SICC(Pronounced "Sick") stands for Superior Infltration Cybernetic Cyborg.

SICC was created in the The Robot-Android/Assistant Project,the same project that developed SORA. He is not to be mistaken for his Nightmare Counterpart.

History Edit

SICC used to be an irken,it is currently unknown how he was transformed into a cyborg. SICC was created as a cyborg infltration soldier,a cybernetic irken created to be the ultimate spy.  After SICC's escape from Irken captivity, he established a base on war-torn Zendra 4, a series of labyrinths, ducts, and hangars. After downloading the blueprints of Lurk's ship's inter-dimensional drive(and then destroying it),he discovered a small Rift in a small cavern under his base, SICC's plan evolved even further when he discovered that the rift led to the lost world of Mechanis 3,a metal planet that used to be home to the Mechanians, a race of cybernetic warriors wiped out in their war-ravaged history. With a plan to recreate the Mechanian race in his own image and lead a private army across the galaxy, SICC was soon confronted by two Irken Elites , an insane slave soldier , and an ex-irken soldier. The four scoured Mechanis 3 in search of SICC, and eventually found him hiding in a safehouse with his existing Mechanian army. After being defeated and arrested, SICC was sentenced to serve a life in prison,until after almost 3 months later,a mysterious group of soldiers broke him out. His current whereabouts are unknown.


SICC is known to be quite logical and duty centered. He usually only cares for his own survival and things beneficial to him. Although,SICC is also known to point out obvious flaws and attempt to fix them.  He is also known to be very crafty and intelligent,making him a hard enemy to defeat. He is also known to be very quiet,rarely ever speaking unless completely nessceary. SICC also displays incredible determination and patience. SICC will not hesitate to harm,or even kill sentient beings,even Irkens.

Abilities Edit

  • Energy sphereoids

SICC has the ability to create balls of heated energy and strike them down from above,creating powerful shockwaves and explosions.

  • Hardlight blades

Hardlight blades are hidden in SICC's pod arms,he can deploy them at will to impale enemies. The blades are incredibly sharp.

  • Cloaking disguise

SICC's head crests can shift forward and activate a cloning device in his "eyes". The eyes create a holographic disguise from any humanoid beings scanned by SICC,SICC can even combine the beings he's scanned to create entirely new disguises. It's weakness however,is polluted earth water.

  • Lack of food and water.

SICC has no need to eat or drink. However,he somtimes needs to sleep to recharge.

  • Dark energy Cannon

SICC is capable of firing concentrated projectiles of dark energy. The projectiles can cause distortions in the very physical properties of matter. If fired at a sentient beings,it can cause mutations similar to how Lurk was mutated,or worse. Although,the cannon can only be used once every 3 hours,and can only distort objects the size of trucks.

  • Plasma pistols

Hidden in SICC's arm pods,are plasma pistols. These pistols can shoot plasma balls that can melt flesh. 

  • Hacking abilities

SICC has the ability to hack any device less advanced then Irken technology,although he can only hack tech similar to Irken technology. He can only do this given time,however.

  • Hardlight shield

SICC can summon a hardlight purple shield from his arm pods.

  • Construction superiority

SICC is also known to create machines and tecnology very quickly. He can easily make a spittle runner in mere days,provided the resources.

Themes & Art Edit


SICC's full body art.

Quadraxis Boss Theme - Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Music Extended

Quadraxis Boss Theme - Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Music Extended

SICC's Theme.

Trivia of Doom Edit

  • Being a cyborg,SICC still suffers from Irken weaknesses. Earth meat and polluted water can still cause him damage. Also,his mind cannot function properly without a PAK. Although,his PAK is protected in a thick metal casket with black PAK spots. 
  • His "eyes" are actually scent sensors.
  • His antennae is filled with artificial implants.
  • SICC is known to speak in a monotone,deep voice.
  • SICC is incapable of love and does not understand it. Making affectionate or friendly relations with him almost impossible.
  • The only organic parts of his body are: some of his chest,his arms,insides of his head,and his legs. 
  • SICC appears to be unnaturally patient,waiting almost 3 months to be rescued from jail.
  • His name is based off of Sickness from I Feel Sick,one of Jhonen's comics.
  • Electrical shocks can temporarily disorient him.
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