE IT!" He repeated. "Not just you!" 12:52 AM

Hitchhiker: "I would assume you would all recognize me," said the mongoose. 12:53 AM

Vex: Hey short stuff, I don't think it's your place to talk that way to an invader. 12:53 AM

Quote: Mario: Yeah, but he could still hurt him. Like if he attacked him while he was off-guard. 12:53 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: Ok..fine..uh..I'll umm..remember that Alternate Zik? Well..uh..I'll give you something for you both to use while you're's uh.. 12:53 AM

Vex: *walks up to the service drone 12:53 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*whispering* 12:53 AM

Averii: The drone eyed Vex aggressively. 12:53 AM

Averii: SD-Mij: "It may not be my place, but I have a job to do!" He pointed at the discarded tray, and the smoking remains of the FRI. 12:54 AM

Averii: SD-Mij: "So again, with all due respect," He growled, "Get moving! Go to another Food Court, we've got like twelve of them!" 12:54 AM

Quote: Hatbot: *listening to their conversation* Ooh, is he talking about some kind of present? 12:54 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The whispers cause Mario to suddenly blush* 12:55 AM

Hitchhiker: "You all know who I am, RIGHT?!" spoke the mongoose in a firm tone. 12:55 AM

Averii: The Service Drone's goggled eyes bore imaginary holes as he glared at the mostly ignorant Irkens around him. 12:55 AM

Vex: Yeah, sorry about these guys... They do this all the time. *to the service drone* 12:56 AM

Quote: Mario: O-oh.. um.. thanks for the offer, but no thanks. I'm gonna stick with what I said before. 12:56 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: Just don't do it when Z's around- 12:56 AM

Hitchhiker: JIR glared at the mongoose. "Typical celebrity needs attention," he said. 12:56 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: He's about 3 y'know. 12:56 AM

Quote: Mario: Yeah, I know. 12:56 AM

Averii: With a sigh, the Drone began to grumble and get to work, placing the tray on another platform as he began to scrub away at the remaining sugar-noodles. 12:57 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Nin: We'd better move to another food court. 12:57 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Nin: This one seems abandonded. 12:57 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: abandoned* 12:57 AM

Vex: I'm going up to the bridge... That's where all the festivities are. 12:57 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: Look,I'll only give stuff to you only if you promise to not call Vok,ok? 12:58 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:PLLLEEASSEEEE,doo ett for ME! 12:58 AM

Averii: "This food court is defective!" Called Averii from the corner of the room, wiping his gloves off on a spare rag, held by his PAK. 12:58 AM

Quote: Mario: Sorry, I have to. 12:58 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob holds up a picture of a crying LIR and a weeping young Schmoob,horrible sad violin music plays* 12:58 AM

Quote: Mario: Okay, let's go. 12:58 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri:*Follows Vex back to the elevator* 12:59 AM

Hitchhiker: The mongoose went into the elevator. 12:59 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Kiz and Nin follow as well* 12:59 AM

Quote: Hatbot: OOOOOOO GET DENIED Schmoob! 12:59 AM

Hitchhiker: JIR went in as well. 12:59 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob follows,bugging Mario about Vok* 12:59 AM

Quote: Mario: *follows Angri* 12:59 AM

Vex: *Goes up to the bridge 12:59 AM

Averii walks off and takes a different elevator, this time looking for the things closest to showers. 1:00 AM

Averii: (Vex, you've got the basic information about the Captain of the ship, right?) 1:00 AM

Averii: (Basic being name.) 1:00 AM

Vex: (Yeah, I think so 1:00 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: How about a robotic beaver that knows martial arts? 1:00 AM

Quote: Mario: *Sigh* No. 

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Anything! Anything at all! 

1:01 AM

Averii: -Meanwhile, on the bridge! (Cue batman transition music)- 1:01 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*violently shakes Mario* C"MON MARIO,MY FREEDOM IS AT STAKE *Yelling* 1:01 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Kiz,Nin,and Angri stare at Schmoob,startled* 1:02 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:...Uh... 1:02 AM

Quote: Mario: Hm, I've got one thing in mind. 1:02 AM

Quote: Mario: How about....... 1:02 AM

Hitchhiker: The mongoose floated out onto the bridge. 1:03 AM

Quote: Mario: You let me call on Vok to investigate Nin's stuff. 1:03 AM

Averii: Sevo: "Navigator, confirm heading?" He grunted, his uniform pristine. 1:03 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*Moves antennae toward Mario,listening* 1:03 AM

Quote: Mario: That sounds like a pretty good one. 1:03 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Meanwhile,on the bridge* 1:03 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *A navigator loudly eats a bag of cheesy snack puffs while working on a computer* 1:04 AM

Averii: CPT Sevo: "I repeat, Navigator, confirm heading? We've got places to go, and the Docking Bay reports all guests of honor are checked in." 1:04 AM

Averii: Captain Sevo narrowed his eyes after a continued quiet, filled with a munching noise. 1:05 AM

Vex: *Vex looks around the room, and sees the captain, as well as grand admiral Shiv, many captains and commanders, and a prerecorded video of the Tallests 1:05 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Navigator: Oh Uh..Mggklorgh..*chewing snacks* MONFNFIMED 1:05 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Navigator:MMHM,MEHFGHP 1:06 AM

Averii: Groaning in annoyance, the purple-eyed Captain's left hand went to his face. 1:06 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The navigator nods at the captain,covered in cheese puff dust* 1:06 AM

Quote: (afl 1:07 AM

Quote: (afk* 1:07 AM

Averii: Sevo: "That's it then, we're underway." He turned, facing his fellow officers, the hum of the engines growing in volume. 1:07 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob walks out the elevator and enters the bridge* 1:07 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( pause,mario is brb 1:07 AM

Averii: Sevo: "Fellow officers, it is my great pleasure to again welcome you to the Maiden Voyage of the Majestic." 1:07 AM

Hitchhiker: The mongoose turned to Averii. "I am Yax Yanigan," he spoke. "Judge of Monga, CEO of Yax Industries, author of The Totally Legit Guide to Intelligence, author of The Totally Legit Guide to Astronomy, and the guy whose face is seen on some coins." 

Averii nodded. 1:08 AM

Averii: "I'm Averii, and I'm trying to clean my shirt of sugar and noodles." 1:08 AM

Averii: Sevo: "I see some of our guests have arrived on the bridge, actually," He gestured towards Vax, a screen descending behind them with a paused video waiting to resume. 1:09 AM

Hitchhiker: (I forgot Averii was in the shower. 1:09 AM

Averii: (That got awkward fast, didn't it?) 1:09 AM

Vex: *turns around to look at the screen* 1:09 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Is Averii still in the shower,or no? 1:10 AM

Averii: (Yes, he's trying to cleanse doughnut spaghetti from his favorite jacket/shirt thing) 1:10 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( oh ok 1:10 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( While Mario is BRB,anyone see the planet articles I made? 1:10 AM

Averii: Sevo: "Now, despite the fact that the Tallest couldn't be here, instead sending Senior Invader Averii to represent them," 1:11 AM

Averii: (I saw a few of them, will see more later) 1:11 AM

Averii: Sevo: "Our mighty leaders have left us a prerecorded message for our Maiden Voyage!" 1:11 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( I decided to make some more planets instead of dimensions,since we have too many of them 1:11 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( I'll be making more. 1:11 AM

Averii: On the bridge, a few quiet claps resounded before Sevo raised his hand to quiet them. 1:12 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Were they good? 1:12 AM

Averii: (I thought they were decent) 1:12 AM

Averii: Sevo: "Now, for a message from our leaders." 1:12 AM

Quote: (back 1:13 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( ok mario is back 1:13 AM

Quote: (wot, why didn't you pause- 1:13 AM

Averii: -Meanwhile, elsewhere as a soaking Ave emerges with a wet but clean uniform- 1:13 AM

Averii: (You didn't miss anything important) 1:13 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob,Kiz,Angri,and Nin watch the video of the tallests* 1:13 AM

