Savalon is a planet that was conquered by the Irken Empire. They conquered it because they saw a potential slave race in its dominant inhabitants, the Ralks.


There were 7 STC-IMBs on Savalon. There are currently 6, because the fourth was blown up.

The STC-IMBs are massive slave camps that double as military bases (so that if a riot gets out of hand, the military is near to step in). The camps and bases are divided by a massive 300 foot high, 10 feet thick barrier. Nothing to Irken weapons, but quite daunting for standard life-forms.

In the camps, slaves are trained for work as builders or programmers. There is no warmth from the vicious Savalonian cold. The slaves train day and night, collapsing into their metal beds for a few short hours of rest, then wake up to sludge.


Savalon is an icy desert. It doesn't rain. Instead, water blows in the wind. Despite this, it is not humid, as the water is in liquid specks. The animals there can drink, but get some of their water from the wind.

There are many trenches on the surface. Many go 4 or 5 miles down. There are also massive Dunes, as tall as mountains. These form because the sand is binded together by the water in the wind. (the water is, by the way, not rain because winds are always blowing everywhere on Savalon)

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