A rebellious Screwhead

The Screwheads are an enslaved alien race who were counquered by the Irkens along long time ago. They work under forced labour shipping packages onto conveyor belts into wormholes that are teleported to destinations all across the Irken Empire. If a Screwhead refuses to work or tries to revolt against their overlords an Irken slavedriver will tazer them with a shock spear until they succumb to Irken persuasion. The Screwheads' native homeworld the Conveyor Belt Planet has since it's counquering been converted into an Irken imperial shipping hub and is probably a 100% mechanical industrial world. The Screwheads are possibly feed peanuts due to Smikka Smikka Smoodoo saying something about how his peoples' future is crushed like tiny peanuts. A typical Screwhead is even shorter than an Irken and has yellowish skin. They seem to have eyes that almost resemble an Irken's only smaller and more sphereical. They have webbed like feet. Their most notable feature is the screws in the side of their heads which could be an Irken monitoring probe, also their collars which could be a tracking device
Conveyor belt planet

Conveyor Belt Planet, Home of the Screwheads

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