Plixx is an Irken Technician under Invader Vex's command. He works at Vex's laboratory most of the time, but will travel with Vex wherever scientific discovery awaits.


Plixx's uniform is a standard technician suit. It is incredibly reminiscent of a navigator's suit, but is white. His eyes and PAK spots are green, and he has normal antennae. He is slightly above the average Irken height, but much shorter than Vex.


Plixx never disobeys his orders, and is considered a very good technician by Vex's standards. He acts like this to maintain his prominent rank of serving for a prestigious invader and successful scientist. He enjoys snack foods, and asks Vex only for one coffee and donut break a day to satisfy his cravings and prepare him for the work day at Vex's lab.

Plixx is incredibly eager to learn more about science, and will often travel somewhere with Vex, Vax, or Jib just to learn more about the topic at hand. This personality causes Plixx to be liked by most, but can land him in trouble when he is too curious.


Plixx likes to uphold his professional status, and therefore only has a small, tight group of friends.

  • Invader Vex- While Plixx does work for Vex, they are good friends. They both greatly enjoy science, and working together gives them all the opportunity in the world to share this curiosity and excitement.
  • Invader Vax- Plixx has only met Vax when Vex and Vax are working together on something requiring a technician. Nevertheless, they are friends.
  • Splack- Plixx and Splack are both technicians working for famous scientists. Their appearances and their personalities are similar. Why wouldn't they be good friends?
  • Invader Plazatrax- Plixx has never met Plazatrax, but Vex always comments on how similar they look.
  • NT-001- Plixx thinks that it is good to have two Vexes around because they are both very smart, but he looks up to NT-001 as more of a mentor because he is more willing to spend time teaching Plixx new things.
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