ThiSpekk Tarr is a rebel vortian who, despite being unknown, caused many major problems to the Irken Empire. He is yet to be captured on recording devices, but a description of his appearance was given. Edit


Spekk Tarr is a vortian with grey skin. He has a green right eye, while the left eye is covered by a cybernetically enhanced plate serving as an eyepatch, because he lost his left eye. He wears a black custom tunic, with his own custom logo on his head. He also has his own version of a PAK, which has green spots. He wears spiked gloves, a lot of belts, and a tattered black cape. His horns are curved backwards, with the tips facimg forward. He also has a stitched mouth similar to Tak's. Edit


Although not much is known, Spekk Tarr left a recorded audio telling of some crimes he has comitted against the Irkens, which are:

-Hacking some PAKs and SIR units

-Aiding the creation of Zim

-Killing an almighty tallest

-Aiding the failure of Impending Doom I

-Leading his own rebellion ( known as the Fightback)


Zim: Spekk Tarr calls Zim his masterpiece, because he helped create Zim so he can ruin the Irken Empire. Edit
Tak: Spekk Tarr has an affection for Tak's desire for revenge, and even has a respect for Tak, even though she hates him due to her loyalty. Commander Edit


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