Dark blue

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Standard STARE Unit weapons, specialized aerial weapons


Standard STARE Unit weapons, high power rocket thrusters and gyroscopes


Invader Zyl


The Irken Empire, Invader Zyl


STAP was invented by Invader Vex, and was the third STARE Unit created, and was owned by Invader Zyl ever since JEVI was destroyed. He specializes in aerial operations. He is equipped with high speed rockets in his hands and feet, but not the blade tentacles made famous by the STARE Unit series. His photoreceptors are equipped with better zoom lenses, and his body contains several gyroscopic enhancements.


STAP looks like any regular STARE Unit, but has dark blue features and has a small backpack full of jet fuel. His eyes can develop small crosshairs on them when advanced targeting features are needed.


STAP used to act like a standard STARE Unit, but has since been tampered with by Zyl to be merciless, cruel, and overall sadistic. This often helps Zyl, but can occasionally impede him. As Zyl is, of course, insane, STAP often behaves a bit like him and can be eccentric and odd from time to time.

As a creation of an Irken Loyalist, STAP is unable to break any law of the Irken Empire, but has had loophole software installed so that he may make the best of this situation.

Equipment and WeaponsEdit

STAP is equipped with all the standard SIR and STARE Unit features, excluding the tentacles in favor of an advanced flight system, including a large fuel tank, gyroscopic stabilizers, lightweight metal construction and four jet engines in his hands and feet. His chest can open to reveal several small missiles, and his head contains a small bomb dispenser. STAP was given an Orb of Power for braving the Nightmare Dimension by Invader Vax, and it allows him to become more powerful when he most needs to be brave. This is a great asset, as it allows STAP to make better use of his weapons when need be.

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