So many things to do,so little time.
— Sevn

Sevn is a scientist who works in a private research lab orbiting planet Vort. He almost never leaves it. 


Sevn was born during impending doom 1. He was a quiet smeet that kept to himself and wanted to become a scientist. One day he met Terrz as a smeet. The two became friends. With Terrz's widely feared temper and agressiveness, Sevn survived the horrors of the academy under Terrz's protection. Later on he became a junior scientists on Vort, and was taught by a scientist named Klumz. Eventually Sevn was promoted to scientist. On the day of his promotion, Klumz decided to celebrate with Sevn by throwing him a party.

Klumz had also planned to make Sevn his own custom spittle runner. Unfortunately the spittle runner exploded due to a gas leak,when Klumz was about to show him his present. The resulting explosion killed Klumz and injured Sevn. Sevn lost his right arm and right eye. He had to get cybernetic replacements for them. 

Seven then decided to take ownership of Klumz' space station,feeling that it was his responsibility to keep his property safe and protected. He also continued Klumz' studies ever since then. 

Sometime after, Sevn became more and more distant from his friends, being more concentrated on his master's unfinished projects. This caused him and Terrz to grow distant. Eventually Sevn constantly lied to her and did whatever he could to get her away, so he could concentrate on his projects constantly. Until one day Sevn slipped up and Terrz discovered that Sevn was avoiding her.

She also found out about a horrible lie that Sevn made to get Terrz to go away. This made Terrz angry and caused her to confront Sevn. Eventually Sevn managed to accidentally injure her, after pushing her into deadly lab equipment in rage. Sevn felt guilty but Terrz decided to never speak to him again. After this they hated each other, but eventually they became distant to the point of not coming in contact at all. 

Ever since then Sevn has neglected all of his friends, and now spends him time alone in his lab, working to finish his master's work. 


Sevn has one cybernetic eye that allows him to see in night vision,heat vision,and x ray vision. 

He has one blue eye,black boots and gloves,a white striped shirt,a mechanical arm hidden under his glove,a mechanical claw for a hand,blue collars,and antennae that stick forward.


Sevn can be quite selfish and self centered, and usually only cares about himself and his projects. He also seems to be so obssessed with his research that he will not hesitate to put himself or others in danger. He is capable of working with others but only if it benefits him in some form.

Sevn is incredibly uncomfortable with going to parties or celebratory events, due to his superior Klumz being killed in a party he held for him. It is said that before Klumz died,Sevn used to be quite happier then he is now,and used to be close friends with Terrz . After his master died,Sevn became so obsessed with continuing his work that he distanced himself from his friends and others.


Invader Vex -Sevn seems to be quite jealous of him and finds him to be an arrogant show-off. 

Lurk -Sevn is usually incredibly annoyed by him,due to his frequent visits to his space station for repairs on his gadgets and spastic behavior. Despite this Sevn usually helps him because of his knowledge of the multiverse.

Mario -Sevn hasn't interacted with him much but doesn't really care for him. He also finds his robot annoying.

Invader Maz-Hates her with a burning passion and wants her dead. 

Zathar-Finds him annoying and an abomination.

Menami-Doesnt care for her.

Zik-Sevn seems to be strangely nice toward him and treats him fairly. It is unknown why.

Engineer Jaz-Sevn often uses her as an assistant, they seem to get along well. 


  • It is hinted that his master Klumz used to work on inter-dimesnional sciences, explaining why he captures Invader Maz in THE DAY THE MULTIVERSE WAS STOOPID.
  • He has lived on the research station for half of his life.  
  • Sevn has an IQ level of 10,000.
  • Sevn seemed to have some rough history with Invader Vex.
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