Plinkoo was the first Irken astronaut, and  was sent into Irk's Orbit. He orbited Irk thrice, and then returned to the surface. Due to inadequate equipment, his skeleton was made less stable, his health decreased significantly, and he was doomed to die a premature death. Nevertheless, he is a very popular figure in Irken history.

Plinkoo's life began when he was born in a small city that is near where Xenoia is today. He wasn't the smartest, strongest, or bravest Irken, but when the space program was initiated, he had the mental capabilities to function well in zero-gravity situations. After five Irken years (50 Earth years), Plinkoo was done with his training and ready to go into space. A team of scientists had invented a solid fuel engine to escape the heavy pull of Irk's gravity. Thousands of Irkens showed up to watch the launch, and the first Irken made it to space. After orbiting the planet a few times, taking observations, and recording data, Plinkoo came back down to Irk in a small landing pod.


A year after he rotated Irk, he died of Antennae Cancer. He was buried in Irken Cemetery 21 with a large ceremony.


According to old photographs and portraits of him made by Irken artists, he was 5 feet and 4 inches tall. He had ruby eyes and normal male antennae, until his antennae cancer. He lacked a PAK, as they were not invented yet. In many promotional posters and photographs, he is seen in his primitive space suit, a white and grey inflatable pressure suit.

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