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Shnoolok is a highly depressed,suicidal irken that resides in the looney bin. He was last seen having anti-depressant pills forcibly stuffed into his throat by a security robot. 




He wears a standard looney bin straightjacket and has a 2 spotted PAK. He has damaged antennae and bright yellow eyes. He also has a long head and a disfigured bent right arm.

His pockets are full of balloons shaped like dangerous weapons,created to somehow "distract" him from his suicidal tendacies. He wears white gloves and creepy bunny slippers covered in happy faces. His slippers are attached with shock collars that activate whenever he attempts to harm himself or others.


He seems to be defective,seeing the tallest as idiots and hates Irken society. He is also incredibly depressed and pessimistic. He also seems to strangely burst into tears whenever he sees a toy monkey. 


  • He is often ignored or interrupted when explaining why he is depressed.
  • He has no friends and is often abused in the loony bin by other cell mates.
  • He has extremely bad luck.
  • He is reffered to by the other inmates as "the guy who smells like brusselsprouts and never shuts up about sad stuff".
  • He is known to have loud outbursts at times if he's angry enough,although he is usually shocked by irken guards when he does. So he usually holds in his temper.
  • He cannot smile.