A hideous Robloxian.

The Robloxians are the HIDEOUSLY DISGUSTING race that inhabit the Planet Robloxia.

Appearence and BiologyEdit

Robloxians are made of block-like material, and have no nose or ears. They have the same organs as humans and have no feet or fingers. The average Robloxian brain is said to be half the size of a TV remote. They have stronger adrenal glands than humans. Their skeleton seems to have no rib cage or skull,only having the spine extend into the head where a skull would be. This may be due to the fact they're made of a plastic like material that could protect their vital organs. The robloxians are also capable of picking things up without hands,how they do this is unknown.
Robloxian s Skeleton by Kishgal

Robloxian skeleton.


The Robloxians have very low intelligence. They were once way smarter but are now complete imbeciles. The average Robloxian usually thinks he/she is better then everyone else.


The Robloxians have a few leaders. The most famous one is Telemon, but he works for the Robloxian Control Brain, Builderman. Telemon is obsessed with fried chicken. Unlike most Robloxians, Builderman is much kinder.

Robloxian leaders dancing in glory of their billions of Robux.

The Robloxian leaders have a ton of money or as the Robloxians call it, Robux.


Robloxians seem to enjoy each other getting hurt and/or killed. They participate in obstacle courses known as "obbies". In these "obbies" robloxians go through horribly designed obstacle courses,many of them are killed on the way. The robloxians seem to enjoy this as a sport and love seeing their own kind killed for their amusement. 

There also seems to be a higher class of Robloxians,called "BC'ers". These higher class robloxians get to participate in BC exclusive events(Ex:Celebrations,sports,etc),they are also very wealthy. The lower class robloxians known as "NBC'ers" seem to be mistreated by BC'ers. These robloxians are either average or poor.

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