Rarl Kove

Rarl Kove is an advisor to our two Almighty Tallests, Red and Purple; he is only ever seen once aboard the Massive during the counquest of Planet Blorch, just before the planets demise. Advising the Tallest his only speaking role. It is very secretive because he only whispers to them whatever he said must of involved Invader Skoodge because he points at him. Probably about how Skoodge's victory would make the Irken height hierarchy look bad. This is because Skoodge is really short and yet the first Invader to successfully complete his mission. Eventually the Tallest get rid of Skoodge, for while by launching him from plasma cannon into Blorch. Rarl Kove probably advised them to get Skoodge out off the way. Rarl Kove has a few different features than an average Irken like his eyes which are a rare green instead of the average ruby for an Irken, his PAK also appears to be different as its attached to his chest instead of his back and it only has two spots instead of three and he does not wear gloves. Additionally, his Antennae are much shorter and thinner than most Irkens.
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