Ploot is an Irken that used to work as Invader Vax's secretary before quitting. Ploot went partially insane from a gas leak in a pipe above his work station, but is also just not very intelligent.


Ploot is only four foot ten, he wears a stripeless Irken uniform, has greenish brown eyes, and wields a slave driver's staff. He often invents incredibly impractical weapons to be used against Vax. This includes things like muffin launchers, a sword made of Vort dogs, and even sometimes prank calls Vax or sends pizzas to his apartment on Earth. Ploot can afford all of this by using his Vax Laboratories Credit Card, which drains recourses from Vax's labor pool.


Ploot is slightly insane, but mostly just stupid. He often thinks he makes clever comments without them actually being clever or intimidating, for that matter. Ploot pretty much hates Vax, but will occasionally do something to mess with Vax's friends, especially Menami, who Vax employed as a secretary after Ploot quit. In general, Ploot is really dumb, but he is a good hacker and programmer, often using this to mess with Vax's systems.


Ploot began Smeethood training in military service, but upon shooting the instructor with his pellet gun on accident was displaced into physical labor training. Ploot began this work as a table headed service drone, but later became a programmer for Irken gaming software, creating many games for systems like the TSOD and Globty.

Ploot applied for another job position within a higher field, and the application paperwork was sorted to Vax's lab. In haste, an Irken filling out stacks and stacks of paperwork signed the approval page without even looking. This caused the accidental hiring of Ploot as their secretary. Ploot worked for Vax for a number of years without Vax even knowing he existed. Upon the release of a new uniform that came with a hat that said "VAX IS KOOL" on it, Ploot quit Vax's lab forever. He marched around outside Vax's lab for weeks, protesting it and just yelling at random people. At the brink of death, Ploot realized that he still had his Vax Laboratories Credit Card, and was able to buy some sustenance and a small apartment with the money on it.


  • Invader Vax- Ploot thinks that Vax is evil and a terrible person, but Vax just thinks that Ploot is crazy and rarely remembers him.
  • VIR- Ploot pretends to hate VIR, but he really doesn't dislike him that much, he just hates Vax more for building him.
  • Menami- Ploot dislikes Menami for "stealing" his job, but doesn't really care about her that much.
  • Invader Vex- Ploot sends Vex a lot of pizzas and prank calls merely because he is Vax's friend. This causes Vex to extremely dislike Ploot.
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