"Planet...Voss? What is Planet Voss? Is it so valuble? We need to find out! Planet Voss. Planet Voss."-Almighty Tallest Red

Planet Voss is a Planet not so far from Irk that is the Homeworld of the Vossians. The Vossians are Vortian like creatures that have huge eyes and very short horns. It is unknown what this planet looks like. The Tallest are still thinking about marking it for conquest.  Planet Voss also has strange flying handkerchiefs with eyes. They are vampric, and slap onto hosts and sucks the host's blood. They are very difficult to tear off, as they have super-sticky threads. However, if they are killed, they usually fall off. Because they suck blood, they are dark red. However, depending on the color of blood it sucks, it may be different colors. Some of them have no eyes as well. The vampire handkerchiefs reproduce in a similar way to that of plants: Pollination. Tiny specks of thread that fly through the air. If it gets embedded into a living thing, the handkerchief from it will be healthier. Although, they can survive by burrowing into a plant or the ground. The time it takes for a Handker-Pollen to grow into a full handkerchief varies, but if it lives on a host, it grows very quickly.

Theories by IrkensEdit

Most Irkens have the theory that Planet Voss is useless to The Irken Empire, and that the Tallest are going to ignore it. Others think it will be marked for conquest.

Facts Of DoomEdit

-The Vossians are not advanced, For they have not invented Technology on par with even that of Earth yet, rather working with primitive tools and forms of transportation.

-It is believed that Voss is a Green and Blue planet. (Like Earth)

-The name "Vossian" is a parody of the name "Martian" For Vossian is prenounced "Vossan".

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