RIR is Cowlord's SIR unit, which he made all by himself using stuff he found around his house. The R stands for Richard. Yep, Richard Issue Retrieval unit. RIR can't do much of ANYTHING except for be stupid. The only thing he's good at is making burgers, which he does frequently. Seriously, that's all Cowlord and RIR ever eat. RIR got hired by Burger King, so his disguise was changed to a nerdy teenager. RIR quit the job, to start his own Joint (mostly because Cowlord made him for new test subjects) and the place got shut down after about a week. RIR jumped out and scared the first customer.


After the restaurant incident, Cowlord decided to see what was wrong with RIR. He checked everything, RIR's head wasn't screwed on wrong, his operating system was functional, so Cowlord assumed that RIR was just acting like a moron. He tried constantly to gt RIR to stop, but he couldn't, THUS THE FIXING BEGAN! Cowlord decided to rebuild RIR carefully. When he was finished, however, nothing really changed. RIR was still an idiot. So Cowlord replaced his operating system. Still an idiot. Cowlord then found out about "How to Fix Your Stupid Robot," and it changed everything. Cowlord uploaded it to RIR and, within a week, RIR was fixed. THUS THE FIXING ENDED!

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