Averii: "I hate sugar so much," Averii sighed. 1:14 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: "Ah got sum sugar" 1:14 AM

Quote: Hatbot: Oooh! A video... 1:14 AM

Hitchhiker: (Is it on YouTube? 1:14 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *A vibrating alien wearing dirty filthy clothes is in the corner,one of his eyes fall out* 1:14 AM

Averii: Glancing about for the elevator, he began a swift march as he heard the telltale thump and hum of footsteps and repulsor units from behind him. 1:14 AM

Averii: "Oh, and reporters!" He hissed aloud, breaking into a run. 1:15 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Alien:*screams at Averii* "YA WUNT SUM MAGICAL SUGA?!" 1:15 AM

Averii: "This is going to be a long voyage," He hissed quietly. 1:15 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The alien holds a baggy filled with a sugar like subtance,a picture of a rainbow is on it* 1:15 AM

Averii: -Back on the Bridge.- 1:15 AM


Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: *munching on popcorn back at the bridge,watching the video* 1:16 AM

Vex: (You mean pap corn, Schmoob? 1:17 AM

Averii: Sevo: "-And thus concludes a message from our leaders." The screen pulled back into the ceiling, a triumphant fanfare playing quietly. Now, if you'll all join me 1:17 AM

Averii: (Damn it, wasn't ready with that line) 1:17 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*whispers* *coughs out some popcorn* So uh,*cough* Mario *nom* anything ya can do besides callin Vok? 1:17 AM

Averii: "Now, if you'll all join me in the main dining hall, the main reception is scheduled to start about now!" 1:17 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The popcorn tub reads "PUPCURN",a drooling happy face is next tit* 1:17 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: it* 1:17 AM

Hitchhiker: (Were there any pop-ups on the video? 1:18 AM

Averii: Suddenly, as groups of officers begin to march to the elevators and stairs, the Navigator's console begins to flash. 1:18 AM

Averii: Pausing, Sevo turns. 1:18 AM

Averii: "Navigator, what is that?" He asked, approaching the cheese-dusted area with caution. 1:18 AM

Quote: Mario: *whispers* Not really 1:18 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( mario,pm 1:19 AM

Vex: *follows Sevo and the officers 1:19 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Navigator:Um..uh.. 1:19 AM

Hitchhiker: JIR followed Vex. 1:19 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Navigator:*points to a random green eyed navigator* 1:19 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Navigator2:? 1:19 AM

Averii: Narrowing his eyes in annoyance, Sevo turned to the other Navigator. 1:20 AM

Hitchhiker: "There is something wrong, I tell you!" spoke Yax Yanigan. "WRONG!" 1:20 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Guard: NO FOOD ALLOWED NEAR THE CONTROL PANELS 1:20 AM

Averii: "What've we picked up?" 1:20 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Guard2:ARREST HIM! 1:20 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *A group of guards grab the green eyed navigator,he screams for mercy and is dragged away* 1:21 AM

Averii: Sevo facepalmed, the Navigator mute and confused, and reached for the console himself. 1:21 AM

Hitchhiker: Namiwar of Sockattack was standing at the back of the dining hall with three strange cages, each holding a horrifying creature inside. 1:21 AM

Averii: Ignoring the scuffle behind him, the screen turned red as text began to scroll down it's side. 1:21 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Navigator1:*Puts snack bag in PAK* 1:21 AM

Averii: "Hm. Divert course, we're investigating this." 1:22 AM

Averii: -Elsewhere, with less cheese puffs.- 

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob is in the dining hall,walking with Mario* 1:23 AM

Averii suddenly runs by, pursued by a reporter and a swarm of camera drones, the helmeted Irken barking questions. 1:24 AM

Vex: (I gtg... Do you want me to get vex out of the RP somehow or what? 1:24 AM

Quote: Hatbot: This place is boring. The word boring is... boring. Me talking about boring stuff is kinda boring. 1:24 AM

Averii: (You can probably just leave, it'd work fine as far as I can tell) 1:25 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( yeah 1:25 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Maybe Vex had to do something 1:25 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( important 1:26 AM

Vex: (Ok 1:26 AM

Averii: (Or Vex randomly disappears somewhere between the Bridge and the Dining Hall) 1:26 AM

Averii: (Then reappears later on, the trick for that being at what point the RP is at) 1:26 AM

Averii: (If we're still in the part with oh god so much boring lack of parasite hive mind, it's easy) 1:27 AM

Averii: (If we're at the part where everyone is being eaten by parasite worms, then we'll have to find a way to get them to come in as one of the few survivors believably) 1:27 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( but wouldn't there be a reason for him doing so? 1:27 AM

Vex: *Vex's phone starts ringing and he answers it* 1:27 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( oh nvm 1:27 AM

Vex: Yeah... Oh, ok. No, no, I can get there....... Right, I understand. Ok, bye. 1:28 AM

Averii: -Convenient Time Skip!- 1:28 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( wait vex should finish doing whatever that just was 1:29 AM

Averii: -It's about half an hour later, party things happening, etcetera- 1:29 AM

Averii: (The time skip makes everything easier, though) 1:29 AM

Averii: (Vex can have done whatever they needed to do in that space of time easily) 1:30 AM

Vex: (Yeah, we aren't recording this or whatever, so it's fine... Everyone knows that he left here 1:30 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( ok 1:31 AM

Averii: (Man, there is too much content before the worms, I should've cut off a ton of content in retrospect) 1:31 AM

Vex: (Ok, bye. I'll be back tomorrow. Will you guys be on here or on the IEW? 1:31 AM

Averii: (I'll probably be on both.) 1:32 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Its fine Crav,its been a while since we've rped,the more rping the better 1:32 AM

Vex: (k, bye 1:32 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( ill be on both 1:32 AM

Averii: (Goodbye.) 1:32 AM

Quote: (bye 

Quote: (bye 1:33 AM

Hitchhiker: (In Alien, there's a lot of build-up before the death starts happening. 1:33 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( yeah,we should have more stuff happen before the worm doom happens 1:34 AM

Averii: (Yeah, but I just feel I've made us go through too much unneeded stuff.) 1:34 AM

Averii: (Hangar to Food court would've made a respectable first chapter in a story, I think.) 1:34 AM

Hitchhiker: (There was something I wanted to feature in. 1:34 AM

Averii: (After that to now would be better as a quick summary at the start of the second chapter, explaining how we got to the party.) 1:34 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( I've already recorded the rp already,so its fine 1:35 AM

Averii: (I'll probably try to make a typed, more storylike version of this later. Well, let's carry on then.) 1:35 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( ok 1:35 AM

Averii: Sevo: "-What do you mean, they're missing?" He hissed, holding the PAK-communicator close to him as he turned away from the crowd. 1:36 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Nin: I see Vex was busy as usual. 1:37 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri:Yep,he always leaves out of nowhere. 1:37 AM

Averii: Sevo: "Reestablish contact with the scout team!" He barked softly. "Get me that Invader, too!" 1:38 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Anyone find it strange how he left without an explanation- 1:38 AM

Quote: Hatbot: Uhg, loyalists everywhere.. plus this place is pretty boring. Could it possibly get any worse? 1:38 AM

Averii: With a groan of exasperation, the device slid back into the PAK, and the Captain turned tiredly back towards the hall. 1:38 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri:Be quiet Schmoob. 1:38 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:What if a horrible species of parasitic space mutants spread throughout the ship causing doom and destruction? 1:39 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri: That would NEVER happen! 1:39 AM

Averii: The chamber was crowded; a bit too much for his tastes; though at least they weren't meant for combat. 1:39 AM

Averii: A few moments passed as he stayed in the shadows; he never liked speeches, and he felt the officers staring holes through him. 1:40 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Multiple invaders from the show are seen in the room,eating food and talking* 1:40 AM

Averii: It felt like an eternity, but finally a blue-eyed Irken marched forth from the crowd, and snapped off a salute. 1:40 AM

Averii: "Reporting as requested, Captain," Averii nodded. "What seems to be the trouble?" 1:41 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:WOOOOOOOOOO! *waving arms* 1:41 AM

