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Sarks is a kind-of stupid Irken soldier. He has been around since the Irk-o-pocalypse.

Early Days

Sarks used to be a human,whose name was Sprang. He was tricked by a nefarious Robloxian scientist for 1000 Robux,and captured by him. The scientist made him unconcious and transformed him into a vampire using unknown technology. Soon,Sprang awoke in the lab,and discovered what he had done to him. He attacked and killed the scientist and anyone else in the lab,in a horrible blood fueled rage. After being turned into a vampire,Sprang lost all of his memories for unknown reasons.


Remnants are black fiery balls that were given to Sprang when he was little (the vampire form but before he became a vampire) They are black, fiery balls that act as ghosts and you can swipe your hand right through them, they only appear when he is either:


In a death situation


Really needs help with something


IR-Intelligent Recon Unit, Sarks' SIR unit built by Sarks. (He doesn't function and went missing and hasn't been seen in years)


  • He has ruby eyes
  • Annoying
  • He is smaller than Zim
  • He thinks alot.
  • Uses 3rd Person for everything. Never says 'I' or 'Me' or 'My' uses 'Sarks' E.G 'Sarks likes cookies'.
  • He likes destruction hence to his past shouting 'boom boom' and blowing up things
  • He questions alot of things
  • He really wants a real SIR Unit because he has none.
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