Invader Mas made SIRA soon after crash-landing on Earth. SIRA has multiple personalities to match her various eye colors.


Gold- Mature, switches into Duty Mode quickly.

Blue- GIR-like and immature, takes several tries to go to Duty Mode but goes back to Blue Mode quickly.

Purple- violent, not willing to give up easily, goes into Duty Mode as soon as a command is given.

Red- standard SIR Unit Duty Mode.


SIRA is a silver GIR-looking SIR Unit that is as tall as GIR, and is almost to Mas's chest in height. Her eye color varies. In disguise, she is dressed like a fox. The disguise is similar to GIR's doggy outfit, but with a discreet zipper in the front of the costume.


Mas- Sisterly. SIRA and Mas will do anything to protect each other.

GIR- GIR and SIRA are best friends, and know that their masters fancy each other's master.

Zim- SIRA knows Mas likes Zim and Zim likes Mas, but is sworn to secrecy by GIR and Mas, therefore, she acts awkward around Zim when she's in Gold Mode.

Dib- SIRA likes to bite Dib. She thinks his human-boy-flesh is yummy.

Gaz- SIRA is scared of Gaz, even when in Purple Mode.

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