YOU'RE ALL FILTHY SINNERS!! ...Or am I the SINNer? Hehehehe!
— - Sinn • W.I.P

Born on an uncertain date, Sinn is an Irken invader assigned to a mysterious planet that goes by the name of Ciocury-6, W.I.P

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Like all other invaders, Sinn wears a striped robe-like attire, with triangular "shoulderpads", black pants, boots and gloves, and arm wear that match his eye palette. However, during any kind of battle or conquest, his attire turns armored, with round shoulderpads, chestplate, knee and armpads, greaves, boots and gauntlets.

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His clothing is like any Irken's clothing, the only difference being the color.

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Sinn is very agitated for his age. Most Irkens call him an "Insane Ball of Snot" due to his eye color and skin color. He most likely has mental issues due to him falling from a pipe and then spinning around the Control Brain as a newborn smeet.

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"This place is full of... filth." -Sinn, about pretty much every planet.

"I WILL JUDGE YOU FOR YOUR SINS, FILTHY PEASANT!!!" -Sinn, talking to a common villager.

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