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S.I.F stands for "Security I dunno Friend unit", it is a pet rock owned by Draxx.


It has been stated by Draxx that he does not remember how he even found S.I.F. All that is known is that it is not just a mere rock, and seems to be capable of moving on its own when no one is around. It also seems to be implied it is actually sentient, and is watching Draxx and his friends. The reason for this is unknown. 

It has been shown that it is also capable of preforming acts that literally defy physics, to save Draxx when he is in trouble.

It usually appears as a hand sized rock with a poorly drawn crayon smiley face on it. Sometimes it appears to have googly eyes pasted to it. 


  • It often tends to send an uneasy feeling to anyone that looks at it, besides Draxx of course. 
  • S.I.F seems to have been around even before Draxx was sent to the looney bin.