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Rhyne is a female Irken Defective. Although defective, she was able to prove herself worthy to the Tallest (she is tall) and became a scientist who developed weapons for the Elite. However, she was caught selling the untested weapons tech to outside buyers and was sentenced to eternity on Foodcourtia. While she was there, Zim had his rampage (during OID1) and Rhyne took advantage of the Irken Empire's panicked state by hijacking a Voot cruiser and escaping Foodcourtia. The Control Brains sent Rix, an Irken Elite soldier, to kill Rhyne after failing to shut down her PAK (she had installed firewalls secretly). Rhyne eventually killed Rix, but the battle damaged the Voot and Rhyne came out of it with a huge scar on her left eye. Rhyne's Voot did make it to the Irkana relay, however, and she escaped safey into the Milky Way, where she traveled and sold Irken tech secrets and weapons to outlaws and mercs throughout the Terminus Systems. She is now on top-secret mission with someone she refers to only as "Commander." The only hint to Commander's identity is that she is female.

Rhyne is very tall, but not quite tall enough to be a Tallest. Her eyes are a pinkish-purple color and are parallelogram-shaped. She has two facial scars- one through her Elite symbol on her forehead, and one through her right eye. She also has tiny tattoos on her face. Her antennae are broken and kinked because of the struggle she had with Irken law enforcement when they caught her selling illegally. She also wears antenna rings.

Rhyne can fly (before she was a scientist, she was an Elite soldier), and she loves to fight and is feared and respected by the mercenary organizations of the Terminus Systems, but she is not evil or mean. Sarcastic, yes, but not the warbeast the mercs would have you imagine. She has high energy and is a bit of a hothead. Apparently she doesn't mind being an outlaw, and she's probably one of thr most reliable and honest people in the Terminus.

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