Plockus is a newly discovered infectious plague with unknown origins.


Plockus is extremely tiny, smaller than a virus but still alive. Because of this, nobody knows it's structure or methods. It has extreme regenerative capabilities and seems to spread by spore-like carrying cases.


Phase One- A carrying spore latches onto a host, and releases the Plockus into it. The plockus weakens the host's immune system. Symptoms include extreme fever.

Phase Two- The host's fever is gone, but the host soon finds that it is unable to talk, and is completely unable to look at another infected creature or walk toward another infected creature with the intent of killing it. However, it may look at and go towards other things.

Phase Three- The host's actions become limited to looking at and going towards any uninfected creature. Contact spreads Plockus. A mossy growth on the host's head also releases many spores.

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