Averii: The Captain winced as a shorter Irken flailed wildly, then focused back on Averii. 1:41 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: ADAM IS GREAT! *screams* 1:41 AM

Averii: "Invader, we've got a problem, and since you're representing the Tallest I wanted you to be one of the first to know." 1:42 AM

Averii: A screen deployed from his PAK, and a few bystanders stared as it flickered to life, displaying a red-orange dustball. 1:42 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( So are the other invaders doing to present themselves too or something? 1:42 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( not for the tallests but 1:43 AM

Averii: (I dunno, the other Invaders and people are just there.) 1:43 AM

Averii: (Originally they were intended to be generic civilians or something, but eh, I'll just go with it.) 1:43 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Ok 1:43 AM

Quote: Mario: *Taps Schmoob on the shoulder* Stop yelling man... you're kind of embarrassing us. 1:44 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri:*Takes out a gigantic wad of paper,it contains a detailed typed speech* 1:44 AM

Hitchhiker: A man from Smalvada stood by the cages containing the strange, horrific creatures. 1:44 AM

Averii: Sevo: "We detected an anomalous signal from this planet, a dustball called Tei Tenga 4, as you can see..." He shifted and sighed. 1:44 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: I'm being euthuastic of Abber! 1:44 AM

Averii: Sevo: "We diverted course to investigate, despite the fact we aren't military, and sent down a scout ship." Averii's eyes widened. 1:45 AM

Averii: "Lost contact? That can't be good." 1:45 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Y'know,like a loyal friend should,speaking of loyal friends,how about you not call Vok and doom me to a life in prison,eh? 1:45 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri:*Reads her speech over and over,sweating nervously* 1:45 AM

Averii: The Captain shook his head. "No, it's not." Suddenly, the room darkened, and then turned red. 1:45 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Kiz:*sits next to Angri,idle* 1:46 AM

Averii: -An alarm begins to blare, and people begin to panic- 1:46 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Angri:HAU-WHA?! IS IT MY TURN TO PRESENT?! 1:46 AM

Quote: Mario: :l 1:46 AM

Averii: AI: "Collision alert!" Barked a feminine, artificial voice. 1:46 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Kiz:There seems to be an alarm going on,master. 1:46 AM

Hitchhiker: The cages containing the strange creatures began to shake. 1:46 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: COLLISION?! 1:47 AM

Quote: Mario: Yeah whatever, you abuse Hatbot and put my life in danger every other day. 1:47 AM

Hitchhiker: "Something is wrong," spoke the man. "It could release the Pals!" 1:47 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: WE'RE GONNA DIEEE! 1:47 AM

Averii: Then, the ship shook, and with a scream, Invaders and Service Drones alike tumbled and fell as the lights went out. 1:47 AM


Averii: In the darkness, as he struggled to right himself as red emergency lights replaced the warning lights, 1:48 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: MARIO! BEFORE WE DIE IN A HORRIBLE,FIREY DEATH,I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT....I'm sorry for being a horrible jerk....also I ate all your snacks at home. 1:48 AM

Averii: Averii felt something hit his skull, and things went dark. 1:48 AM

Hitchhiker: The noise of breaking glass was heard, and then a snap. 1:48 AM

Quote: Mario: *Sigh* 1:48 AM

Averii: -Screams fill the room, and the Captain barks orders as Officers try and contain the chaos- 1:49 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The ship jerks again,sending everyone but averii flying,the lights flicker* 1:49 AM

Averii is carried off as creatures and panicked Irkens mix in the red light, and something from below begins to scurry about with one thought in mind: 1:49 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:DEEAUGGHGFHGSEDHDRF​ 1:49 AM

Quote: Mario: Y'know, I could be at home right now... gazing at the stars with Kiziklu.. but no, I'm at some weird celebration that has gone horribly wrong. 1:49 AM

Averii: Survive. 1:49 AM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken1:50 AM

Quote: Mario: We- ..! *falls over from the ship's sudden movement* 1:50 AM

1:50 AM

Quote: Hatbot: This is gettin' spoooooky 1:50 AM

1:51 AM

"The guard of the Pals," spoke the voice of Sockattack, "has been killed." 

Generic intro text with my -hyphen things- to make it look important/ominous or something 

9:49 PM

Averii: Averii wakes up with a headache and rolls out of the med-pod-thing 9:49 PM

Averii: Generic medical bay with no one inside, it's a bit trashed 9:49 PM

Averii: Wierd noises will be heard, Ave gets to a weapon and wonders why he's talking to himself 9:50 PM

Averii: He opens one of the doors and either A. Someone's on the other side of it freaking out 9:50 PM

Averii: Or B. Monster freak thingies! 9:50 PM

Averii: Or even C. MONKEYS GOD DAMMI- 9:50 PM

Averii has been beaten down by psi-monkey 9:50 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( BBBBBBBBBB 9:50 PM

Averii: But yeah, when he opens the door one of you can take the opportunity to make it a buildup to one of your characters, 9:51 PM

Hitchhiker: (C 9:52 PM

Averii: Or if I don't see any text for a bit I'll just spawn generic monster 9:52 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *A horrible blob covered in tenetacles hisses,robotic parts are attached to it,it has 6 eyes and a mouth that splits open,revealing sharp teeth* 9:53 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Blob:GFDHGDHDRFGRSGDDSAU​RGHHHH *roars* 9:53 PM

Averii looks to his saw for a moment, expression blank. 9:53 PM

Averii looks to the monster. 9:53 PM

Averii looks to the saw once more, and backs into the med-bay, closing the door... 9:53 PM

Averii then bashes the control panel to lock the door, and goes for the other one. 9:53 PM

Hitchhiker: (LOL 9:54 PM

Averii: (So much nope) 9:54 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Blobtear falls* *violin music* 9:54 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The blob crawls away* 9:54 PM

Averii: (Gah! Emoticons!) 9:54 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( press the emoticon button to shut them off 9:54 PM

Averii: (I'm not a room admin) 9:55 PM

Quote: (back 9:55 PM

Averii: (Finally!) 9:55 PM

Averii: (We can do things!) 9:55 PM

Averii: (Krev asks all to remember, don't do jack diddley until door opens, mmk) 9:56 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( it's the smiley face next to the noise airhorn looking thing on top 

-The Majestic.- 9:57 PM

Averii: -Millions of tons of steel, circuits, snackfoods, and hallways...- 9:57 PM

Averii: -Missing.- 9:57 PM

Averii: -The Tallest are not amused.- 9:57 PM

Averii: -However...- 9:57 PM

Averii: -They are also unsure of it's fate.- 9:57 PM

Averii: -Then again, neither are those left aboard, aside from the fact of the collision...- 9:57 PM

Averii: -Especially so with Invader Averii.- 9:58 PM

Averii: The first thing that came to him, after his back screamed with webs of crackling pain, was the wet feeling. 9:58 PM

Averii: "Gah!" He gasped, bolting up as the PAK winded down, the aftereffects of the Jolt particularly energizing. 9:59 PM

Averii looked around quickly, shivering as his head seemed to throb from within. A medical bay. 10:00 PM

Averii: "Empty..." He noted, sliding himself out of the medpod. 10:00 PM

Averii: Slick with the regenerative goos of the medpod, Averii looked disdainfully at the black jumpsuit he'd normally only see under his jacket. 10:01 PM

Averii: -Suddenly, a strange screech resounds through the ship as it shudders!- 10:01 PM

Averii: "What in the..." Averii grunted, his head throbbing as the sound faded. A moment later, he resolved that he'd mourn his clothes later. That couldn't be good. 10:02 PM

Averii looked around the medical bay, somewhat trashed and damaged, and saw something promising on the ground... 10:02 PM

Averii: "Medical Saw." He said aloud, glancing to the door closest to where the noise came from. 10:03 PM

Averii: Stepping carefully, he yanked the saw up in his ungloved hands, and shuddered a bit at the slick texture the medpod's goo gave it. 10:03 PM

Averii: -Another screech, this time louder and closer from the other side of the door.- 10:04 PM

Averii darted to the side of the door, ignoring the pain in his head, and eyed the control panel carefully. 10:04 PM

Averii: "One..." He breathed. "Two..." He raised his hand... 10:05 PM

Averii: "Three!" He barked, slamming his fist into it as the door slid back, and he darted into the doorway, his medical instrument at the ready. 10:05 PM

Averii: (Anyone gonna jump in?) 10:06 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob was behind the door,playing a video game,monster screams erupt from it* 10:06 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: Oh. Hi. 

