Rifts are unstable portals that spring into existence when a rip in the barrier between dimensions occurs. Rifts are often extremely dangerous and unpredictable. 

Description Edit

Rifts are described to look like blob-esque circle shaped portals in their natural highly unstable form,and inside them is what appears to look like the void of space and stars of several different colors. Smaller blobs seem to swirl around it.  When stable rifts become completely smooth and round.

It has never been confirmed due to most known rifts being usually about the size of a human, but it is said that the bigger a rift gets, the more it begins to look like a literal "tear" in the fabric of reality.


Rifts are known to be very unstable. The bigger a rift is,the more unstable it is. Some rifts tend to eventually become bigger and more unstable,causing them to spew out things from alternate universes and paraellel realities.  It is possible to control them,two examples being Z on planet Zendra 4 the Flash Runner ,but very difficult. 

Known RiftsEdit

There are a few known rifts:

  • Planet Zendra 4- On planet Zendra 4,there is a highly unstable rift that has seemed to engulf almost half the planet. Many Irkens are on the planet,fighting off the abominations that come from the rift,and also trying to find a way to close or remove the rift.
  • Planet Vertec-After a failed attack made on Irk by Zirius and Marek,the Robloxia portal collasped onto itself,creating a rift. This rift seems to be as large as a small moon.
  • Foodcourtia-A city sized rift is in Foodcourtia's solar system,it leads to Robloxia. It seems to be very stable. 

Omniversal CollaspeEdit

Rifts seem to be caused by Omniversal collaspe

Trivia of Interdimensional HorrorsEdit

  • Rifts can open at any time and in any place. 
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