Halo Reach - Sangheili

"Well, these guys can be described as tall, humanoid reptiles. They can be distinguished by their four insectoid mandibles."-Almighty Tallest Ken

The Sangheili are a race of brave courageous reptiles. They are taller than a human, and they are agile and powerful, due to the fact they have two hearts, two toed feet, and hocks in their legs. Their homeworld is the planet Sangheilios. They are known for the fact that they have strong bonds with eachother, calling eachother "brothers." The Sangheili's planet has been recently conquered by Invader Gluz.


Sangheili have four mandibles. The mandibles are used for gripping and tearing up prey. They have four fingers on each hand, that highly inprove dexterrosity. A Sangheili's hand has two thumbs, and two middle fingers. All of the fingers on each hand end in sharp claws. Their speed is comparable to that of an ostrich, due to the fact that it has only two toes on each foot. The Sangheili have two hearts that increases the owner's strength. Sangheili breathe the same exact kind of oxygen that humans breathe on Earth, but oddly, they have purple blood. Like reptiles, the Sangheili have a cloaca. The Sangheili can speak English, but they are able to growl and roar in a reptilian pattern. That is because of a voice chamber in the chest that amplifies sound. The Sangheili also have highly numerous teeth. Their nostrils are right in front of their eyes. The eyes of a Sangheili are capable of seeing far away objects clearly, making their eyes very useful. Their eyes are on the sides of their heads, but point foward.

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