Averii stops, tensed up, and stares for a moment at the red-eyed Irken in the damaged corridor. 10:06 PM

Hitchhiker: (I'm going to in a bit.) 10:07 PM

Averii: "...Who are you?" He asked, somewhat disappointed as he relaxed. 10:07 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: It's ME! Schmoob. 10:07 PM

Averii stared for a moment. 10:07 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*shuts off his disguise,he transforms into his default pink eyed Irken form* 10:07 PM

Averii: "Riiiiight." He narrowed his eyes. "Where is everybody?" 10:08 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*He looked shorter and had longer antennae,and wore a standard invader uniform* 10:08 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: Ah dunno. 10:08 PM

Averii frowned for a moment. 10:09 PM

Averii: -Suddenly, another screech rings out; this time from the other door!- 10:09 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: Uh...Don't open that. 10:09 PM

Averii turns slowly, looking at the door. 10:09 PM

Averii: -A giant claw-like thing bursts through the metal partially, and a more animalistic screech is heard!- 10:10 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: O_O 10:10 PM

Averii: His eyes widened, and Averii looked to the control panel next to their door in slight distress. 10:10 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: Umm...uh..uh 10:10 PM

Averii: "I have a suggestion, 'Schmoob'..." Averii sighed. 10:11 PM

Averii: "Run." 10:11 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*takes out a piece of wood,and nails it to the door* 10:11 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Fixed. 10:11 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The door breaks more* 10:11 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: AHHHH!!! 10:11 PM

Averii: -The creature screeches, and three more claws burst through the metal and wood!- 10:11 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*Schmoob runs out the other door* 10:11 PM

Averii grimaces, and smacks the door's control panel repeatedly as they leave 10:12 PM

Averii: -The ship shudders again, and you stumble at a junction!- 10:12 PM

Averii smashes into a wall, but recovers quickly as he rubs his head gingerly 10:13 PM

Averii: -The junction is stained with blood, and a few strange chunks of what look like meat lay on the floor in pools!- 10:14 PM

Averii stared for a moment. Then, his eye twitched a few times. 10:15 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Eww... 10:15 PM

Averii: "...Dead things! This can't possibly be good!" He chuckled grimly. 10:16 PM

Averii: -To the left leads to what looks like a foodcourt; to the right seems to lead to another bay. Straight ahead is an elevator.- 10:16 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: Hmm..I wonder where Mario is..What if that's his HORRIBLE remains O_o 10:16 PM

Averii shrugged. 10:17 PM

Averii: "These look pretty fresh to me. Eugh, squishy." 10:17 PM

Averii: -Another screech sounds from behind as you hear a bashing on the door!- 10:17 PM

Averii looks around indecisively in panic! 10:18 PM

Averii: "We can't stay here!" He stated obviously. 10:18 PM

Hitchhiker: On one of the tables in the foodcourt, there was a walkie talkie. 10:18 PM

Averii looks between the elevator, and the foodcourt as the bashing gets louder, and a deep roar is heard behind you. 10:19 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: What happened anyway? I got knocked out and woke up in a toilet. 10:19 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: O_O 10:19 PM

Averii: "I don't know!" 10:19 PM

Averii: -The sound of metal giving away reaches your antennae!- 10:19 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: *Looks around and sees the walkie talkie* 10:19 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:! 10:19 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob runs over to it,and turns it on* 10:19 PM

Averii dives into the foodcourt hall after Schmoob 10:20 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: *SCREAMING* ANYONE THERE?! HELLO?! SAVE US! 10:20 PM

Averii: "Be quiet, you fool!" Ave cried, a stomping thudding through the area as the creature moved somewhat slowly toward them. 10:20 PM

Hitchhiker: "Hello?" said a voice from the walkie talkie. "Is anyone there?" 10:21 PM

Averii looked to his bonesaw in despair. 10:21 PM

Averii: -A creature resembling a bloated green-brown sack on four claw-legs drags itself into the junction!- 10:22 PM

Averii gags softly, sickened by the mere appearance of the thing. 10:22 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: YES! HELLO?! 10:22 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*looks back at the horrible sack*& 10:22 PM

Hitchhiker: (GTG... 10:23 PM

Hitchhiker: 7 10:23 PM

Averii: -The creature turns to you, and roars; three strange worm-like things dangle below the sack, seeming to gnash their teeth at you!- 10:23 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:AHHHHH! *Schmoob pulls out an impossibly large plasma cannon,he still carries it somehow* 10:23 PM

Averii: (I know just what to do!- 10:23 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: (? 10:24 PM

Averii: -The Walkie-Talkie suddenly dissolves into static as you drop it!- 10:24 PM

Averii: (Also known as you lost the signal) 10:24 PM

Averii does a double take at the weapon as the thing gargles and approaches. 10:24 PM

Averii: "...How did you get THAT through security?!" He cried in disbelief. 10:25 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob fires the weapon,it shoots out a giant ball of hot plasma* 10:25 PM

Averii: -The creature screams, and is partially vaporized by the Plasma as it bursts apart!- 10:25 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:? There was security? I thought they were guards on lunch break. 10:25 PM

Averii covers his eyes from the blast as the ball dissipates into hot gas. 10:26 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*blinks,unfazed* 10:26 PM

Averii looks to the shorter Irken for a moment, then shakes his head as he looks to the steaming mass of creature parts. 10:26 PM

Averii: "...Well, doesn't that smell pleasant!" He coughed, a rotten stench flowing over the area. 10:27 PM

Averii: -Suddenly, a metal half-sphere drops from the ceiling, a worm-like creature dug into it!- 10:27 PM

Averii: Worm: *Screeching* 10:28 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: *Fires at the worm from above* 10:28 PM

Averii: -The half-sphere suddenly deploys spiderlegs; a PAK! It evades!- 10:29 PM

Averii: "...That's not good!" Ave shouted, the thing making a beeline for them as the blast melted some deck plates. 10:29 PM

Averii: -The creature screeches, and leaps at Schmoob!- 10:29 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:AHHHH! 10:30 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob smacks it with his plasma cannon* 10:30 PM

Averii: -The creature bites and jams it's mechanical limbs into the plasma cannon!- 10:30 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:GHHG! 10:31 PM

Averii stands to the side, unable to really do anything! 10:31 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob presses a button on the plasma cannon,causing it to shapeshift,crushing it's legs in the process* 10:31 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The cannon's parts shift and move* 10:31 PM

Averii: -The creature screeches, and ejects the spiderlegs as it leaps at you- 10:31 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*PAK spider legs come out,Schmoob jumps out of the way* 10:32 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:GGNGHH! *Runs to Averii* 10:32 PM

Averii: -The creature rolls and sparks fly as the PAK grinds the ground!- 10:32 PM

Averii raises his saw, and roars as he leaps at the thing vigorously! 10:33 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: ANY IDEAS?! 10:33 PM

Averii: "Kill the worm!" He shouted back, smacking the toothed blade into the armor of the PAK. 10:33 PM

Averii: The creature screeched, and bit at him, and Averii recoiled from the sucker-like mouth as he kicked it towards Schmoob. 10:34 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: OK 10:34 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob kicks the creature onto the ground* Schmoob:Hey! Quit it! 10:34 PM

Averii: -The creature screeches and bites into Schmoob's boot!- 10:35 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:OW! 10:35 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob takes out a lazer rifle,and shoots at it* 10:35 PM

Averii: -The creature suddenly detaches itself from the PAK, and it skitters away, beeping!- 10:35 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: DIIIEEEE 10:35 PM

