R-4CH-L is a Control Brain. She specifically runs an important Smeetery on Irk, and is in command of a small fleet of powerful attack cruisers.


R-4CH-L, as a Control Brain, usually shows no emotion, but when hatching smeets, lets out an almost motherly side out to encourage the learning Smeets, but in a way that still allows them to become powerful soldiers for the Irken army. She is rather caring for defective Irkens, and is the founder of the organization known as DIRP (Defective Irken Realization Program). When contacting enemies of the Irken Empire, she shows contempt, anger, and fear of the conquest of the Irkens.


R-4CH-L resembles an ordinay Control brain, except she is a rather recent model. She has five yellow eyes, a screen always displaying the one-eyed Irken insignia, and numerous cables, wires, and supports. In her holding chamber, she has access to posion gas emitters used upon the realization of an intruder attempting to destroy her.


  • Most Irkens hatched by her refer to her as a mother.
  • Yes, "DIRP" is a reference to the meme "Derp".
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