PennyCat (4)

The typical four legged sentient cat. Notice the seemingly innocent whiskers...and the jet pack.

The Sentient Four Legged Cats control a moderately sized empire, about a quarter the size of the Irken Empire, and advanced technology. Due to much experience with "mean aliens", the Sentient Four Legged Cats have become very xenophobic. Their defences are powerful and their fleet is a threat, but they have no interest in attacking yet. They have an antenna to contact each other with the mere thought. They're ridiculed by many for failing to become bipedal and not developing thumbs. However, they made up for it by seeding those races' homeworlds with geneticlly engineered crocodile praying mantis giants.

While they will fall in line with Operation: Impending Doom II, they still are a minor threat. Their homeworld is Alernis. They've been known to have nearly defeated the Zerg, before being zerg rushed. They also hate Yaut'ja, Zeta Reticulans, Xenomorphs, Geth, Krogans, Sangheli, Turians, Humans, Furry Cat People, Terminators, Deathclaws, Zerg, Furons, Ze-- oh wait, and lastly Irkens. 

UPDATE : Planetary Self Destruction, seemed to have decimated the empire

UPDATE : DNA Stores plant new Sentient Four Legged Cats on a few "backup" planets. It is unknown if the "new" species has achived space flight.

UPDATE: Confirmed not extinct. Cloning and DNA vaults began work upon planetary self destruction. A new Empire smaller then the last has formed.

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