"Alright, DlareDlare! I don't care how much you beg, or how much you call me Peg, I will not leave this planet! I don't care if your mission is here! I will conquer Equestria if it is the last thing I don't fear! Aren't you excited to see the Ponies perish?! I will destroy your uncle, Berish! I don't care if you don't have an uncle! I am the master of everyone's buncle! Chap, chap, chap! Good-bye, good Chaps! For I will give you ever-lasting naps! Cha-Cha, DlareDlare! And Gib, too! For I am the master of all that is not goo!" -Prepo

Prepo is an alien being from the Planet Kertish in the Salimo System. He is lord of the Puppet Master race. He was an antagonist towards Invader DlareDlare on his mission to Equestria. DlareDlare wanted to defeat Prepo so that he could conquer Equestria, and he had to team up with Gib to do this.


He is very similar to many different MLP villains, and also speaks in rhymes. He is actually more evil, since he has kidnapped 1000 Ponies and killed half of them.


Prepo has dark green skin, a jester-like hat, an electronic suit, dark red eyes, scales all over his body, and gills.


"Let it be when you pee that I will make you flee."

"Idiotic slugs. Idiot bugs. That's what the Ponies are; idiotic slugs."

"One has arrived? How foolish he is! For I am Lord Prepo, the master of biz!"

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