Razor in her mech suit

Razor in her mech suit

Razor is a rouge Irken bent on destroying the Tallest and the entire Irken way of life.


Razor was always cast out in Irken society. She tried to get a job as a scientist, tried to enlist in the Irken Military, and even tried to be a normal engineer, but she was so weak she couldn't do any of those jobs. She took her ship and flew off, searching for something that could give her the power to annihilate the Tallest and finally be able to do everything she had failed to do. Razor searched the galaxy for three Irken years. She found a planet called Forch and met Invader Nes, who asked for her help in staging some explosions. She decided to stay on Forch for a while and search it for the element she needed to give her power... And she found it. She named it Razorinite (oh, such a creative name). Nes found out that Razor was trying to kill the Tallest, and was unsure if he should help her or not. Razor built an exoskeleton made out of a metal only found on Forch they named Nesonia, and it was powered by the Razorinite. Razor asked Nes if he would come back to Irk with her and kill the Tallest. He said yes, and they started flying back and working on their plan. Invader Ark and Invader Ax try to stop them multiple times, and they have to work hard to get there. But with the Razorinite and Nesonia, no one will stand in their way... Or will they?


Razor is headstrong, determined, and just plain evil. She doesn't care about anyone but Nes and her SIR Unit SHARD. She hates the Tallest with a burning passion.


Razor has spiky antennae that curve into hooks at the end and have lavender spots on them. She has one black eye and one lavender eye. She wears an all-black suit whenever she's not wearing the Nesonia-Razorinite Exoskeleton.

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