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A 2006-2007 Robloxian.

The Robloxians are race that inhabit the Planet, Robloxia.

Appearence and Biology[]

In early times, Robloxians were made of dull coloured blocks, but now you can find them in all shapes, colors and sizes. They have about the same organs as humans but has no feet or fingers. It is rumoured that the size of a Robloxian brain is half the size of a tv remote. They have stronger adrenal glands than humans. The robloxians are also capable of picking things up without using their hands and keeping an infinite storage of items in an "inventory". How they do this remains unknown.

Robloxian character model.


The Robloxians have an average level of intelligence. The average Robloxian usually thinks that he/she is better then everyone else, especially in certain PvP matches.


The Robloxians have a few leaders called "Admins" and "Mods". Perhaps the most famous one is Telamon/Shedletsky, but he works for the Robloxian Control Brain, Builderman. Telamon is obsessed with fried chicken. Unlike most Robloxians, Builderman is much kinder. There are some admins, that are weaker. robloxians call them admins too, but they only have certain powers. some are very powerful, such as mrflimflam. a chaotic admin who partakes in certain schemes to entertain his worshippers.

Robloxian leaders dancing in glory of their billions of Robux.

The Robloxian leaders have tons of money or as the Robloxians call it, Robux.


There are two types of money: robux and tix. Before, robux were worth way more than tix. Ever since now, tix have been largely removed and if someone has 1 tix (or maybe 1 tix and 0 robux), they are considered wealthy.


The value of Robux has decreased significantly since its initial release. With 3,297 Robux, a Roblox Blog article once declared Miked as the wealthiest Roblox player. Today, many users have much more than this without being considered as wealthy by the community. This is largely due to the fact that new Robux is generated every time a user earns a monthly stipend from their Premium membership or purchases it directly from Roblox, which in turn contributes to the currency's inflation as an ever-growing amount of players continue to desire goods or features that cost Robux.

Current theories about the dramatic shift in Robux value are embedded in the idea of supply and demand. Supply and demand are typically inversely related, and the balance of both establish the equilibrium price. For example, by selling most of their items in the catalog for Robux and incentivizing users to exchange Robux for real-life currency through the Developer's Exchange, the demand for Robux has increased. This increase in demand compared to a minimal increase in the supply of Robux creates a deficit of Robux.

According to the Developer's Exchange, 286 Robux is equal to $1, while a 2013 blog post announced that one Robux is equal to one penny, which means 80 robux = 1 dollar.[1]

On July 12, 2019, the BC bonus for each Robux purchase option was reduced to only 10% of the NBC Robux, the $24.95 option was replaced by a new $19.95 option for 1700 Robux (1870 with BC) and the $199.95 option was removed. It is speculated that this was in order to be able to pay developers more, however many players were disappointed with this change as it means they will have to pay even more to get the same amount of Robux as before.


Robloxians seem to enjoy each other getting hurt and/or killed. They participate in obstacle courses known as "obbies" and also in fighting games. In these "obbies" robloxians go through obstacle courses,many of them are killed on the way. The robloxians seem to enjoy this as a sport.

There also seems to be a higher class of Robloxians,called Premium members.These higher class robloxians get to participate in Premium exclusive events(E.g:Celebrations,sports,etc). They are also very wealthy. The lower class robloxians known as non premium members seem to be mistreated by Robloxians with a Premium membership. These robloxians are either average or poor.

Gallery []

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