Serpentia is a planet that Invader Myu is invading. Krom was also sent here to assist Myu when she fell ill with Invader's Plague, but was retrieved soon after. It is now a mlitary planet in the Irken Empire as of October 27, 2012.







Serpentians, Snakanines, other reptilian creatures

Other Info

Strong war force, biased toward wing size,


Serpentia is similar to Earth in geography, except not as apocalyptic. There are many holes in the ground where Serpentians sleep. These holes are their homes. When the Irkens gained control, it made the atmosphere a bit darker because of the nuclear weapons and military techniques collaborated.


Serpentians mainly live on the planet. They are green, snakelike creatures with red wings and custom shorts and collars. They can spit acid and are agile flyers. The soldiers with the biggest wings are accepted into the Serpent Force. Serpentian Creatures(Snakanines), orange dog/snake creatures, are owned by the creatures like pets. Snakanines have keen senses and are often used in the army. Likewise, the Serpentian army is extremely tough, taking out some of the best invaders. The Serpentians seem to be smart as Irkens. Most Serpentians who have had 20 years of military training are Irken slaves for the military, and the rest are assistants.

Notable InhabitantsEdit


Mika is a male Serpentian. He assists Myu in invading the planet he dislikes. He is now a junior commander in training.


Nio is a male Serpentian. He wished to join the Serpentian Armed Fighting Squad, but was deemed unworthy due to his small wings. He knows Myu is Irken and plans to lock her up. He is currently imprisoned by the Irken Empire for causing her trauma and resisting to serve the Empire.



Serpentia's current state.

When Myu and Tak met up on the planet, they devised a plan for conquer. This involved starting a riot at school that would attract a huge crowd. When everyone was distracted, the two would sneak into the army base and contact the Tallest as well as hoard weapons. While Nio did attempt to stop the two, their SIR units imprisoned him. Mika informed Myu on how to hack into the mainframe using a glitch, and she threatened the Serpentians and summoned the Armada to defeat the entire Serpent Force. October 27 is recognized on Serpentia now as "Poor Fate Day."

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