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The Slash Runner is Invader Jib's modified Spittle Runner. It is nearly identical to the typical Spittle Runner in functionality and appearence, save for its blue coat of paint.


Aside from what normally comes within a Spittle Runner, there is an awkward extra laser device attached around the frontal glass.  Flipping up from it's blue-painted sides when activated, it is designed to surprise the enemy.

It is a fairly stable ship, and though it has been damaged several times, it has never been damaged beyond repair. Unfortunately, due to the ship being found in a junkyard, the ship has rather inferrior engines. Though it can travel far, it is ocassionally prone to break down due to overuse.


Jib orignally had a standard-issue spittle runner, but after crashing beyond repair, it was unfortunately abandoned on Planet VKE after Vax took Jib  to his lab on Vort. With a stroke of luck, Jib discovered an old, damaged Spittle Runner that happened to still work. However, in this state, the ship was just barely enough to reach Vex 's lab, whome was paid to repair it.