Ressen is an irken soldier, he was assigned to a squad around the "Operation Impending Doom I" time.

He was originally a Navigator, he always wanted to be a soldier, and after years of pleading the control brain for an opportunity to become a soldier, he finally got it. Showing that he was a better soldier than he was navigator his PAK was reprogrammed.

He went on several solo missions, and when "Operation Impending Doom" came he was assigned to a squad, although he was the most experienced of the team, Wy was promoted as the leader.


He is tall (as a Navigator), his eyes are green emerald.



He follows Wy's orders, because he has to. Other than that, he tends to be harsh with him.


He doesn't understand why Athy is so apathetic towards everything, and honestly, he doesn't care that much.


He thinks Kerr is a psycho, and with a good reason.


He feels uneasy around Denna, but he doesn't understand why.

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