SO is Comatose's SIR Unit. Her name stands for Special Operations.


SO was modified by Invader Ark and Comatose. She was originally a Class One SIR Unit that Ark and Comatose upgraded to help Comatose with projects and anything else because of her disorder. They became great friends, and SO has worked for Comatose and Ark ever since.


SO working

SO working

SO is never unfocused. She always pays attention to the task at hand, and is always very helpful. She's extremely nice, funny, and just pleasant to be around.

She has two modes- Golden Mode, or Duty Mode, and Green Mode, or Normal Mode.


SO in Golden/Duty Mode

SO in Golden/Duty Mode

SO looks like GIR, just with green eyes, shoulders, etc. When she is in Duty Mode, her eyes turn gold.


Comatose- SO likes Comatose very much, and loves to work with her, even though Comatose has hurt her many times during her freak-outs.

Invader Ark- SO likes Ark, and respects her greatly.

GIR- SO has only heard about GIR once, from Comatose. She doesn't know him and doesn't really want to.

AIR- AIR and SO go on missions together sometimes. They respect each other.

Fury- Fury has helped SO with many projects, and she has developed a feeling towards him that is almost like friendship. Since she is a robot, her emotions still have a long way to go.

Vira- SO respects Vira, but dislikes her destructive nature.

Zim- SO has heard about Zim and thinks he's stupid and reckless, like most people.


SO has the shortest name of any SIR she's ever met.

SO hates tacos.



"If you engineer this plague, then you could wipe out all Irken life... Okay! I'll help!"

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