Averii: -The PAK explodes, and the creatures clings on for dear life as it wraps around your foot like an anaconda!- 10:36 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:NO! GET OFF ME! YOU STUPID THING! 10:36 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob bashes the creature with his plasma rifle* 10:36 PM

Averii: -Suddenly, you get a lucky shot in, and the creature bursts into purple fluid, staining your face and painting your boot with it's blood!- 10:37 PM

Averii: "Finally." Ave sighed. 10:37 PM

Averii: -Suddenly, you begin to feel a burning sensation on all regions coated with the creature's blood!- 10:38 PM

Averii eyes Schmoob as he seems to begin to steam and sizzle. 10:38 PM

Averii: "...Is that normal?" 10:38 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: AHHHH! 10:40 PM

Averii: (Are you still there?) 10:40 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: IT BURNS! 10:40 PM

Averii winces as the flesh begins to turn slightly brown, and tosses a discarded rag at him. 10:40 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( i was looking to see if school was cancelled again,hard to tell with student trolls all over county twitter twwets 10:41 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*grabs the rag and quickly tries to wipe it off himself* 10:41 PM

Averii: -You successfully cleanse yourself of most of the blood... However, you've also removed some top layers of affected skin! Eugh.- 10:42 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:WELL THIS HURTS ALOT. 10:42 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Maybe it'll heal,BUT,just incase.... 10:42 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*Pulls out a hazmat suit and puts it on* 10:42 PM

Averii: (Alright, quick break, I've got to shower) 10:43 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( ok 10:45 PM

Hitchhiker Entered the Massive 10:47 PM

Hitchhiker: (Hi. 10:48 PM

Quote: (Yo 10:48 PM

Hitchhiker: (What did I miss? 10:50 PM

Quote: (Schmoob and averii fighting some aliens, nothing much 10:55 PM

Averii: (I live) 11:00 PM

Averii: (We ready to continue then?) 11:00 PM

Averii: (Also, Vax, all I did was have the radio lose signal, so you can probably continue with that right now if you want) 11:00 PM

Hitchhiker: (Okay. 11:01 PM

Averii: (Schmoob, where are you) 11:01 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( as expected,school twitter comments is scarce in intelligence and good attempts at humor 11:01 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( uh 11:01 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Schmoob was being paranoid 11:02 PM

Hitchhiker: (I was thinkin' they could have contact with the guy on the walkie talkie throughout the RP, but he could die near the end. 11:02 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( and i think they were in a food court 11:02 PM

Averii: (Continuing in...) 11:02 PM

Averii: (Ein,) 11:02 PM

Averii: (Zwei) 11:02 PM

Averii: (Drei) 11:02 PM

Hitchhiker: (What language is that? 11:02 PM

Averii: (Food court, just defeated a PAK-Worm) 11:02 PM

Averii: (German.) 11:02 PM

Hitchhiker: (Oh. 11:03 PM

Averii: (Schmoob's flesh was slightly assimilated by the worm, but affected skin fell off.) 11:03 PM

Averii: (Ave's unarmed, and can't find his jacket or gloves.) 11:03 PM

Averii: (Currently in Med-Sci) 

rii: (Currently in Med-Sci) 11:03 PM

Hitchhiker: (Also, new monster idea. 11:04 PM

Averii: "...Reasonable precaution," Averii said calmly, eyeing the hazmat suit blankly. 11:05 PM

Averii: (?) 11:05 PM

Hitchhiker: (You're about to see it. 11:05 PM

Hitchhiker: "Hello?" the voice spoke, returning from the static. "Who is this? 11:06 PM

Averii looked to the discarded radio as his eyes widened. 11:06 PM

Averii: "This is Invader Averii!" He barked, diving and clutching the thing tightly. "Please respond!" 11:07 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: *Grabs it* You got any nachos? I'm hungry,also,uh,HELP US GET OUT OF HERE ALIVE PLEASE. 11:07 PM

Quote: (brb 11:08 PM

Averii glared for a moment at Schmoob. 11:08 PM

Averii: "We're in a food court!" He growled. "Get something from the bot, if it still works!" 11:08 PM

Hitchhiker: "I forgot my name," said the voice. "I think it was Blog, Blob, Bob. Yeah. It's Bob. 11:09 PM

Averii pointed to the inactive FRI unit. 11:09 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:? 11:10 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: Uh..How will that help us? 11:10 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:It's head sploded and it's probably horribly damaged. 11:10 PM

Averii: "That was a different one! This makes food! Go eat some!" Ave gestured angrily. "Let me talk to the radio!" 11:11 PM

Hitchhiker: "I'm up in a strange office," spoke Bob. "The door is extremely barricaded. I can't leave, but no one can get in. ." 11:11 PM

Averii: -The intact FRI suddenly twitches, eyes filled with red, then lies still again.- 11:12 PM

Averii groaned, and grabbed the radio away. 11:12 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:0_0 I'm not going anywhere NEAR that robot. What if it's food comes to life and DESIRES IRKEN FLESH?! 11:12 PM

Averii: "Do you know what's happening? There's these wierd things everywhere!" 11:12 PM

Averii growled, and threw Schmoob at the machine. 11:12 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:AH! 11:13 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob flies at it,hitting his head* 11:13 PM

Averii: -The FRI bolted up, eyes filled with red, and gripped the Irken's neck tightly.- 11:13 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Ugh...*Looks at it* 11:13 PM

Averii: FRI-0121: "GREETINGS." 11:13 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:GGAUGHHH ACK ACEUAGGHACK 11:13 PM

Averii: FRI-0121: "MAY I TAKE YOUR ORDER?" It twitched a few times. 11:13 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*PAK spider legs come out,whacking the robot* 11:14 PM

Averii ignores the scene behind him as Schmoob struggles to get free of the machine. 11:14 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: I'd like you to let go of my neck please. 11:14 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*panicing,Schmoob looks around the room* 11:14 PM

Averii: FRI-0121: "Invalid selection!" The grip slackens, however. 11:14 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob eyes a soda fountain* 11:15 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:.... 11:15 PM

Hitchhiker: "I think," Bob said, "something went HORRIBLY wrong. I think the ship collided with something just AWFUL, and all these aliens got in. I have this machine that's telling me if there are survivors, and where they are. 11:15 PM

Averii groaned. 11:15 PM


Averii: "Just greaaaat." 11:16 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: OH MY IRKUS,HE'S GRABBING THE MUSTARD NOW! 11:16 PM

Averii: -The FRI suddenly turns, tossing Schmoob to the side as it slides to the other end of the counter, pummeling a random napkin.- 11:16 PM

Averii turns, and growls at the noise. 11:16 PM

Averii: "Quiet down over there!" 11:16 PM

Averii continues to be unaware of the FRI's actions. 11:17 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*Fires his spider legs at the soda fountain,tons of soda flies everywhere,getting on FRI and Schmoob* 11:17 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: Ah ha! It Wor-MY EYES 11:17 PM

Averii: -The machine screeches, and it's head begins to spin!- 11:17 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*covers his left eye and runs over to averii* 11:17 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:AVERII! YOU FOOL@ 11:18 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: FOOL!* 11:18 PM

Averii: "Almighty Tallest, what are you doing?!" He cried. 11:18 PM

Averii: "It gave out free food!" 11:18 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: The FRI bot was malfunctioning! It's on a muderous rampage,and it wants Irken blood! 11:18 PM

Averii stared at Schmoob blankly for a moment. 11:18 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: And worst of all,it has no care for ketchup snatchers. 11:19 PM

Hitchhiker: "Oh, and another thing," said Bob. "You might wanna stay away from the food. It could be really dangerous." 11:19 PM

Averii: "Are you on cactus juice or something?" He grumbled. 11:19 PM

Averii suddenly looks at the radio, his eyes widening. 11:19 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: LOOK! RIGHT OVER THERE! 11:19 PM

Averii: "What do you mean, stay way from the food?" 11:19 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*points to the insane FRI bot* 11:19 PM

