Rivet is the fifth KRONOS unit created by Invader Plazatrax. He was found in the same camp as Ionia, but instead of saving innocents, he was tinkering with dropped Empire technology. He is currently on Plazatrax's ship with Ionia.


Rivet is laid back but focused. He does not question orders he is given, but will give his opinion on them most of the time, however rude it may be.


Rivet looks mostly like a standard KRONOS unit, but sloppily patched up with scrap metal. This self repair is necessary  because of his experimentation with robotics and often injures himself. Rivet's eyes are indigo.


Rivet is able to use remarkable ingenuity to make complex machines and weapons from scraps of metal, but is prone to self-injury in the process of doing so.

Rivet is able, to a certain extent, control metal around him, using directional electromagnets. This control is not very accurate, as he frequently sends scrap metal into himself.


  • Created a SIR Unit of his own named JUNK.

Trivia of DoomEdit

  • He is the first SIR Unit to own a SIR Unit.
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