RIS is the SIR Unit of Zak. Built by himself for himself, he thought it would be unique for a male invader to have a female SIR. He had only seen male SIR units anyway so a female itself was unique to him. After meeting Invader Vax he was informed that female SIR units were not that outlandish. Zak still likes his creation and finds her unique in some way, shape, and form. He has given her a piece of experimental technology made by none other then himself. It uses a form of pure energy that takes the shape of whatever the host wants, then manifests into a physical form that can then be used to do what the shape is for. When the host is done using it, the energy reverts back to its pure
IMG 0538

Zak's SIR unit RIS.

form until shaped again. This technology is similar to that of morphing Nanobots. 
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