Averii: -The FRI has exploded due to soda.- 11:19 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:GGGMMGGRGGHHHH! *pointing intensifies* 11:19 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Wha- 11:20 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: soda plan worked. 11:20 PM

Hitchhiker: "Chances are," spoke Bob, "the monsters have been using them for purposes you don't wanna know." 11:20 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: But! I swear,it had by the neck and it grabbed it,really hard! 11:20 PM

Averii suddenly looks at the machine, then Schmoob. 11:20 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: me* 11:20 PM

Averii: "Hm. I'll believe you, for now, Schmoob." 11:20 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: Oh ok. 11:21 PM

Quote: (back 11:21 PM

Averii: -The FRI twitches once, then twice, still headless.- 11:21 PM

Averii: (Greetings) 11:21 PM

Quote: (oh, thanks for pausing- 11:21 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*talks into the walike talkie* Have you seen any insane machines and or robots? 11:21 PM

Averii: -The ship shudders, and another screech echoes through it's halls!- 11:21 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Schmoob got choked by an insane food machine robot and den it exploded) 11:21 PM

Quote: (k 11:21 PM

Quote: (next time pls pause 11:21 PM

Averii: "Elevator first, then radioman!" 11:22 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( i guess mario could be hiding somwhere 11:22 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( and ok 11:22 PM

Averii: (I recommend using the elevator as a hiding spot to jump in right now, if you want) 11:22 PM

Hitchhiker: "I have a name, you know!" Bob said angrilly. 11:22 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION! 11:22 PM

Averii made nervous noises, and pointed towards the junction again. 11:22 PM

Quote: Mario: Rnn.... what happened..? 11:23 PM

Quote: Hatbot: Oh HEY! You're finally awake! 11:23 PM

Quote: Hatbot: Yaay. 11:23 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob quietly walks over to the elevator* 11:23 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*presses the open button,tense music plays* 11:23 PM

Quote: Hatbot: A bunch of weird scary stuff is happening, I think we're in some sort of elevator... 11:24 PM

Averii: "Elevator! Now!" Ave shouted, another screech echoing as thudding began to come from both the other halls. 11:24 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*slowly takes out plasma pistol* 11:24 PM

Hitchhiker: "The robots?" said Bob. "They've gone crazy. They just wanna kill everyone." 11:24 PM

Averii smacked the call button repeatedly, biting his lip. 11:24 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The elevator opens* 11:24 PM

Quote: Hatbot: Anyways, a bunch of weir- 11:24 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:SEE?! Crazy robots! That FRI robot was insane Averii! 11:24 PM

Quote: Hatbot: AHHHH THE DOOR OPENED! 11:24 PM

Averii yanks Schmoob inside as a Hunter-Destroyer rounds the corner, and smacks a random button. 11:24 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:AHHHH! 11:25 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Gngh- 11:25 PM

Quote: Mario: *rubs his head* Ahg... my head really hurts... 11:25 PM

Averii: "WHY ARE THERE MILITARY ROBOTS?!" Ave shouted, and then looked to the amber-eyed Irken they shared the lift with. 11:25 PM

Averii: "Why are you in here?!" 11:25 PM

Quote: Mario: I uh... I have no idea. I just woke up... 11:25 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:MARIO! 11:25 PM

Quote: Mario: Oh, hey Schmoob. 11:25 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*Schmoob hugs him* 11:25 PM

Quote: Hatbot: Awwwwww. 11:26 PM

Averii looked to the elevator buttons, sighed in relief as he noted it was set to head to the docking bay. 11:26 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Now that you're here,you can help protect us from horrible deranged military robots! 11:26 PM

Quote: Mario: Wow.. um thanks. You haven't hugged me like that for a very.. very long time. 11:26 PM

Averii grabbed the radio from Schmoob. 11:26 PM

Averii: "Alright, Bob, we're heading to the Docking Bay." 11:26 PM

Hitchhiker: "Oh, yeah," said Bob. "I dunno where they came from. 11:26 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken:*slow​ly stops hugging* *Looks at mario awkwardly* 11:27 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: .-. 11:27 PM

Quote: Hatbot: Awkwaaaaard, but cute. 11:27 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: Anyway,the machines and robots in the ship are going insane or something. 11:27 PM

Averii: "Bob, we're headed down, anything we should know?" 11:27 PM

Averii: -Suddenly, the lift shakes and the lights flicker!- 11:27 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: And there's some weird cyborg mutants running around too. It's MADNESS. 11:27 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:O_O 11:27 PM

Averii stumbles into a wall, and the elevator chimes as an AI begins to speak! 11:28 PM

Hitchhiker: "You might wanna stay out of the spotlights flashing around," he said. "They're from hawkbots. They're REALLY deadly." 11:28 PM

Quote: Mario: o_o 11:28 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: We're all gonna die. 11:28 PM

Hitchhiker: "Also," he continued. "Run away from the source of creepy cackling." 11:28 PM

Averii: Aquila: "Warning," It began, it's voice unusually distorted. "Elevator Shaft Obstructed." 11:28 PM

Averii narrowed an eye, fixing it downward as he tried to stare beyond the floor plates. 11:29 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:...O-o...Her voice sounds weird... 11:29 PM

Averii: "With what?!" He shouted. 11:29 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:....? 11:29 PM

Hitchhiker: "And," said Bob, "from the giant cobwebs." 11:29 PM

Averii: Aquila: "Biological mass detected. Redirecting." 11:29 PM

Quote: Mario: I like her voice like that. 11:30 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: I think she's talking about us- 11:30 PM

Quote: Hatbot:* 11:30 PM

Averii frowned, and began to grimace as the lift began to move up. 11:30 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:..Why are all of these machines malfunctioning- 11:30 PM

Averii: "Biological mass?!" 11:30 PM

Quote: Hatbot: Dunno.... wait, what if I malfunction!? AHHHHH 11:30 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: Is there a virus going on? Technologically capable hacker VAMPIRES?! 11:30 PM

Hitchhiker: "Aquila doesn't like you anymore," Bob spoke. 11:31 PM

Averii: -The elevator chimed again as it slowed, the indicator showing the stop in the sensor section.- 11:31 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*Talks into the radio* What's wrong with all of the machines?! 11:31 PM

Averii: Aquila: "Thank you for riding," The AI continued, the voice distorting more towards the end of their sentence. 11:31 PM

Hitchhiker: "They just don't want people alive anymore, I guess," Bob said. 11:32 PM

Quote: (would hatbot be affected from the weird technology malfunctions? or does it only happen to the ship's technology 11:32 PM

Averii: Aquila: "The Innumerable awaits." 11:32 PM

Averii: (Hatbot won't be affected unless he gets infested by Innumerians) 11:32 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:...O_o 11:32 PM

Averii: (Which are the worms) 11:32 PM

Quote: (Oh, okay. 11:32 PM

Averii: "...What the Tallest is the Innumerable?!" Ave shouted, the doors opening as robotic arms suddenly dropped down. 11:33 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: What about other machines? *To the radio* 11:33 PM

Averii: -The Robotic Arms of the elevator suddenly toss you out, and the door slams shut as you are left in the first corridor of Sensors and Navigation.- 11:33 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: One of our friends here is a robot- *to the radio* 11:33 PM

Hitchhiker: "Oh, yeah," said Bob. "The Innumerians are these horrifying wormbeasts who are going to be trying to kill you." 11:33 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Oof! *Hits the ground* 11:33 PM

Quote: Mario: *His eyes widen from the sudden fast movement* Woah.. 11:34 PM

Averii rolled as he hit the ground, and yanked up the radio. 11:34 PM

Averii: "Could you have told us that sooner?!" 11:34 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: What do they have to do with the machines?! 11:34 PM

Averii: His eyes widen as he connects the species name to the AI's words. 11:34 PM

Averii: "...Oh, dookie." Ave groaned, facepalming. "I think the Worms control the ship..." 11:34 PM

Quote: Hatbot: I don't wanna be a weird insane dudeee... or in other words, someone like Trox. 11:35 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:...O_O 11:35 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: It's a GOOD thing LIR isn't here.. 11:35 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: If he were infected they'd have the LSD under their control. 11:35 PM

Averii: (Break time, I must microwave food! I recommend you record this or something...) 11:35 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:..Along with other stuff of mine. 11:36 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( ok 11:36 PM

Hitchhiker: (I'm gonna have to go soon. 11:36 PM

Averii: (Alright.) 11:36 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( How soon? And can you come back? 11:37 PM

Hitchhiker: (No. I'll be going to bed. 11:37 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( D'AUGHH 11:37 PM

Hitchhiker: (I'll be back tomorrow. 11:37 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( well uhh can you find a way to conviently have Bob gone until you return? 11:37 PM

Averii: (Oh, that's easy, we can have the radio loose signal) 11:38 PM

Hitchhiker: (Yeah. 

