Sora is an Irken drone designed as a part of a new project to create Irken-like drones for special military missions where extra help is needed. She has an especially well crafted AI put into her, making her able to talk, act, and think like a real person as well as have a personality of her own. 

SORA by Vex

Not specified; recent




Undecided (Temporarily)

Additional information

Mech orbs, laser rifle, energy sword


Typical Irken equipment standards, plus inner machines and jetpack boots


Commander Mie


Irken Empire, R.A. beta project

Notable Facts

Danmaku/Curtain Fire user



Sora was created recently by Irken scientists, who had founded a new research group (The Robot-Android/Assistant Project) dedicated to creating hyper-realistic Irken-like robots for special operations, missions, and military battles. A particularly powerful weapon, and assistants to those who as trusted to take care of these units. The point of this project was to make especially powerful weapons and have them able to use a new type of weapon that previous Irken bots could not use before. The fact that these units are so realistic it could fool even an Irken into believing that it's not a robot, could make it harder for enemies to discover it themselves and therefore not be able to hack into it or make any special damages to the bots. Sora happened to be trusted into the care of Commander Mie. 


Commander Mie - Sora's assigned master. She has a deep trust for her and would do anything to protect her. 


Sora, as a part of her AI, has her own personality and is exactly like a real person. Having her own emotions, opinions, and personality. She happens to be an optimistic one, not seeing a point in being depressed all the time as it only slows down determination. She has an absolute mental state to be determined, whether it be missions or solving a problem, and not looking down on what could happen. 

Facts and AbilitiesEdit

  • She was based off and inspired by VIVIT  from the Seihou Project, a character with similarities. 
  • Her name stands for Special Operations Robot-Android. 
  • Another similarity to VIVIT, and what makes her so powerful and a valuable new model, is that she can create artifical bullets, lasers.. basically what can be summarized as danmaku . She has a very strong power level, possibly one to even match a certain someone.
  • Sora was also inspired by a video game with a main character of the same name. A vertical shoot em up, where the main character is a reploid named Sora who is forced against her will to fight in a robot war. 
  • She possesses, besides her danmaku, an energy sword which she could also use to spread her own patterns, a pair of jetpack boots, mechanical orbs and inner machines designed to create patterns, and one backup laser rifle. She does wear normal unformed clothes, just different to represent that she is a part of the R.A. project.
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