STARE is a STARE Unit whose name stands for Stealth Transmissions And Retrieval Elite. He specializes in just that: infiltration, encoded transmission, and data retrieval.


STARE was the first STARE Unit to be invented by Invader Vex, and is the most elite and well equipped of all of them. He started as a discarded blueprint from VIR- Vex's SIR unit's creation, but was improved upon quite a bit. He is equipped with features never even thought to be included in a SIR Unit, but not many of his kind were produced, mainly due to their high cost and scarcity of their components.


STARE is stealthy, and never talks when it is unnecessary, but is also quite intelligent, and can often bring up an insight to his mission that no one else does. In addition, STARE is obedient towards Vex, but also acts on logic and a simulated version of instinct. This makes him well prepared for difficult situations.

Equipment and weaponsEdit

STARE is equipped with all standard SIR Unit equipment and weapons, plus a variety of unique features. These include dart guns for lethal but silent assassinations, charge launchers for demolition, silenced plasma cannons for quick assassination, sonic emitters to trip security and hack into computers, and a variety of other weapons. Perhaps the most unique feature of STARE Units, however, are the blade-like tentacles protruding from their backs. These can act as swift transportation or weapons, slicing almost any material in one clean slash. STARE's armor is completely unique, however, and is made out of Cortosis, a rare alloy that is nearly indestructible. It cannot be damaged by short or long range plasma guns, and is impervious to plasma swords and small explosive devices. The most rare feature of STARE, however, is his Liquid Transformation Generator: a device that allows STARE to change everything about himself. This technology utilizes Vex's Liquid Substance to replicate any number of forms.

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