(Yeah. 11:38 PM

Hitchhiker: (Tomorrow, I'll be introducing a special monster. 11:39 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Ok 11:39 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Av,can we continue? 11:39 PM

Hitchhiker: (Unless I can fit it into today's RPinng. 11:39 PM

Hitchhiker: (Actually, I won't have time for that. 11:40 PM

Averii: (Yeah, we can continue a bit) 11:40 PM

Averii: "...Hey, Bob, how do you know this stuff anyway?" 11:40 PM

Averii hold the radio near him, waiting for a response. 11:40 PM

Hitchhiker: "My device is telling me," said Bob. 11:40 PM

Averii: "Bob?" He repeated. 11:41 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: Err..infact..I'd better try to call LIR incase he tries to rescue us. 11:41 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*takes out tablet device* 11:41 PM

Averii suddenly looks to his PAK, and extends his communicator. 11:41 PM

Averii: "One second, Bob." 11:41 PM

Averii places the radio on the ground, and holds his personal communicator to his face. 11:42 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob goes to LIR's contact and attempts to call* 11:42 PM

Averii: "BLU! Respond!" 11:42 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Tablet:Communications offline,no signal found. 11:42 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:WHAT?! 11:42 PM

Averii stood expectantly for a moment, then an eye widened in curiousity as Schmoob reacted to his own comms outage. 11:42 PM

Averii: "BLU! If you can hear me, blow something up!" 11:43 PM

Averii crouched, receiving silence. 11:43 PM

Averii: "...Damn it." 11:43 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: The worms must be blocking communications,that or the tallests forgot to pay a bill...or something. 11:44 PM

Quote: Hatbot: Welp BLU is probably dead. I'll host a funeral on friday, so don't forget to bring some flowers. 11:44 PM

Averii glared at the Hatbot, then sighed. 11:44 PM

Averii: "Bob, you still there?" He asked, picking up the radio. 11:45 PM

Hitchhiker: "Yes," he spoke. 11:45 PM

Averii: "What's the status of the ship's comms module?" 11:45 PM

Hitchhiker: "Oh," said Bob. "There is no comms module. I'm surprised I've managed to get in contact with you." 11:47 PM

Averii stared incredulously at the radio. 11:47 PM

Averii: "What do you mean, there's no comms module?!" He shouted. 11:47 PM

Averii: "Do you mean that it's turned off?!" 11:47 PM

Hitchhiker: "They got rid of it," he said. 11:47 PM

Hitchhiker: "The only reason I've gotten hold of you is because the walkie talkie is not connected to the comms module." 11:48 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: LIR must be worried sick.. 11:48 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Meanwhile,in the Lir Storage Dimension* 11:49 PM

Averii: His eye twitched a fair few times. 11:49 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *LIR is riding on a giant space beaver on giant blobs of pink gelatin,screaming* 11:49 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Yeeeep 11:49 PM

Averii: "Well, that's just great!" Ave shouted, tossing the Radio to Mario as he kicked a wall in outrage. 

Schmoob: Hmm... 11:52 PM

Quote: Mario: Eh... 11:52 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: I have an idea.. 11:52 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob takes out a Fionna doll* 11:52 PM

Quote: Hatbot: Wohohh... calm down man. We'll get around this.. 11:53 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*Schmoob scratches it's head* 11:53 PM

Averii: -Suddenly, a screech resounds from beyond the corridor, and Ave draws his medical saw.- 11:53 PM

Quote: Hatbot: We've been in tougher situations bef- 11:53 PM

Hitchhiker: (BEEF 11:54 PM

Quote: Hatbot: AHGawsh... not another one! 11:54 PM

Averii: "I am so tired of this, I don't even care anymore," He sighed, cautiously stepping forward. 11:54 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The fionna doll's eyes glow red,a long skinny exoskeletons pops out of the doll,it's limbs are sharp spider legs* 11:54 PM

Quote: Mario: ... *sigh* Okay, we need to form some kind of plan. 11:54 PM

Quote: (gtg 11:54 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The doll's head rips open,revealing a mouthless face with two red glowing eyes* 11:54 PM

Quote: (Bye guys 11:54 PM

Averii ignores the spectacle behind him, advancing forth. 11:54 PM


Hitchhiker: (Bye. 11:54 PM

Quote: (also don't continue the rp without me pls 11:54 PM

Quote: (byeeee 11:54 PM

Averii: "Let's do this!" He barked, and rounded the corner. 11:55 PM

Averii: (This is a pretty good cutoff.) 

Ave barked, swirling around the corner as he held the medical saw in front of him, skidding on the metal panels for a moment. 6:28 PM

Xisenin: *He is standing there, smiling at him* Hai! 6:29 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Mario was going to suggest some sort plan,but i guess we can focus on ave until mario returns 6:29 PM

Xisenin: You're new! 6:29 PM

Averii paused, and stared at the strange red-eyed Irken for a moment. 6:29 PM

Xisenin: :D 6:29 PM

Averii: "...Who are you supposed to be?" He asked in confusion, relaxing a bit as he looked down the rest of the corridor; empty to the next turn. 6:30 PM

Xisenin: I found this ship 6:30 PM

Xisenin: I'm Xisenin. 6:30 PM

Xisenin: And dude 6:30 PM

Xisenin: There's worms everywhere! 6:30 PM

Averii: "...Alright then." Ave grunted, lowering the saw. 6:31 PM

Averii: "Why are you here?" He asked, looking around cautiously, the noise still continuing. 6:32 PM

Xisenin: I was bored. 6:32 PM

Xisenin: :I 

Xisenin: :I 6:32 PM

Averii looked to the Straightjacket for a moment, then paused as the noise suddenly stopped. 6:32 PM

Averii-Suddenly, a white arm-sized worm drops from the ceiling, screeching!- 6:33 PM

Averii: "Look out!" Ave shouted, the saw coming back up. 6:33 PM

Xisenin: *He takes out a red hot frying pan and beans the worm with it* 6:33 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( maaaaaarrrriiiIOOIII 6:33 PM

Averii: (Mario, don't be a tub of lard and get in here) 6:33 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( SPOONY WILL EAT YOU IF YOU DON'T 6:34 PM

Averii-The worm screeches, and writhes in pain as it's flesh boils!- 6:34 PM

Xisenin: *He hits it again and again until it dies* 6:34 PM

Xisenin: Taste ELECTRIC FRYING PAN 6:35 PM

Averii grimaces at the thing in disgust, and smacks it with his saw just to be safe. 6:35 PM

Averii: "Disgusting things," He muttered. "Where did it even come from?" 6:35 PM

Averii-Suddenly, the noise continues again, this time much louder and from above!- 6:36 PM

Averii: (I vote we saw off mario's legs and replace them with cheese sticks) 6:36 PM

Xisenin: uh oh 6:37 PM

Xisenin: There's more! 6:37 PM

Xisenin: :I 6:37 PM

Xisenin: Just saying that. 6:37 PM

Xisenin: A lot more. 6:38 PM

Averii-More worms descend, and a humanoid creature flops onto the floor behind Ave!- 6:38 PM

Xisenin: uh oh 6:38 PM

Averii yelps in surprise, and swings the medical saw behind him as the horrid thing rises! 6:38 PM

