Pop Star (also sometimes written PopStar or Popstar) is a star-shaped planet.

The Planet Pop Star

It was also the location of the Dreamland War.


The geography and surrounding solar system of Pop Star are never clearly shown or explained, but there are features that remain fairly consistent. It is always star-shaped, usually with 2-3 rings encircling it. They can be either

Pop Star's Rings

white, red, green, or blue.

Despite it's star shape and yellow appearance in space, once through the atmosphere Pop Star has blue oceans and landmasses similar to Earth's. It's possible that something in the atmosphere reflects a yellow light to make it appear the way it does from space.


Pop Star has its own sun and moon (note that the sun orbits around Pop Star instead of the other way around). It is unkown if the sun and the moon of the Pop Star system are actually sentient beings. It has a slightly off orbit. Instead of standing still, it spins around at the speed of sound. The rings are solid, so it is hard to enter the planet without geting hit with the rings of pop star planet.

Kirby super star popstar by ragnatic-d3labsl

Sun and Moon in Orbit

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