Sarloks is a meteor beaver and friend of LIR. The name meteor beaver was given instead of asteroid beaver because the first type seen came out of a giant meteor that crashed into Irk. They are used as transport by Irkens because they can fly through space, and have a powerful defense mechanism.


Meteor beavers are actually giant reptillian creatures that are skilled at living in asteroids and building because they can use telekinesis. They look like giant green beavers with long, scaly,and flat tails, pupil-less eyes, and razor sharp teeth.They  are able to use mindpower to sense things around them to plot an easy course through ast


eroid fields. They can eat almost anything and can survive entirely without water. They can also be used for transport because they can move really fast. They use telekinesis to keep a bubble of oxygen around themselves during spaceflight. They also posess the unique ability to shoot peanut butter from their noses and see in complete darkness. They reproduce by using telekinesis to "build" baby meteor beavers, which grow and gain scales over time.

When Nightmare Tak casted a mind control spell on LIR, Sarloks led Lurk and Timelord Dev to her Dalek ship. He also helped them break the spell by hitting LIR's programmer.

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