Xisenin: *He telekinetically punches the figure into the wall* 6:38 PM

Averii-The creature groans, a medical saw sticking out of it's right arm as it is smashed into the wall!- 6:39 PM

Averii-It vaguely looks like an irken, with a tattered red uniform, and strange tentacles emerging from a strange tan-green cyst growth along it's arms and head!- 6:40 PM

Xisenin: :I 6:40 PM

Xisenin: Ima bash in your head 6:40 PM

Averii: "Mother of Irk, it's ugly!" Ave hisses, the thing climbing to it's feet as the fatter worms simply writhe in place. 6:40 PM

Xisenin: If I cant telekinetically kill it then I'll hit it 6:41 PM

Averii-The creature growls, and a similar-looking worm hangs off of it's head where an antenna should be!- 6:41 PM

Averii: "...I'm not sure if I can punch it, to be honest!" 6:41 PM

Averii: -Suddenly, the creature lunges at you!- 6:42 PM

Xisenin: Uhm 6:42 PM

Xisenin: *He hits it with the frying pan again* 6:42 PM

Averii-The head of the creature flies off as it screeches in protest, then the body flalls back, limp.- 6:43 PM

Averii: (mario, where art thou) 6:43 PM

Averii: (getthehellinhere) 6:43 PM

Xisenin: :I 6:43 PM

Xisenin: Good. Stay dead. 6:43 PM

Xisenin: By the way, I'm Xisenin. 6:43 PM

Xisenin: :I 6:44 PM

Averii: "Well, I'm Ave," He sighed, leaning down to pick his rather ineffective saw from the creature. 6:44 PM

Xisenin: Why are you using such a tiny saw? 6:44 PM

Averii: "They didn't let me bring anything aboard," He groaned in annoyance. 6:45 PM

Averii: "This is what happens when you don't let your passengers arm themselves!" He hissed, pointing to the things around them. 6:45 PM

Averii: "Strange worms infest the ship, and they're forced to fight back with medical instruments!" 6:46 PM

Xisenin: Well, I can teleport through shadows 6:46 PM

Xisenin: But 6:46 PM

Xisenin: I'd get bored bringing weapons here for everyone 6:46 PM

Averii looks to the Irken for a moment with a strange look, then shakes his head. 6:46 PM

Averii-Suddenly, a worm bites into the limp mutant's body, and with a strange growl it rises!- 6:47 PM

Xisenin: :I 6:47 PM

Xisenin: This reminds me of the Flood. 6:47 PM

Xisenin: Or rather necromorphs 6:47 PM

Averii growled, and kicked the body down again, stamping a foot on the worm. 6:47 PM

Xisenin: :I 6:47 PM

Averii: (so much filler, mario is taking centuries) 6:48 PM

Averii: (Schmoob, are you still there) 6:48 PM

Xisenin: :I 6:48 PM

Averii: (I'm gonna take that as a no) 6:49 PM

Xisenin: aww 6:49 PM

Averii-Suddenly, the rest of the worms around you screech, and begin inching menacingly towards you as they seem to shake themselves from sleep!- 6:49 PM

Xisenin: :I 6:49 PM

Xisenin: *He simply floats upwards* 6:50 PM

Xisenin: These worms are agressive 6:50 PM

Xisenin: aggressive 6:50 PM

Xisenin: *must read books 6:50 PM

Xisenin: *rekindle vocabulary and spelling skills 6:50 PM

Xisenin: *but not brb* 6:50 PM

Xisenin: :I 6:50 PM

Xisenin: Hi worms. 6:50 PM

Averii-A ceilling-worm bites at Xisenin as Ave attempts to fight them off with his medical saw!- 6:50 PM

Xisenin: Ahh 6:51 PM

Xisenin: *He crushes it with telekinesis* 6:51 PM

Averii: (rip interesting things happening) 6:51 PM

Averii: (I'm honestly just trying to throw things into this, but it seems that everyone else has gone AFK) 6:52 PM

Xisenin: (ughghg) 6:52 PM

Xisenin: (ghhghgshghagh) 6:52 PM


Averii: (why dis keep happen) 6:52 PM

Averii: (yyyyyy) 6:52 PM

Xisenin: :I 6:52 PM

Xisenin: Lotsa worms 6:52 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( MAAAARRRIIOOO 6:53 PM

Xisenin: he is back 6:53 PM

Xisenin: yay 6:53 PM

Averii-A worm suddenly jumps up and bites into Xisenin's foot as Ave tries to stomp them to death!- 6:53 PM

Xisenin: GHGHG 6:53 PM

Xisenin: *He kicks it off* 6:53 PM

Averii-You feel a burning sensation in your foot, left from the bite!- 6:54 PM

Averii: (mario, why has thou failed me) 6:54 PM

Xisenin: Uh ok 6:55 PM

Xisenin: Uh oh 6:55 PM

Xisenin: Flee! 6:55 PM

Xisenin: *He runs down the hallway* ow ow ow ow mah foot owww 6:55 PM

Averii: "There's too many of them!" Ave shouted, trying desperately with his pathetic surgical instrument to chop the things to death, the things too numerous to stomp out. 6:56 PM

Xisenin: Uhhh 6:56 PM

Xisenin: *He telekinetically grabs Averii and yanks him over to himself* 6:56 PM

Averii suddenly looks to the fleeing Irken with annoyance, then looks back to the worms as a wall seems to form between he and the hall back to the others. 6:56 PM

Xisenin: I suggest we run and scream like little girls 6:56 PM

Xisenin: :I 6:57 PM

Averii: "You do the screaming, I'll do the running, then!" 6:57 PM

Averii suddenly takes off down the corridor as the worms seem to form a wave pursuing them 6:57 PM

Xisenin: :I *He follows Averii down the corridor* 6:58 PM

Averii-The corridor opens out into a food court, but rather trashed with tables on end and broken.- 6:59 PM

Xisenin: :I 7:00 PM

Xisenin: Looks appetizing. 7:00 PM

Averii-A tray of a strange, uncooked meat is suddenly sent flying disturbingly close to your heads from the service counter!- 7:00 PM

Xisenin: *He ducks down* 7:00 PM

Averii: "Hm!?" Ave grunted, pausing midstride and turning. 7:01 PM

Averii is hit in the face by an empty tray, and sent sprawling. 7:01 PM

Xisenin: :I 7:02 PM

Averii: FRI-451: "WOULD YOU LIKE FRIES WITH THAT?!" Screamed the rogue Food Repository bot, flailing it's arms madly. 7:02 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( mario left the chat 7:02 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( doom 7:02 PM

Averii: (nuadsguhasduhgsoidng) 7:02 PM

Xisenin: (why) 7:02 PM

Xisenin: Uh 7:02 PM

Xisenin: No. 7:02 PM

Xisenin: Just saying. 7:02 PM

Xisenin: No. 7:02 PM

Averii: (I feel like we should switch over to another RP, since we can't exactly continue without Mario) 7:03 PM

Xisenin: (all right) 7:05 PM

Xisenin: (heh0 7:05 PM

Xisenin: (what one) 7:05 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( THere are none without Mario 7:05 PM

Averii: (Well, there's the Hobo 13 one but I think Schmoob didn't want to do that one right now) 7:05 PM

Xisenin: fgfh 7:05 PM

Averii: ugh 7:06 PM

Xisenin: gh 7:08 PM

Xisenin: Schmoob 7:08 PM

Xisenin: we can only do that one 7:09 PM

Averii: why does this keep happeningggggg 7:11 PM

Xisenin: idk 7:11 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( hobo 13 was supposed to have little members and BRDHTYFHGB 7:12 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( because then the mario will join it when he returns and stuff 7:12 PM

Xisenin: no 7:12 PM

Averii: (Have them control random trainees? 7:12 PM

Xisenin: we will go back to trials when he returns 7:13 PM

Averii: I'm really wanting to redo the part we did in Trials, I feel like most of the stuff I did with the worms kinda sucked 7:13 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( hngh