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Robloxian character model

"Roblox, powering imagination"

A 2006 Robloxian

Planet Robloxia[]

Planet Robloxia is a fictional planet located in another Galaxy. Almost every living thing on that planet is made of a strange material this resembles much like plastic. The sapient species on this planet are Robloxians, a partially humanoid race that come in a variety of colors, lacking noses, ears, toes and fingers. There are also another subspecies of Robloxians called "RTHRO's".


Planet Robloxia is much like Earth, but the ice caps are smaller, and there is more water. The planet is warmer and wetter then earth, and most of its landscape are flat. However, there is always something fun going on there.

Sentient species[]

This planet is ruled by a species known as Robloxians.  They are known to cause pretend chaos and destruction for fun. It is noted that there is a type of Robloxian that seems to be part of one huge clan. They wear black clothes, and have blue hair for males, and a lavender bun for females. The Robloxians also include that the Guests have a limited vocabulary and are not able to get many things. But sadly, on October 2, 2017, Guests were removed. It is known that Guests were just people without accounts. There was also a type of Robloxian called the "Noob". It is told by the locals of Robloxia that Noobs are completely idiotic robloxians, with extremely low intelligence. Some are not even sentient. Speaking of not being sentient, there is a term for that, and it is the person is "AFK". They usually come back after a few minutes. There also seems to be a few predatory species, one wears dark clothes. the males are extremely tall and are known as "slenders" for being extremely anorexic and tall. they are agressive and use violent language, although they are disrespected among the community. the females are simply copy and pastes. they are known to only be slightly more intelligent than noobs. they seem to care much about mating although it is frowned upon by most robloxians as it is known as OD-ing (online dating). It is especially disgusting because robloxians can only reproduce via mitosis, which lasts only 10 minutes, as robloxians take a long time to grow up.

A Noob, what Robloxians usually are when they first appear


Roblox was officially founded in 2006 by David Bazsucki and Erik Cassel. Although that is the recorded date, it existed unofficially as far back as 1989. Sadly, Erik has now passed away due to cancer. At first, there were not many Robloxians, but their population grew and grew. Soon, Robloxians became diverse and colorful beings as they evolved. Robux was developed and Robloxians could soon communicate. 

"So remember, the next time you imagine something, no matter how simply you start, there is a universe waiting to be created. Roblox, Powering Imagination " -David Bazsucki


The value of Robux has decreased significantly since its initial release. With 3,297 Robux, a Roblox Blog article once declared Miked as the wealthiest Roblox player. Today, many users have much more than this without being considered as wealthy by the community. This is largely due to the fact that new Robux is generated every time a user earns a monthly stipend from their Premium membership or purchases it directly from Roblox, which in turn contributes to the currency's inflation as an ever-growing amount of players continue to desire goods or features that cost Robux.

Current theories about the dramatic shift in Robux value are embedded in the idea of supply and demand. Supply and demand are typically inversely related, and the balance of both establish the equilibrium price. For example, by selling most of their items in the catalog for Robux and incentivizing users to exchange Robux for real-life currency through the Developer's Exchange, the demand for Robux has increased. This increase in demand compared to a minimal increase in the supply of Robux creates a deficit of Robux.

According to the Developer's Exchange, 286 Robux is equal to $1, while a 2013 blog post announced that one Robux is equal to one penny, which means 80 robux = 1 dollar.[1]

On July 12, 2019, the BC bonus for each Robux purchase option was reduced to only 10% of the NBC Robux, the $24.95 option was replaced by a new $19.95 option for 1700 Robux (1870 with BC) and the $199.95 option was removed. It is speculated that this was in order to be able to pay developers more, however many players were disappointed with this change as it means they will have to pay even more to get the same amount of Robux as before.


The Robloxians are led by their leaders, Admins. There is a Robloxian just named "ROBLOX" that is believed to be the above all Robloxian leader. It is said they "swim in pools of money" or "Robux".

Robloxian leaders dancing in glory of their billons of robux.

Builderman seemes to be much kinder than the other leaders.

Blocky facts.[]


You are probably asking yourself what I am talking about, right? Well this person, Jaredvaldez4, is actually the only known person, at least as of last year, to have four games on the front page at the same time. If anyone else has ever done this, then let me know.

2. KEITH[]

This is a name you are probably more familiar with, and Keith is an administrator for ROBLOX. This part you probably know, but the unknown part is that he was the 22nd member of the team and it wasn’t until 2008 that he finally became an administrator.


Many ROBLOX fans know who Clockwork is, and if you don’t then just know he is a very popular administrator. However, he did something very controversial with his forum posts. Clockwork was believed to have more than 70,000 forum posts, but he actually just used coding to edit his count. This is not a huge deal, but it is still a little shocking.


PontifX, who was a new addition to the ROBLOX team in 2007, actually found the job online. The aforementioned new member saw the job listing on Craigslist, and he took advantage of it. How cool is it that a video game company actually posted a job listing on Craigslist?


Back in the old days of ROBLOX, you could actually message yourself. Reasons for doing this were up to you, but I can think of a few good reasons. One, in particular, is to mildly entertain yourself for no reason other than to have something to do!


When ROBLOX finally reached their milestone of gaining 10,000 members they were going to reward their fans. The company actually hinted at the fact that people could sell their accounts on eBay. Can I please ask what kind of person would actually spend money to buy another person’s account?


Every fan will remember when Badges was first released but did you know that it had to be taken offline? This was due to the fact that the machine couldn’t handle all the traffic it was getting. I guess ROBLOX truly underestimated how many people wanted Badges!


In case you were wondering, ROBLOX was actually released before 2006. It was released in 2004, but the catch is only game developers could play it. This will probably mean nothing to you, but at least now you can educate your friends on the real release date of ROBLOX.


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