The Shrapnel Runner is a highly advanced small fighter ship. Several models of it were created on planet Vertec ,but it was discontinued after the Robloxia invasion failed. Only 37 models were made. Most are hidden somewhere on planet Vertec. The only known owner of one was the Irken Lurk.

Irken Cruiser design 01

Shrapnel Runner (I do not own the picture,credits to the creator.)

Abilities Edit

The Shrapnel runner was based off of a Voot runner,so it's weapon systems and abilities are similar.

It's primary weapons are,missiles it can fire from the slots on the bottom sides of the ship,retractable rapid fire plasma cannons from the front,sticky grenades fired from it's booster engines,and a laser cannon hidden under a hatch on the bottom of the ship.

The spike like "wings" on it's sides can also extend into tenetacles to impale enemies,and grab anything the pilot needs. The ship's windshield can be replaced by 4 hidden ones if damaged or destroyed. The back "wings" can deploy 4 spider like mechanical legs,they serve as backup landing gear and can be used to travel if the ship is grounded.

The Shrapnel Runner is capable of going incredibly fast,using a highly advanced engine. It can travel from Earth to Irk in exactly 2 Earth months. With it's booster engines it can travel from Earth to Irk in 4 Earth weeks,however the engines can quickly deplete the ship's fuel.

The ship is powered by standard irken ship fuel and has energy batteries for backup. The batteries can be recharged using a special generator in the ship's cargo,it takes at least an hour to charge.

The Shrapnel runner's paint job uses "electronic paint" and can be changed with a special remote that comes with it. If the ship runs out of fuel or the engine is destroyed,it will revert to a dull grey color.

The ship is mostly made for stealth and attack,so it isn't very tough. However,the ship has a deploy able pink energy shield. The shield can be broken with enough hits,and takes hours to repair itself.

The ship has a simple built in A.I.,it takes voice commands and monitors the ship's inner workings. It is not capable of casual conversation and isn't very intelligent,it usually only follows commands. However,it can give information from it's database if asked to.

Layout Edit

The ship has 3 cylinder shaped engines in the back of the ship. Most of the ship's inner workings consists of tons of power cables and wires. The ship has a small cargo section in the back able to hold 2 irkens. The ship's cockpit has one touchscreen monitor with internet and built in video games. The control panel has few buttons and is mostly touch screen,it can also display solid hologram screens. It's engine can also be heavily altered and given upgrades.

Known Owners Edit

  • Lurk (Formerly)- Destroyed by SICC,it's engine was upgraded and given an inter dimensional portal generator.

Trivia Edit

  • It was originally going to be used in a new fleet of ships made for the Robloxia Invasion.
  • Lurk stole one of the ships from an abandoned base on planet Vertec.
  • It can teleport people inside and out of the ship.
  • The model Lurk stole had most of it's weapons locked with a special pass code,to prevent thieves from using it's full power.
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