"It just takes one wrong move of trusting nothing but logic to drive an Irken insane, and that is why I trust more than logic, not all just science..." - Sperspot about the rules of science

Sperspot was the first and, in many Irkens minds, the greatest Irken scientist/philosopher in Irken history. He has been labled the smartest Irken in history, and was a great use to the Empire, until he went missing in battle when he sacrificed himself to save the whole of creation around the time of Invader Vax's cloning. He is not known by that many current time Irkens, and invented many powerful things that make the Empire what it is today. He is also the inventor of cloning and the PAK.


Sperspot was the first psychic Irken there ever was. Not much is known about his past, as all records of the pasts of such ancient Irkens were lost during the Intergalactic Age. What is known is that he helped build the first Irken interstellar rocket, and was well known for his constant updates to Irken technology. He seemed to live very long, leaving some to think he was immortal (however, this theory was slid under the table after Sperspot's disappearance). What is also known is that he hid secret recordings of his past (which were later discovered by Vax), and that he kept his PSI abilities secret.

During a battle against an army of strange monsters that threatened the whole of creation, Sperspot's PSI came to its peek, and he destroyed the entire army, and disappeared with it.

There was absolutely no trace of what might have happened to him, and all they found was a piece of his uniform.

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