R.A. units are experimental robots with exceptionally good artificial intelligence. They are being used for military operations. 

History Edit

They were created recently, and are in the beta stages as far as becoming successful. Each unit is assigned to a person that the scientist group trusts to test it. SORA being the first of their type. She is a smiley, and determined kind of thinker, who is more than ready to attack a threat. So far also a "defective" one named DURA was made, who possesses no numbered wrist band and acts more like a destructive child who doesn't like to follow orders. The third is SICC, who was an unsuccessful unit, and went rogue in beta before being fully completed. He was designed to be a superior infiltration unit, but became too powerful and escaped on his own before the essential obedience chip was implanted in him. 

Point Edit

The point of the project is to make varied levels of intelligent robots, with different abilities and personalities, such as DURA and SORA's "danmaku", and SICC's electrical abilities and stealth. So far only Commander Mie owns any units in the project, with only these three in existance. 

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